Regurgitate older news

Oct 30 2005
  • One of the new songs we recorded in August can now be downloaded from our sounds page. Or get it directly:
    Abducens Eminence
    Hope you enjoy it!

Sep 12 2005
Sep 05 2005
  • We will be playing live on Saturday (September 10) together with Deranged and Arsonist. We don't know the name of the venue yet.

Aug 28 2005
  • The red "Hatefilled Vengeance" t-shirt is sold out. We probably won' t print new ones any time soon...

Aug 10 2005
  • We just recorded some stuff for the first time since our Deviant album. One Napalm Death cover was recorded and some new songs that will be featured on a split with Bile. This was also an opportunity to try out a new studio, since SoundLab studios is no longer available. Therefore we are pleased to say that we liked the sound we got... a lot! We will put one of the new songs on our website soon so you can hear for yourself.

Jul 22 2005
  • Just updated the merch page with correct sizes available of the all the shirts. We are running out of some sizes because we're not printing more of the old designs right now. So... if you're interested in any of the shirts, this might be a good time to get it... before they are sold out.

Jul 18 2005
  • Thanks to everyone that went to this years Obscene Extreme... and to all the friends and bands we met... and most of all to Curby for a great festival.

Jun 20 2005
  • Our split 7" with Noisear can now be ordered directly from us. Prices etc on the merch page.

  • Our "Blood" shirt is now available with another back print. More info on the merch page.

  • If you sent an order to us the last few weeks and are waiting for us to reply - we will reply... eventually. Urban has taken over the merch from Glenn and things are not up to speed yet. Sorry for that.

Jun 05 2005
  • Thanks to everyone that showed up at the Maryland Deathfest last weekend. We had a great time and we hope you had too.

May 19 2005
  • The site got a small facelift. I will probably make a totally new design later... but for now this have to do. Wanted darker colours basically. Hopefully everything still works. /Urban

  • We will record some songs this summer, mainly to test out a new studio. We will also record a Napalm Death cover for a tribute album.

  • We go to the US in less then a week from now to play the Maryland Deathfest. We will be going together with General Surgery and Birdflesh so I am sure it will be a blast...

Feb 27 2005
  • We added one more show to our very small tour in March - on March 13 we will be playing in Gent (B) at The Frontline with Squash Bowels and Collision. View flyer.

Feb 19 2005
  • We're playing at the Obscene Extreme Festival on July 7-9, 2005. Other bands include Blood Duster, Haemorrhage and Leng Tch'e, Sayyadina, Diskonto, Stoma...

  • On March 11 we are playing in Tilburg (NL) at Little Devil with Bile and Rompeprop. View flyer.

  • On March 12 you can see us in Arnhem (NL) at Op Volle Snoeren 4 with Bile, Suppository, Entrails Massacre and more. View flyer.

  • Our split with Suppository is out. At last.
Dec 16 2004
  • We want to thank everyone in Cremona - all the people that came to the gig, Giulio the Bastard and the other bands for a fantastic weekend!!! It was the first gig in about two years that we played with our drummer Jocke and we're glad he's back! Maybe it's time to make some new music... who knows?
Oct 13 2004
  • On December 11 we will play in Cremona (Italy) with Nasum.

  • On March 12, 2005 we will play in Arnhem (Holland) at the Op Volle Snoeren 4 with Bile, Suppository and Squash Bowels.

  • And May 28-29, 2005 you can catch us at the Maryland Deathfest (USA) with Birdflesh, Cephalic carnage + more.
Sep 29 2004
  • We have new t-shirts again. This time with the cover (almost) of our Hatefilled Vengeance MCD. The design is available on both red and black t-shirts and we have decided to chose a better quality shirt from now on (Fruit of the Loom Valueweight)... without charging more for the shirts - aren't we generous?. In fact we have lowered the price for shirts sent to Europe. Check them out on our merch page.

  • We're out of XXL's of our previous design (which we call Blood).
Sep 26 2004
  • For those who care: I have added tabulature for the song Waging War on Benevolence (track 13 on Deviant) to the misc page. It's the original tabs... so they're not pretty, but they should be usable. /Urban
Sep 13 2004
  • We want to thank everyone involved in the Morbide Festspiele VII and all the people who came to see us... especially people coming from Czech Republic to see us... you know who you are (and thanks for the Rasputin!) We had a great time... even though we missed some cool bands because we arrived so late. If you took pictures of the show, we are interested in seeing them... and this goes for our gig in Uppsala last week as well.
Sep 02 2004
  • New mp3 download! To all who got our 5 inch split with Entrails Massacre, but couldn't play it: our side of it is now available for download. We're talking 4 tracks from the same session as Deviant - ie recorded at Soundlab etc. Download complete recording here. Or go to the sounds page.
Aug 29 2004
  • We're just back from a great gig at Hovstocksfestivalen in Huskvarna. Thanks to Anders Jakobson for helping us out once again with the drums while Jocke is away. Störst tack går till alla som kom dit och röjde som fan... och även till dom som inte röjde som fan. Och nej... E-type lirar inte i Regurgitate.

  • We have stocked up on more "Blood" t-shirts. They are now available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Jul 20 2004
  • We have a brand new t-shirt! It's a great looking (if you ask us) two color, double sided t-shirt and you get a sticker and a pin - also new designs - with every t-shirt! More info on the merch page.

  • The old t-shirt(s) are unfortunately sold out.

Jul 04 2004
  • The site has moved to a new server. Hopefully it's all there... and working.

Jun 21 2004
  • On SEPTEMBER 3 or 4 we'll play at Uppsala Blodbad in Uppsala. Sorry about the confusion.

Jun 18 2004
  • New gigs confirmed: On August 3 or 4 we'll play at Uppsala Blodbad in Uppsala and on August 28 we will be playing at Hovstockfestivalen in Jönköping - both here in Sweden.

  • We're sorry to say that Braindead Open Air on August 14 in Petite Rosselle, France has been CANCELLED! - Yes, the whole festival is cancelled!

Jun 08 2004
  • New gig confirmed. We will play at the Braindead Open Air on August 14 in Petite Rosselle, France. Other bands include Inhume, Suppository, Cripple Bastards, Gorerotted, Bathtub Shitter (Jap!) and many more... This will be our first gig in France ever!

  • We have the Infernal Grindcore Assassins t-shirt for sale right now - check 'em out at the merch page.

Jun 01 2004
  • At last! We have added some pics from our only gig (so far) this year - the Just Killers - No Fillers Fest II in Swäbisch Hall, Germany.

  • The Concrete Human Torture T-shirt is definitely sold out, but we are working on a new shirt design right now, so we hope to have some new shirts soon.

  • A couple of more gigs for this summer/fall is being discussed right now - more info to come.

May 17 2004
  • New gig confirmed. We will play at Morbide Festspiele VII on September 11 at East Club Bischofswerda. Other bands include 1349, Cock and Ball Torture and Cause for Effect.

Mar. 30 2004
  • The Concrete Human Torture t-shirt is sold out. If you live in Stockholm, you might be able to find it at Sound Pollution.

  • We will make new shirts as soon as possible - we're working on the design right now... sort of. We'll keep you posted.

Mar. 21 2004
  • The Concrete Human Torture t-shirts are almost sold out. We have 4 left right now. We only have size L and XL left. However... if you live in Stockholm, you can get the shirt at Sound Pollution and they might still have size medium.

Mar. 17 2004
  • Thanks to Paula all the others behind the Just Killers - No Fillers Fest this weekend. And thanks to Anders Jakobson for helping us out with the drums. And most of all thanks to all the people that showed up - you made the long trip worth while!

  • There is a short (7 mins) clip available from the show at - no fillers - just killers fest 2004.wmv.

  • We have some new t-shirts for sale right now - with the cover of our Concrete Human Torture demo from ' 94 - check 'em out at the merch page.

Feb. 29 2004
  • Long time - no update... and this is really just an addition to previous news. As stated before we will be playing the Just Killers - No Fillers Fest II in Swäbisch Hall, Germany. Click here to see the flyer.

    Because our drummer Jocke hurt his back a while ago, we have been laying low for a while and since he isn't totally recovered yet, we have asked Anders Jakobson (Nasum) to help us out with this gig. And yes... he actually agreed to do that...

    We have also talked - losely - about doing a couple of gigs here in Sweden - with Anders behind the drums... since he allready knows our set why don't play more than one gig? We shall see what happens. Those gigs would most likely take place during this spring and after that we hope that Jocke is back behind the drums again.

Dec. 17 2003
  • Despite what was said yesterday we will be playing one gig next year. On March 13 we will be playing on the Just Killers - No Fillers Fest II in Swäbisch Hall, Germany on March 13, 2004. Other bands are Waco Jesus, Libido Airbag, Isacaarum, C.M.P, Cock and Ball Torture, F.U.B.A.R. and Rompeprop.

Dec. 16 2003
  • We have been laying low for a while - apart from releases of stuff recorded earlier - and due to unfortunate circumstances we will have to keep laying low. We probably won't record anything or play any gigs during the first part of 2004.

    Right now, we don't know when we can get things rolling again... but hopefully it won't be long.

Nov. 17 2003
  • Our video has been unavailable for a couple of days - sorry about that - but now it is available again.

Nov. 15 2003
  • Blastwork Rec. from Malaysia just released a three-way live split CD featuring us Entrails Massacre and Suppository! This CD contains livetunes of all three bands, taken from the Grindcore Knockout Tour 2002. Order it directly from Blastwork Rec. or Towerviolence Rec.!

  • After a lot of testing I think I can use my new PHP guestbook script on the RGTE site. It seems to work OK... so lets hope for the best. It's a lot better than having one of those free online guestbooks! No ads for instance. /Urban

Oct. 24 2003
  • Our split EP with Noisear is out now on Regurgitated Semen Records (mail: Please get in touch with them for more info how to obtain your beloved (?) copy.

  • The longawaited split 5" EP with Rostocks finest (Entrails Massacre) has also just been released, but on Towerviolence Records (mail: A little warning: not all record players can handle a 5" EP!!! It might just be too damn small... but it looks really cool! And we wouldn't recommend trying to play it in a CD player either! But if you do... let us know what happens.

  • A US tour is being planned right now. It's still too early to say where and when, but the tour will most likely cover the north-east US coast next summer. It'll most probably be something like 8-10 shows. More info will be posted as soon as we know more.

  • We're also looking in to the possibilities to play three shows in Finland next February with Centinex. More info about dates, venues etc. will be posted as soon as they're confirmed. A festivalgig in Germany in March next year are also in the pipeline aswell as a possible festival gig in Holland. We'll be back with more details about that aswell.

  • All Music Guide has the following to say about Deviant:

    "The songs are still brief, concise blasts (i.e., about a minute apiece) with enough meaty, Carcass-inspired death metal riffs to keep old fans happy, but Regurgitate have wisely (and successfully) updated their overall sound in the process. This is not merely another serviceable gore-death-grind metal album; it's one of 2003's best."
Sep. 16 2003
  • The Japanese version of Deviant is available now from Ritual Records/ Howling Bull and with the complete Hatefilled Vengeance recording as bonus tracks it has a whopping 45 tracks!

  • If you live around Trollhättan (Sweden) you might want to listen to the Whiplash radioshow - "where grindcore is art" - Mondays 16:00-17:00. Deviant was album of the week this week.

  • Added some more reviews of Deviant.

  • Figured out how to stop the page from scrolling when you open a pop-up window!
Sep. 01 2003
  • The split 7" with Noisear is out soon on Regurgitated Semen Recs. To order it contact RSR directly:
  • The split 5" with Entrails Massacre is out soon on Towerviolence Recs. Order it from them directly: . The split has also been added to our releases page.

  • Added some more reviews of Deviant.
Aug. 17 2003
  • Got our copies of the Deviant LP... and it looks great.

  • We are not sure when we will be able to play with General Surgery, but if any plans are made they will be posted here.

  • Some minor updates to the site. Added a link to a new Exhumed site for instance.
Aug. 07 2003
  • The server that houses our video might be a bit unstable... but it is nice and fast, so if your download fails, just retry a bit later.
Aug. 04 2003
  • Deviant is out in Europe!

  • Deviant is also out now on vinyl LP on Restrain Records (mail: and as stated earlier - it is limited to 666 copies!

  • We have a video for one of the songs on Deviant - Waging War on Benevolence. More info and links to the video is on the misc page.

  • Added some reviews of Deviant.

  • It seems the Relapse re-issue of our first album - Effortless Regurgitation.... - is completely sold out. We don't know if they will make it available again.

  • Probably forgot something... Yes, added a Deviant wallpaper, fixed some links and stuff like that.
Jul. 30 2003
  • Deviant is out in the US!

  • Soon we will have a Regurgitate video available for download. We're putting the finishing touches on it right now.
Jun. 27 2003
  • Deviant will be released on vinyl LP (limited to 666 copies) on Restrain Records (mail: and distributed through Perverted Taste Records in August/ September. Some other smaller distros will most likely distribute the record as well, but that's not confirmed yet. Please contact the above mentioned labels if you want to place orders or get in touch for trades, distribution or wholesale prices. Deviant will not be available directly from the band. All info on Deviant here.

  • We will for the first time have professional distribution in Japan and the rest of east Asia! The CD version of Deviant will be distributed by Ritual Records/ Howling Bull. It is scheduled for an August release and will contain the Hatefilled Vengeance recording as bonus tracks. That's 18 bonus tracks!

  • Relapse is planning to print Carnivorous Erection shirts. Full colour with the CD cover. More info later.

  • Our favourite studio - Soundlab now has a home page of it's own. You can visit it at:

  • Added eigth new Hatefilled Vengeance reviews.

  • We have finished working on the material for our split 5" with Entrails Massacre, so what remains is pressing and printing. It will most likely be out sometime this autumn.

  • As some of you might know Urban is now enrolled as a second live guitarist with Nasum, which, of course, in no way means he is quitting as first guitarist in Regurgitate.
Jun. 11 2003
  • Our upcoming album Deviant is set to be released on July 29 in the US and August 4 in Europe. The cover and everything else is ready for printing... and it looks great. More info on Deviant here.
  • A vinyl version of Deviant will be released later on Restrain Rec. (Holland).

  • Our split 7" with Noisear on Regurgitated Semen Recs is destined for an August release. Our side of it will have four songs recorded in Soundlab Studios (Carnivorous Erection, Deviant). 1000 copies will be made and the first 100 copies will have coloured vinyl. We will only have a limited amount of copies to sell, so you should talk to RSR directly (email them at: The cover has been added to our releases if you want to see what it will look like.

  • We are working on a cover for our split 5" (yes - five) with Entrails Massacre on Towerviolence recs. which might be out in August, but that isn't 100% certain. Our side of this one will feature four songs recorded in Soundlab Studios (yes, we like it). If you want to contact Towerviolence you can do that via email:

  • We are looking into the possibility of playing with General Surgery and Gadget here in Sweden in November. Possibly in Sandviken and Sundsvall... more info will be posted as soon as we know more.
May 05 2003
  • Pictures from our mini-tour in Germany and Holland in April can now be found on the "Grind to the Core pics page". Enjoy!?!
  • It looks like we will be releasing splits with both Disgorge (Mex) and Haemorrhage. We don't know when we will be recording yet, but probably this summer.
Apr. 09 2003
  • We just returned from our mini-tour with Bile and Suppository in Holland and Germany and would like to thank all the bands and people we met and those who came to the gigs. We will put some pics from the tour here soon... unfortunatelly we don't have any photos of the 30 police cars and motorcykles or the police chopper that all chased the Bile's van!!! They were arrested by cops with drawn guns and... ahhh... the story might be published here someday, but not now. It's a great story, though.
  • Our upcoming album Deviant will, most likely, be out in July
Mar. 10 2003
  • Thanks to everyone involved in the gig in Karlstad on the seventh. I think we might put some pics here sometime, but for now you can see some photos on the homepage of Metal Clüb.
Mar. 03 2003
  • The first gig on our tour with Suppository and Bile will take place on April 3 in Mülheim (Germany) at "Autonomes Zentrum". Forget anything else we might have said.
Feb. 24 2003
  • The dates for our April tour with Suppository and Bile are now set. The first gig has been moved and will take place in Germany. Click here to view the tour flyer.
    The final dates (in April) are as follows:
       3rd - Mülheim (Ger), "Autonomes Zentrum"
       4th - Arnhem (Hol), "Goudvishal"
       5th - Heerenveen (Hol), "'t Skoffeltsje" Flyer
       6th - Rotterdam (Hol), "Baroeg" Flyer

  • It's confirmed that our gig in Karlstad (Sweden) on March 7 will be together with Coercion and Murdab.

  • Not much more to say... the work with our upcoming third full length album Deviant continues. Right now Orion Landau is fixing the layout for the CD and after that it's ready for release... still no date for that, but hopefully around April - May.

  • Oh yes... the new Nasum album - Helvete - kicks ass!

Feb. 03 2003
  • The name of our third full length album is... Deviant. It has now been mastered (by Peter In de Betou - one of Sweden's best mastering engineers) and Mike Bohatch has made really cool cover art. For more info on this album go to our Deviant page, or straight to our sounds page if you want to listen to a couple of tracks.

  • We will be playing on Metal Clüb in Karlstad (Sweden) on March 7. Other bands will be announced later.

  • Four gigs are being planned for Holland in April together with Suppository and Bile. The places might still change... but it will be something like this:
        3rd - Weert, club Bosuil or Triangel
        4th - Arnhem, club Goudvishallen
        5th - Heerenveen, club 't Skoffeltje
        6th - Rotterdam, club Baroeg

  • There are a bunch of new reviews of our Hatefilled Vengeance 12"/CD.
  • The goregrind compilation Goreland is out now. Released by Black Hole Productions it features 29 bands including Haemorrhage, Disgorge (Mex), Last Days of Humanity, Decomposing Serenity and more. Regurgitate contributes with the track "Goregeous Epithelioma" - written and recorded (spring 2002) for this compilation.

  • And some small changes... decided not to have the releases in chronological order because the recent ones end up really far down on the page. A lot of releases is gone from the merchandise page - we don't have any more copies of those (Carnivorous Erection Pic-LP, split with Realized, split with GBN).
Dec. 10 2002
  • We have finished recording our third full length album! We still have to master it and fix the cover and layout stuff for it before we can say when it will be released. But if you want to hear some songs from it now we have added two un-mastered songs to our sounds page.

  • While going through some piles of old papers we stumbled upon a bunch of really old flyers and some photos from our first tour in Germany 1995. We scanned the flyers and added them to our misc page. The pics can be found on our... ehh... pics page.

  • There have been requests (really!) for some more tabs. So we added some more tabs to the misc page. The new tabs are for the following songs: Disgorging foetus, Confluent macular drug eruption, Bullous impetigo, Fleshfeast, Carnivorous Erection, Rage against humanity and Festering embryonic vomit .

  • There are a couple of new reviews of our Hatefilled Vengeance 12"/CD.

  • What else? Oh yeah... some new links, Glenn changed his e-mail address, updated our personal playlists (check the member info on the bio page) and perhaps more... who knows?
Nov. 02 2002
  • The CD version of Hatefilled Vengeance is out now on Relapse.

  • We are leaving right now for Örebro and Soundlab Studios where we will record our third full length album. Mieszko (Nasum) will do the engineering as he did on both Carnivorous Erection and Hatefilled Vengeance. Count on some furious grind as usual, but with some other cool stuff jammed into the songs as well. We'll be back around Nov. 17 and we will put some mp3's on the soundpage for you then.

  • There are a bunch of updates to the homepage... but no major ones. And it just recently went past the 40 000 visitors mark. Thanks!
Sep. 30 2002
  • The new Regurgitate homepage is finally up. Urban's been working on it for almost a month now and have updated most of it:
    New design
    Twice as many songs to download. Including one from our still unreleased split with Suppository.
    More pictures from our latest tour.
    New member pages (you find the links on the bio page).
    Clickable record covers with enlargements on the releases page.
    New - bigger, better looking - logos to download on the misc page.
    Added lots of flyers to the misc page - for your viewing pleasure(?)
    More reviews. Links are found next to the reviewed record under releases.
    Want to know when we update the homepage? Sign up for the newsletter.
    There's a homepage history page now. Interesting? - You decide.
    Updated biography.
    New guestbook.
    And lots of boring updates like optimized images for faster loading times...


  • We're still working on the material for our third full length album...
Sep. 13 2002
  • At last... some pictures from our KnockOut Tour in July together with Entrails Massacre and Suppository. We will put up some more pictures soon, but for now - pics from the tour.

  • The new homepage layout is almost ready (we kinda like it a lot) and we hope that we can put it up sometime next week. Hopefully with some more pics from the tour
Sep. 10 2002
  • The CD release of the Hatefilled Vengeance 12" will be out on Relapse on October 29. And according to them "Sweden's Regurgitate play skull-shearing grindcore in its most vile and extreme form. Recorded at Soundlab Studios (Nasum) and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer), "Hatefilled Vengeance" is easily Regurgitate's slickest and sickest material to date, perfectly capturing the pummeling power and primal fury of these heralded grind kings."

  • Right now we're working on new material for the upcoming album and the split 5" with Entrails Massacre, which will be recorded in early November. Expect some really furious shit this time!
  • We can also reveal that there's a US tour being planned right now. Absolutely nothing is decided yet, but we're probably talking 3-4 weeks during early 2003. Updates about this will of course be posted here.

  • It seems like the split with Suppository will end up as a 12" after all, according to certain sources the label in question thought it was too expensive to press 8" or 9" vinyls. More info coming soon.
Aug. 12 2002
  • The new Regurgitate t-shirt is available from YellowDog Recs now! Prices, shipping info etc can be found on their homepage. If you want to see what it looks like, you can see that on our merchandise page. And... we don't have any shirts, so contact Yellow Dog if you have any questions.

  • Our 12" Hatefilled Vengeance will be re-released on CD by Relapse in October. It will feature the same tracks - re-mastered - and all new artwork and design, courtesy of Jonathan Canady who also did the design for our Carnivorous Erection album. It will look really cool, judging from the stuff we've seen so far.
  • We will be releasing a split 5" with Entrails Massacre on Towerviolence Recs, but probably not this year. Early 2003 is a good guess. We are really trying to cover all available formats here, which is why...

  • ...we hope that our split with Suppository (if they get their lazy asses into a studio) will be a 8" or a 9"... if you know of any other cool format and want to do a Regurgitate release - get in touch! But we allready have a bunch of stuff planned, so new recordings (apart from the allready planned) won't happen until late 2003.

  • The mini-tour in Sweden - if it happens - will be together with Gadget and Sayyadina. Right now it looks as it will take place somewhere in October or December and mini-tour means 3-4 gigs most likely.

  • We will be updating the design of the homepage soon - but no biggie, just a little facelift. If you have any suggestions... or complaints, send a mail. Come to think of it - don't send any complaints! If you have complaints - send them to the Customs in Switzerland.

  • The link to Nunwhore Commando 666 works now
Aug. 08 2002
  • We're back from our recent tour with Entrails Massacre and Suppository. It was a great tour (except our encounter with the Swiss customs) and we like to thank all those who came to the gigs and the freaks we toured with... and the bands we played with. Also thanks to those who gave us somewhere to sleep.

  • If you have pictures of any of our live gigs we would really like to get copies/scans of those. Also things like RGTE Wallpapers, WinAmp-skins etc are of interest - we'll put them on our homepage..
  • The swedish grindcore compilation 12" - Polargrinder (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) - is out. Featuring a total of 23 songs by the following bands: Retaliation, Nasum, Assel, Sewn Shut, Birdflesh, Arsedestroyer, Sayyadina, Asterisk*, Regurgitate and Gadget.

  • We're looking into the possibility of doing a mini-tour in Sweden later this year and a tour in the US next year. More info as soon as we know more.
Jul. 08 2002
  • Some changes were made to the Grindcore Knockout Tour. First date is July 20th in Wermelskirchen (Germany).
Jul. 01 2002
  • Our Grindcore Knockout Tour this summer together with Suppository and Entrails Massacre is drawing nearer. First date is July 19th... or 20th depending on how things work out. Details will be posted here as soon as we know.

  • Yellowdog Recs. will be printing t-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies that will be available during the tour. You can see the design on our merchendise page.

  • We don't have any more copies of our latest 12" Hatefilled vengeance. To buy it contact Putrid Filth Conspiracy.

  • We have printed some pins and stickers which you get for free if you order anything from us. You can see the pin-design on our merchendise page.
May 20 2002
  • The RGTE/Cripple Bastards split 7" ep have finally been released through EU '91 Produzioni and can be ordered from either us or directly from the label ( For more info, see our merchendise page.

  • We still don't know the exact dates for the eurotour in july but we're pretty sure it'll start in Holland (Leiden) around the 19th of july. More info will be posted on the website as soon as everything is set up and sorted out.

  • More copies of our new 12" Hatefilled vengeance have been received and can be ordered from us. See the merchendise page for info.

  • The split 8" with Hollands scariest - Suppository - has turned into a split 12", which we are recording new tracks for right now. We were finished with recording everything except the vocals, but due to technical failure everything was lost yesterday. We're starting all over tomorrow. The disc will hopefully be released just in time for the tour in july through Badger Rec.

  • Relapse Records will release a CD version of Hatefilled Vengeance around august, with a completely new design. More info coming soon.

  • RGTE stickers and pins are also in the pipeline.
Apr. 4 2002
  • Hatefilled Vengeance - our new 12" - is out now! Recorded in Soundlab - where Carnivorous Erection was recorded - and with Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum) doing the engineering, it features 18 tracks of crushing swedish grindcore. The 12" contains a bunch of new songs as well as some new recordings of "classic" Regurgitate songs from our debut CD Effortless regurgitation of Bright Red Blood.

    For ordering info, see our merchendise page.

  • We will be recording a new full length CD in November. Soundlab Studios - where both Carnivorous Erection and our new 12" were recorded - is booked. The CD will be released by Relapse Recs. sometime during next year.

  • Our split 7" with $krupel has been postponed and instead we will be recording new songs for a split 8" with Suppository which will be released by Badger Recs (Holland), hopefully in time for our tour with Suppository and Entrails Massacre this summer.

  • We have finished recording our track for the grindcore compilation released by Rescued from Life Recs. It will be sent to them as soon as we are finished with lay-out etc.
Feb. 21 2002
  • Regurgitate has found a permanent bass-player in Glenn Sykes. He just moved to sweden from the US, where he played with Cardiovascular Sub-Hypothermia.

  • We are, right now, recording a new song to appear on a grindcore compilation released by Rescued from Life Recs. Other bands on the compilation will be: $krupel (ger), Wojczech (ger), Sore Throat (!!!)(UK), Entrails Massacre (ger), Autoritär (ger), Unholy Grave (jap), Godstomper (ca), Irritate (fin) and Bizarre X (ger).

  • Our gigs in Rostock and Berlin in the beginning of February were our first gigs with Glenn on bass, and they went, under the circumstances, great. The Berlin gig was sold out, incredibly crowded and with tropical climate on and around the stage. Thanks to Ölaf for the vodka, confetti and serpentines...
Jan. 4 2002
  • We will be playing live in Germany February 1-2 together with Autoritär and $krupel. The first gig is at JAZ in Rostock and on Saturday (Feb. 2) we'll play at Kastanie85 in Berlin. View the gigposters: Rostock and Berlin.

  • Facial Hemorroids Prod. (France) has done a limited edition re-press of the very first Regurgitate t-shirt (originally printed in 1992). Size: XL only (like the original of course). Visit for prices etc. or mail them at:
    You can also see the t-shirt design on our merchandise page.

  • Our forthcoming 12" is a bit delayed. We don't know when it is scheduled for release, but we hope that it will be out in February.
Dec. 08 2001
  • We have added a couple of more pictures to our media section (not the same as yesterdays pics) - some pictures from the Obscene Extreme gig in the Czech Republic in July taken by Szymon Siech (PathophagiaZine).
  • There has been some requests for guitar tabs of our songs - appearently people can't hear what we're playing!... I wonder why. We have scanned tabs for 25 of our songs and put them on our graphics page (which you reach via the media page if you didn't click the previous link).

  • Did some general updates on various parts of the site... added our forthcoming 12", a Relapse Sampler and a swedish grindcore compilation to the list of releases, added Pathophagia to the linksection. There is now a possibility to read earlier comments from the guestbook. Added a review of the Effortless... album. If you wonder which songs will be on our 12" - they can be found on the releases page.
Dec. 07 2001
  • We have added some more pictures to our media section - this time it's from our recent tour in Germany, Belgium and Holland. And as an answer to a recent remark in our guestbook we can inform you that Urban is not planning to cut his hair in the near furure and... no! He hasn't played in Ugly Kid Joe.

  • We will be recording tracks for a split 7" with $krupel (Regurgitated Semen Records) early next year. More details will follow.

  • We will probably play in Rostock and Berlin (that's in Germany for those who wonder) in the beginning of February next year together with Entrails Massacre, $krupel and Y. We're looking in to that right now.
Nov. 16 2001
  • We're back in sweden again after a very successful 10 days on the road. We would like to thank all the people/bands who were involved in this tour for your killer work!

  • Livepictures from the tour will be added to the webpage pretty soon.

  • There will also be a 3x7" boxset released next year by Stuhlgang Rec. and Regurgitated Semen Rec. The boxset will include liverecordings from RGTE, Entrails Massacre and $krupel. More info coming soon.

  • Next liveshow for RGTE will take place at Kafé 44 (Stockholm) on the 23rd of november.

  • We printed new shirts before the tour... but we sold them all, so there are still no shirts to be ordered from us. That is, until we print some more.
Oct. 24 2001
  • We're leaving tomorrow for our little tour in Germany, Holland and Belgium, and as for the gig in Hamburg on friday 26/10 that one will be in Wedel, about 20 km outside from Hamburg. At the gig in Ieper, Belgium on the 27th we will be playing with Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Suppository, Entrails Massacre, Bile and $krupel.
        Hopefully we'll get some nice (?) pictures to put on the homepage... or some really, really bad ones of other people. We'll know in a week or two.
Oct. 02 2001
  • A week ago we finished recording songs for a new Regurgitate 12", coming late 2001 on Putrid Filth Conspiracy/ M & M Records. Recorded in Soundlab - where Carnivorous Erection was recorded - and with Mieszko Talarczyk (Nasum) doing the engineering, it features 18 tracks of crushing swedish grindcore. The 12" contains a bunch of new songs as well as some new recordings of "classic" Regurgitate songs from our debut CD Effortless regurgitation of Bright Red Blood - Why? - Because we got a new drummer and the old recording was done some seven years ago, so we wanted to see what the songs would sound like today. Among the old songs you'll find Testicular Trauma, Fleshmangler, Bleeding Peptic Ulcer and more.

    We have put two of the tracks on our media page for you to listen to.

  • We have recieved a bunch of RGTE/Realized split EP:s. Which means that you can order them directly from us. Look at our merchandise page for more info.

  • Added some links to the links page.