Regurgitate News

January 26 2010
  • Gig in Vienna cancelled!

    We are really sorry to say that we we canít play the gig in Vienna on the 30th due to medical reasons that prevents us from doing this gig right now - and donít have anyone that can fill in with this short notice. We regret we have to cancel - we were really looking forward to this gig, but this time we don't have any possibility of playing. We realize how bad this is for everyone looking forward to this gig and we really don't like tho cancel gigs, but this time we have no choice.

    Hopefully we can make it to Austria in the near future!!

    Grindcore Regards & Cheers!!
    /Johan, Urban, Rickard & Jocke
January 25 2009
  • The split 7" with Dead Infection will finally be out in Jan/Feb on No Posers Please. This release will be a limited version of 1000 copies, vinyl colour is yet to be decided but the card board like cover will come in full colour with embossed logos and printed inner sleeves.
January 19 2009
  • We have three upcoming gigs in Italy in March, Bari 6/3, Roma 7/3 and Siena 8/3.

    We have been lazy grinders lately but we will soon start to rehearse the new songs. We have changed our mind again and will concentrate us to make a Mcd/Lp. It will be recorded sometime spring 2009 in Erebus Odora studio with Peter Bjärgö(Tyrant, Meanwhile, Arcana).
October 5 2008
  • As you might have noticed there's not so much activity in the RGTE camp but we're still alive! ;) We have two upcoming gigs, Tantogården, Stockholm 31/10 with General Surgery & Gadget. Trauma fest in Madrid, Spain 7/11 with Demigod, Haemorrage, Vomitory, Rompeprop and more...

    The plans for the MCD are dumped because we will concentrate us to make a new fullength album instead. We're already in the works with new songs but we haven't decide when we will record the stuff. Sometime spring 2009 in Erebus Odora studio with Peter Bjärgö(Tyrant, Meanwhile, Arcana) for sure.

    Thanx also to Curby & crew at Obscene Extreme again for a great festival this year!! We enjoyed it as usual and hope to be back again some day...
    Over and out!
April 25 2008
  • The Regurgitate "Effortless regurgitation of bright red blood/Concrete human torture" DLP has finally seen the light of day. Three versions are available for purchase:

    * Die-hard edition: Hand numbered and limited to 100 copies, comes on clear vinyl with red splatter together with a bonus 7" on clear vinyl with blue splatter.
    Can only be purchased from Power it Up Records

    * Collector-edition: Hand numbered and limited to 400 copies with bonus 7" on black vinyl.

    * Regular edition: Comes on regular black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

    The 7" includes 5 new songs recorded in december 2006 and are exclusive for this release. The collector and regular editions can be ordered from us by sending a mail with your address to: rugge_rgte[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Prices include postage for one item:
    Sweden: 255SEK
    Europe: 36Ä
    ROW: $60
March 29 2008
  • We've got yet another split 7" Ep coming out in the near future with polish long time friends Dead Infection released on No Posers Please.

    This release will be a limited version of 1000 copies, vinyl colour is yet to be decided but the card board like cover will come in full colour with embossed logos and printed inner sleeves. No release date is set but we will post all info here as we know more about it. More info soon...

  • We're proud to be a part of Obscene Extreme's 10th Anniversary Festival 10-12 July in Trutnov Czech Republic. Regurgitate will also play on Afgrund's releaseparty 10 May @ Kafť44 in Stockholm.
Feb 19 2008
  • Here are some news from the Regurgitate grindquarters:

  • Finally the split 7" with Skullhog(ex Bile) is out on Regurgitated Semen Records. You can order it directly from them.

  • The limited gatefolded DLP including "Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood", "Concrete Human Torture" demo + a bonus 7" will be released by Power It Up Records late March. We received the test presses today and they both look and sound fabulous. (See news below)

  • We will also record some new stuff for a MCD/12" that will hopefully be released later this year. We'll reveal the name of the label once everything is settled. A few extra songs will be recorded at the same session for a split 7" with Insect warfare released through Relapse Records.

  • We are confirmed for Portugals SWR Barroselas Metalfest XI 26 April. Other bands are: Brujeria, Enslaved, Fleshcrawl, Rotten Sound, Hirax, Carnal Forge, Knut etc... More gigs will be announsed later!

Oct 31 2007
  • We're proud to anounce that Power it Up (Ger) will release the E.R.O.B.R.B. album + the C.H.T. demo 94 on a gatefold DLP. Side A and B will feature the original "Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood" album that was initially released through Lowland records in 1994 and then later on reissued by Relapse records in 1999. Side C will include the 17 track demo "Concrete Human Torture" from 1994 and side D will come with an etched RGTE logo.

    A bonus 7" including 5 new unreleased tracks recorded in 2006 will come with the first 500 copies of the DLP with the first 100 copies on coloured vinyl. The album itself will be limited to 1000 copies with the first 100 LP's on coloured vinyl aswell. Release date is planned for late march 2008. More info will be added as the date draws nearer.

Sept 01 2007
  • A new gig is confirmed! We'll play with General Surgery and Bombstrike at Tantogården, Stockholm Oct 5th. It's about time to start the Grind-engine again after the awesome US tour we did in May/June.

  • We also have two festivals coming up in October/November, Bloodshed Fest in Holland and Brutal Grind Assault in Switzerland. Come and join the grinding madness!!

Jun 27 2007
  • Well... we are back in Sweden after a fantastic first tour in the US. Big thanks to Fuck the Facts, to our outstanding driver Marc - without him this tour would not have been anywhere as great as it was - and also to our merch guy/party animal Johan for coming along for the ride.

  • Our web hotel had a disk crash a while back and had to reinstall an old backup copy of everything which made some stuff from march - april disappear because we didn't have everything backed up ourselves... mails, for instance, has disappeared.

  • We have basically no merch right now, but will order some more soon... ish.

Feb 15 2007
Feb 13 2007
  • Super mega thanks to Rotten Sound, Medeia and all people who showed up at the gigs in Finland - we had a great time! If anyone happened to write anything in our guestbook... it is already gone because of a crashed disk which meant our web hotel had to replace all files with a backup from the beginning of January :-(

Feb 07 2007
  • Recension och lite fina bilder från helgens gig i Linköping finns på

Feb 06 2007
  • We want to thank everyone that showed up at L'Orient and point out that if you live in Finland you might want to go to one (or more) of our gigs with Rotten Sound:
       08 Feb 2007 - Klubi, Tampere (FIN)
       09 Feb 2007 - Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FIN)
       10 Feb 2007 - Nosturi, Helsinki (FIN)
Jan 01 2007
  • We will be playing at Belsepub in Göteborg on March 23 together with Obligatorisk Tortyr.
Dec 27 2006
  • Added a new t-shirt. A "Forest Green" (that's a dark, deep green color) t-shirt with the cover from the Hatefilled Vengeance MCD in black and white print. Check out the merch section for more info.

  • And to anyone who tried to contact us or order a t-shirt the last month - we have a big spamming problem, so we have to go through thousands of e-mails about buying drugs online etc (pretty annoying)... we will be closing some of our contact addresses like webmaster@ and news@ (info@ we had to close a long time ago). We are working on the merch orders. We will get back to you all this week hopefully.
Nov 29 2006
  • We will be doing a small tour in Finland with Rotten Sound in February. More info about the clubs and other bands playing will come as things get confirmed, but the dates are as follows:
       08 Feb 2007 - Klubi, Tampere (FIN)
       09 Feb 2007 - Lutakko, Jyväskylä (FIN)
       10 Feb 2007 - Nosturi, Helsinki (FIN)
Nov 16 2006
  • We have an official forum hosted by SMN News. So feel free to check it out. We are moderators of that forum, so we will be checking it too.

  • We have booked the weekend around December 2 to record some new songs. We expect to record 12-13 tracks to be used for our split with Skullhog (Bile) and probably some more splits. More info about that later.
Nov 07 2006
  • A bunch of new Sickening Bliss reviews added... probably half of them is in German, but AltaVista's BabelFish comes to the (lame but entertaining) rescue for all of us who don't speak German. Read them here.
Nov 04 2006
  • Another gig booked for next year: On February 3 we will be playing at L'Orient in Linköping, Sweden with Gadget. More info.

  • We are writing new material to make a recording with our new bass player Johan (to make him feel welcome and all that)... not decided yet how much we will record and what we release. More info when things are clearer. Anders Jakobson (Coldworker) will record us in the beginning of December if things go as planned.
Oct 28 2006
  • As you might be aware of we have a new line-up since Glenn Sykes left Sweden to return to the US. Our new bass player is Johan Jansson (Interment, Uncurbed, Demonical, ex-Centinex and some more)... and we do have a new band photo to prove it! You can check the biography page for some more info.
Oct 24 2006
Oct 23 2006
  • Sickening Bliss is out in Europe, which should make it availble everywhere. Sort of.
Oct 20 2006
Oct 17 2006
  • Sickening Bliss is officially released... in the US. Europe has to wait until the 23rd. Added a cool review... or what ever you want to call it, to the review section. Read them here.
Oct 09 2006
Oct 05 2006
  • Thanks to everyone that showed up at Pub Bastun including the true Massgrav - and special thanks to Grulle for everything - we had a great time!

    Johan who did his first gig with us that night (after rehearsing only 2 times) impressed us a lot. It is a lot of songs and even more riffs to learn in just a few weeks.
Sep 17 2006
  • New gig confirmed - we will be playing at Pub Bastun in Marihamn, Åland with Massgrav on Saturday September 30. This will be the first gig with our new bass player Johan Jansson (Interment, Uncurbed, Demonical, ex-Centinex...).
Sep 11 2006
  • We like to thank everyone who showed up and everyone involved in the planning of our "Symphonies of Sykesness" gig this saturday. Sadly this was our last gig with Glenn Sykes on bass since he is moving back to the US soon. We would also like to thank Glenn Sykes for all the years he played with us - we had a lot of fun! We wish him all the best... and we hope he and General Surgery have a great time in Japan.
Sep 06 2006
  • If you live in Stockholm you should come to our gig at Tantogården on Saturday (September 9). It's our last gig with Glenn Sykes on bass (and also the last gig he will be doing with General Surgery in Sweden (they have a few gigs in Japan as well)). Coldworker is also playing on this historical evening.
    Tickets can be bought at Sound Pollution and Repulsive Records (price is 60 SEK + förköpsavgift). Price at the door is 80SEK. Doors open at 19:00.

    The times for the evening is the following:
    23.00 - 23.40 - General Surgery
    22.15 - 22.45 - Regurgitate
    21.30 - 22.00 - Coldworker

    Click here to view the flyer.
Aug 26 2006
  • Thanks to all that showed up at Uppsala Blodbad yesterday... and to the organizer(s) for... organizing it.

  • We have printed more of the black "Hogtied" shirt, so it is available in all sizes again. Check it out on the merch page.
Aug 19 2006
  • We added more info on our new album - Sickening Bliss - as well as two songs that you can download. Read more here. The songs can also be downloaded on our sounds page.
Aug 10 2006
  • Updated the available sizes on the merch page... the white longsleeve is sold out and the black one is size small only for instance.
Jul 17 2006
  • Added some new (better) high resolution bandpics. You find them on the bandpics page.
Jul 14 2006
  • Our new (and fourth) album - Sickening Bliss - will be released on CD/LP through Relapse Records on the 17th of october in the US and on the 23rd of october in Europe.

  • We will be playing a gig in Stockholm on the 9th of September with General Surgery and Coldworker. This will be our last gig (at least for now) with Glenn Sykes on bass, as he has, unfortunately, decided to move back to the US. Tickets will be availble through Sound Pollution and Repulsive Records. Click here to view the flyer.
Jul 13 2006
  • Thanks to all the people who showed up at the gig in Italy last weekend... hopefully you had as much fun as we did. We will post some photos soon. And also thanks to arrangers and the other bands for making this a great weekend!
Jul 03 2006
  • Added some more tabs to the misc page... for those who care.
Jun 29 2006

Jun 23 2006
  • We didn't print an awful lot of the longsleeves and the interest has been very big actually - so unfortunatelly this means the black longsleeves are sold out in M, L and XL.

    There is only a limited number of black longsleeves in size S left right now.
  • We - and especially Relapse graphics wizard Orion Landau - are working on the layout for the new album - Sickening Bliss - now and hope to be ready soon... the stuff we have seen so far looks stunning! And a bit different from what you might be used to see on grind/gore/death/whatever CDs... so we think (hope) that many will be a bit surprised when they see it for the first time. More info on this later on...

Jun 14 2006
  • Info about the Grind Your Mother festival... since there is no info on their website.
    FRIDAY 07 JULY 2006
    NAPALM DEATH (Uk)+ Sinister(NL) + Leng Tch'e (Bel) + Cadaveric Crematorium (Ita) + Hour Of Penance (Ita) + Vomit The Soul (Ita) + Cibo (Ita)
    SATURDAY 08 JULY 2006
    REGURGITATE (Swe) + one band between Internal Suffering/Masacre/Avulsed + Cripple Bastards (Ita) + Machetazo (Spa) + Fleshless (Cz) + Underhate (Ita) + Stench Of Dismemberment (Ita) + Septycal Gorge (Ita) + Sudden Death (Ita) + Snotty Holes (Ita)
    Tickets: one day 25 euros, two days 40 euros
    Doors: friday open at 16:00, saturday at 14:00
    Start: friday at 18:00, saturday at 16:00
    BIRRERIA MUSIC, Via Roma - Cologne (BS)
    online soon:
  • And to all those who ordered the new shirt... I am working on the orders, but I need to finish everything for the album ASAP. So, sorry if you had to wait to get a reply from us. /Urban RGTE

May 28 2006
  • The new album will be called Sickening Bliss and will most likely be out sometime this autumn. Maybe Octoberish... but that depends on when things like cover, mastering etc is done. We will put some songs on the website when we have mastered the album.

  • We have asked Paul McCarroll (Unhinged) to do the cover for the new album. More about him at the Unhinged Dark Art & Design site - - or at his MySpace site - More about the cover soon...

  • We have new shirts! Black and white t-shirts and longsleeves with a drawing made by Nabbe from Bile. It's the first time we made longsleeves and we didn't do too many, so if you want one you might want to hurry. Check the shirts out on the merch page.

  • We will play on Uppsala Blodbad IV on August 25. More info on

  • For those of you who cares: Deicide has (again) cancelled their European tour. This means we will not be playing with them at the Grind Your Mother festivalin Italy in July. They are looking for some other headlining act for the festival.

May 03 2006
  • We have recorded everything that needs to be recorded, so the new album is getting ever closer. We will be done with the mixing after this weekend hopefully and then we will be able to give you a sample of what it sounds like.

  • We are working on new t-shirt designs. The new shirt will be available in a couple of weeks. We have no plans right now to print more of the old designs.

  • If you want to check out some live pics from the Maryland Deathfest 2005 you can see them here:

  • You should (if you haven't done so already) check out the amazing Zombiegrinder 60000 flash game by Olle Hemmendorff, featuring a cool gore soundtrack with music by Regurgitate, Inhume and Last Days of Humanity. You find the game here:

Apr 14 2006
  • We will be playing the Grind Your Mother festival in Italy on July 7-8, together with Deicide, Sinister, Machetazo and others. Since Jocke - our drummer - is unavailable at that time we have asked Anders Jakobson to join us live once again.

  • We have (almost) finished recording bass and guitars (as well as drums of course). We have some small guitar parts + vocals left to do. I must say it is starting to sound pretty cool!

  • If you live in Stockholm: Krigshot is a having a release party for their new album @ Kafé44 tonight.

Apr 01 2006
  • We are still recording: Things are progressing in the studio - the drums are recorded and we are working on guitars and bass now, then we will take a short "break" before continuing with the vocals. We still plan to be done with the recording by the end of april. We haven't decided on artwork for the album yet... but we are working on some ideas. More updates will follow...

  • Due to massive amounts of spam mails (we're talking thousands!!!) we have been forced to close down the info@regurgitate e-mail address. If you have sent a mail to that address the last couple of months we probably haven't seen it - sorry for that. Instead we have opened rgte  AT (but with @ of course) as our new main contact address.

Mar 15 2006
  • We have been slow updating the site... but that is because we have been busy writing the songs and making preparations for the follow up to Deviant. But we are now proud (sort of) to announce that we have begun recording our new and 4th album. We intend to take a step backwards though and make this album a bit rougher and not too polished. It's grindcore after all. We are currently working on drums, so it's hard to say anything about how it will sound.
    Album title and release date is not set at this point. More info will follow....

Feb 19 2006
  • We are close to finished with the writing of new material and will soon enter a studio to record a new full length album. We have no exact date at this point, but since we are almost done with the song writing part it shouldn't be too long. The plan for the new album is that it should be rougher and less polished than our previous album... and that it should contain... well... lots of grindcore of course.

  • Went over old merch orders that has been cancelled... which means that there are now some Small shirts available again. The Blood shirt with both back prints are available in S. See the merch page for more details.

  • We will no longer be accepting PayPal payments for the merch - sorry if that is an inconvenience for anyone. Cash or bank transfer is the possible payment methods from now on.

Jan 16 2006
  • We have no t-shirts left in size M. Maybe this means it's time to print some new t-shirts???

Jan 04 2006
  • The merch have been counted and a few items believed to be sold out has emerged. The Hatefilled (black) shirt is available in S and M (one of each), and the Blood shirt with alternative back is available in M. See the merch page for more info.