Old 2 (Jun. - Sep. 2001)

Name: Raphael (form Abiura)
E-mail address: cannibalangel@inwind.it
Homepage URL: http://go.to/abiura
Comments: hey guys when you'll come in Italy?
anyway... Zines, distro, metalheads get in touch!
We trade promotapes and stuff like that 100% underground...e-mail me!
and visit the site of my band
Country: ITALY
Saturday, September 29th 2001 - 08:26:50 AM
Name: Mike Juliano
E-mail address: ecw666@cs.com
Homepage URL: http://hardgore.cjb.net/
Comments: Keep the sickness coming!
Country: USA
Thursday, September 27th 2001 - 10:38:25 AM
Name: World Maggot
E-mail address: marainfidelious@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/~marainfidelious/
Comments: RGTE kicks ass!!!!!! Anyone want to email a super GRINDCORE SK8erCHICK from HELL??????
C'mon-I know you're out there!!!!!!
Czech out my WEBSITE: http://www.crosswinds.net/~marainfidelious/
Country: PRAGUE
Tuesday, September 25th 2001 - 02:13:45 PM
Name: J Asterisk*
E-mail address: vikingsade@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://crash.to/grindondotcom
Comments: I'm not a big fan of Gore-grind (except for Carcass of course) but your LP kicks ass. Thanks once again.
Country: Sweden
Tuesday, September 25th 2001 - 06:36:54 AM
E-mail address: mentalterrorism@yahoo.es
Homepage URL: http://gutturalbreath.8k.com/
Comments: I am beautiful &as I have killed.....STAY SICK...ONLY SADO!!!!
Saturday, September 22nd 2001 - 12:10:55 PM
E-mail address: mentalterrorism@yahoo.es
Homepage URL: http://gutturalbreath.8k.com/
Comments: I have a good knife for penetration.........REGURGITATE....!!!!
Saturday, September 22nd 2001 - 11:57:05 AM
Name: alexgrinds
E-mail address: alexgrinds@bubu.com
Homepage URL: http://killharmonic.cjb.com/
Comments: your band is fuking brutal
and cover is full color pokoke sip banget
Country: indonesia
Friday, September 21st 2001 - 09:08:47 AM
Name: rosco
E-mail address: rosco.mmm@12move.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.mymindsmine.com/
the recordings of the new MYMINDSMINE album are almost done.
CD/LP , more hysteric than before.
More news on your way brutal noiseheimers!
Wednesday, September 19th 2001 - 10:53:16 AM
Name: Mirek Mars
E-mail address: zuckussmusic@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zuckuss.com/
Comments: Hello there. You guys sound great. Brutal, heavy and really inspiring. I'm Mirek Marz of Zuckuss, check out our site at www.zuckuss.com

We have a rad metal/grind scene up here in Vancouver, British Columbia. We would be happy to back you guys up if you played in town. We'll set up the venue and all, just let us know when you can make it.

Cheers, Mirek Marz

Lead Guitar,Zuckuss

Country: Canada
Monday, September 17th 2001 - 10:53:07 AM
Name: Buster Grave
E-mail address: bajsmagnus@hotmail.com
Comments: Du börjar bli fet igen, husse! Du borde bantas ner till Treblinka nivå. Vi hörs. 88!!!
Country: Sweden
Saturday, September 15th 2001 - 04:52:25 AM
Name: Robert
E-mail address: Deadly_Orifice@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/cyberblastrecords/lysogeny.htm
Comments: Hails Regurgitate the sickest band in the land! I can't wait to hear Carniverous Erection... I have Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood and it's some of the sickest fucking Gore Grind I have heard besides old Carcass and Gore Beyond Necropsy's shite!

Well keep up the sickness and fuck goats in the arse!



Country: U$A of shit
Friday, September 14th 2001 - 03:03:00 AM
Name: Metal Dragon
E-mail address: modus.vivendi@telia.com
Homepage URL: http://www.metaldragon.somewhere.net/
Comments: Hi,

Love your latest album! Pretty good work you sick bastards. I'd like to see you guys on tour in Sweden soon.
Peace love and understanding!
Country: Sweden
Thursday, September 13th 2001 - 03:33:15 AM
Name: ano
Comments: Urban, världens gulligaste mattelärare!
Country: Sweden
Wednesday, September 12th 2001 - 04:38:12 AM
Name: Hempa Brynolfsson
E-mail address: hempa1@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://go.to/excruciate
Comments: Glöm inte bort GRAVE på Hardrock Café nu på Fredag 14/9!!!!Första spelningen med Freddan på bas!Kom och stöd och sup och knulla och bygg lego samt förankra åderpålen i diverse ändtarmar!!!/Hempa
Country: NAMIBIA
Tuesday, September 11th 2001 - 01:49:48 AM
Name: Francisco Horna Kranjcec
E-mail address: f_horna11@hotmail.com
Comments: very great band some wicked and brutal grind core ever herd before great job but it is hard to understand the vocals but the brutality is in there my recomendation is buy this wicked grind core album and here some great and wicked perverse stuff not for the faint of heart
Country: usa
Monday, September 10th 2001 - 06:19:22 AM
Name: Francisco Horna Kranjcec
E-mail address: f_horna11@hotmail.com
Comments: very great band some wicked and brutal grind core ever herd before great job but it is hard to understand the vocals but the brutality is in there my recomendation is buy this wicked grind core album and here some great and wicked perverse stuff not for the faint of heart
Monday, September 10th 2001 - 06:19:12 AM
E-mail address: belobrad@za.netax.sk
Homepage URL: http://www.sanatorium.nfo.sk/
Comments: Hey. your last CD is pretty good! I saw you also on Obscene festival. BRODEQUIN /US/ SANATORIUM /SK/ play together 3 shows in Sweden: 14/10 Stockholm-Club Aggression, 15.10. Gotenborg-Cronan, 16.10. Helsinborg-Piren. Keep it fuckin sick!!!
Country: Slovakia
Sunday, September 9th 2001 - 04:41:10 AM
Name: Micke
E-mail address: mikael.hagberg@intercollege.se
Comments: Tjabba....

Nice homopage
Country: Sweden
Friday, September 7th 2001 - 05:41:47 AM
E-mail address: EVAX@EVAX.ES
Comments: HOLA A TOD@S . visitar www.evax.es
Country: españa
Wednesday, September 5th 2001 - 11:28:08 AM
Name: NABYL GUENNOUNI aka Brutal_TrutH
E-mail address: Mentalfury@caramail.com
Comments: HEJ amigos
i'm >From MoRocco like your STYFFS MUCH good shit
u fukicng Rule Guys
what about VIDS Put anyone in the site pls
like that we can see that hellish mania video
HASH hash and GRIND what else ??
stay brutalllllllllll
Country: MOROCCO
Wednesday, September 5th 2001 - 06:49:17 AM
Name: deadbolt
E-mail address: locomotivedeath@hotmail.com
Comments: Just one thing; make sure you wankers get your rotten asses here in Belgium and fuck shit up so all those bleedin' Belgian hippies will know what the end of the world sounds like!

P.s.: don't send me some hippie intestines because where I live there is enough crap!
Country: Belgium
Tuesday, September 4th 2001 - 03:44:00 PM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: necrovirus@libero.it
Homepage URL: http://no_home_page/
Country: Botrugno (Le) ITALY
Sunday, September 2nd 2001 - 07:41:39 AM
Name: långkokt
Homepage URL: http://www.brötmanglad.nu/
Comments: Kanske ett av dom bästa brötbanden!!!!
Koka juver!
Country: horhooden
Saturday, September 1st 2001 - 01:16:40 PM
Name: Ville Lintula (DECAY)
E-mail address: decayedflesh@saunalahti.fi
Homepage URL: http://listen.to/VileDecay/
Comments: Check out also my zine, Vile Reek - http://come.to/VileReek/
Country: Finland
Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 07:32:13 AM
Name: Johan
Comments: Det här (läs Carnivarous Erection) var fan i mej den sjukaste grindcore jag någonsin hört....
Hoppas på spelningar i Sverige snart...
Fortsätt i samma stil grabbar...
Country: Sverige
Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 06:19:06 AM
Name: Claus Dahl
E-mail address: clausdahl@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mightymusic.dk/
Comments: 'Carnivorous Erection' is the fuckin' best Goregrind album ever! Utterly brutal, ultra sick vocals, and catchy songs. I have been listening to the album almost constantly since I got it.

I can't wait for your next album! Grind on brothers!
Country: Danmark
Monday, August 27th 2001 - 12:27:15 AM
E-mail address: GOREGIOU@YAHOO.COM
Country: GREECE
Sunday, August 26th 2001 - 06:38:45 AM
Name: Philip
E-mail address: phks@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.trangsund.com/
Comments: Hejsan ubbe...hur går det med mattelärarjobbet?
Fysik blev ingen höjdare här iaf *_*
Country: Sweden
Friday, August 24th 2001 - 05:00:07 PM
Name: fute soldier
E-mail address: expolio@uxama.org
Homepage URL: http://www.uxama.org/
Comments: uuuahahhahuahuhauhu!
I´ve never heard anything so beautiful.
Everytime I hear this celestial music I find bliss.

I will impale all your heads in my garden´s fences!!!!!
Long live to grindcore!
Country: Chiquitistan
Friday, August 24th 2001 - 11:53:36 AM
Homepage URL: http://COME.TO/GRINDBUTO
Comments: KEEEPP IN SICKKK...BROTHER...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday, August 20th 2001 - 04:50:37 AM
Name: jim useless
E-mail address: rotchesterpunk@aol.com
Comments: fart......i dont listen to enough grind......fart......i wish i could play grind.......fart......
Country: u$a
Sunday, August 19th 2001 - 08:37:17 PM
Name: Demon Lord Sarcofuck 666
E-mail address: sarcofreak@gmx.de
Comments: REGURGITATE suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!
Country: Spermany
Sunday, August 19th 2001 - 05:01:53 AM
Name: wayne
E-mail address: impaleduk@.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://impaleduk@.co.uk/
Comments: love the new album it kicks arse it would fuckin rule if you and impaled played ashow some time in till then keep it brutal
Country: uk
Wednesday, August 15th 2001 - 04:51:01 AM
Name: Travis Bickle
E-mail address: yeyebrunet@yahoo.com
Comments: You people make me sick... rotten minded assholes... that's your big contribution to the world? gaspering shit about mutilating people, raping anything that moves, eating crap...? What tha fuck is up your mind, you nutcases? Maybe your one of 100000 reasons America is fucked right now... you sons of misinformation, I don't blame you, you just don't have nothing else to do than thinking with your aberrated ass or whatever the fuck you wanna call your arsehole. You don't even deserve to die, I wanna see how'd you feel having that diseases in your balls, in your ass, & being raped by a horse... see if you can sing now, you disgusting motherfucker.
With love, your fan
Travis Bickle
Country: Burkina Faso
Friday, August 10th 2001 - 02:06:30 AM
Sunday, August 5th 2001 - 03:37:13 PM
Name: Yuri
E-mail address: gatesofishtar00@aol.com
Comments: All I heard was one song. And that's all it took for you guess to be my favorite band.

I think one of my favorite bands is Japanese.........

But you guess are still the #1 band for me.
Country: United States
Tuesday, July 31st 2001 - 03:06:14 PM
Name: metalfreak
E-mail address: metaalfreak@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://death-metal.startkabel.nl/
Comments: Hi there
There is a new page on the internet, with links to all the good death-grind bands in the world.
The URL is: http://death-metal.startkabel.nl.
And guess what..... this site is on it.
Make that site now your startpage!!!!!
Also on my startpage: If you have a band and you are unknown, send me a demo of your band
And I will put the best track on my site!!!
Country: holland
Tuesday, July 31st 2001 - 01:46:52 PM
Name: Nielske
E-mail address: abash666@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.abash.cjb.net/
Comments: hey guys i dont know you but it looks like your are good
check out our home page to see more

greetings niels
Country: Metal land holland
Sunday, July 29th 2001 - 07:40:55 AM
Name: World Maggot
E-mail address: WorldMaggot@quick.cz
Homepage URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/~marainfidelious/
Comments: Regurgitate = AWESOME GRINDCORRRE!!! I saw you
guys at the Obscene Fest this summer, awesome! At
least it didn't rain when RGTE played, like afterwards for
Exhumed, Groinchurn., etc.
My website is cool so check it out, grindcore freaks.
Country: Prague, Czech Republic
Sunday, July 22nd 2001 - 09:08:37 AM
Name: dimitris gorgiou
E-mail address: goregiou@yahoo.com
Comments: cheers grind brothers!RGTE fuckin' rules!!!!!!!!All time
gore/grind godzzzzz!!In grind we crust.
Country: greece
Sunday, July 22nd 2001 - 06:10:15 AM
Name: Szymon/PathophagiaZine
E-mail address: pathophagia@wp.pl
Homepage URL: http://www.pathophagia.prv.pl/
Comments: hey, check out my site, with rgte interview among others,
btw nice gig at the Obscene Fest III!
Country: Poland
Monday, July 16th 2001 - 11:07:22 AM
Name: Sound Subversion Fanzine
E-mail address: soundsubversion@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/soundsubversion
Comments: Stay SICK! Keep on the splatter job...
Country: Argentina
Friday, July 13th 2001 - 11:43:00 AM
Name: Ace
E-mail address: yeast66@qwest.net
Comments: What's really going on?....your new shit kills. Self
Dismembered Foetus....what does it mean??? Hate!!
Country: Land of rape
Thursday, July 12th 2001 - 12:20:58 PM
Name: Becherovka & Tonic
E-mail address: droll666@gmx.de
Homepage URL: http://www.pfefferscheisse.de/
Comments: Congratulations to the best gig after years, haha.
Country: CZ
Thursday, July 12th 2001 - 03:25:35 AM
Name: Kim Jung Hyun
E-mail address: soulreturn@hanmail.net
Comments: Wow, your homepage is very shocking...

I was surprised at your album(?) jacket picture.

It is a ¿±±â(yop ggi) in a Korean.

Anyway, do your best!

Next again!!
Country: South Korea
Tuesday, July 10th 2001 - 07:30:54 AM
Name: de bruut
E-mail address: debruut@keyaccess.nl
Homepage URL: http://clix.to/dth
Comments: carcas rules!!!!!! (THE MASTERS) but you guys are comming close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay sick
Country: nederland
Saturday, July 7th 2001 - 08:07:59 AM
Name: faecalgrinder
E-mail address: ben.warn@wanadoo.fr
Comments: regurgitate the best grind band in worl with nasum
jocke you re a very good drumer I drumer too in a band call infested
to be continued
Country: france
Saturday, July 7th 2001 - 02:11:20 AM
Name: Alex
E-mail address: feberloppan@hotmail.com
Comments: Hallojsan Rugge! Det kommer dimpa ner ett kuvert i din brevlåda i början av nästa vecka! Ta inte för lång tid på dig med att skicka prylarna, jag håller ju på o förgås i sommarvärmen utan bra musik! Sthlm har blivit en helvetesport... Snart börjar det lukta svavel. Då blir alla black-kidsen glada.
Country: Sverige
Friday, July 6th 2001 - 09:53:03 AM
Name: Gurglespunk
E-mail address: Gurglespunk@totaldeath.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/gutblasted
Country: USA
Tuesday, July 3rd 2001 - 06:33:17 AM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: p_e_cheese@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi!
Your new site is very n(o)ice. I like it very much. And the new rgte stuff is killer. See you on the Obscene fest. tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata...bleeaaaurgghhh
Country: Slofuckia
Monday, July 2nd 2001 - 04:50:16 AM
Name: xxxWILLEMxxx
E-mail address: willem.xxx@iae.nl
Comments: you guys are fucking disgusting
Country: the netherlands
Saturday, June 30th 2001 - 07:02:13 AM
Name: Andre Almeida
E-mail address: hereticsound@mail.telepac.pt
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.de/deathmetalmag/heretic
Comments: Just keep sick , brutal and insane !!!!
Heretic Sound new metal music label to conquer the world !!!
Check out our web site !!!!
Our first release Satans Penguins (swe)- "Birds of Darkness" CD will be out soon !!!!
Country: Portugal
Friday, June 29th 2001 - 09:13:34 AM
Name: gadget!!
Comments: stick hora! annars neitar jocke dig!
Thursday, June 28th 2001 - 03:40:06 PM
Name: Rikard
Homepage URL: http://www.gadget.cjb.net/
Comments: När fan ska ni länka oss då?
Thursday, June 28th 2001 - 03:03:22 PM
Name: Stephan
E-mail address: sh666@gmx.net
Homepage URL: http://www.entrails.home.pages.de/
Comments: Hey Guys!
Unforunatly i've missed your gig on the FTC4 but i hope to see the same funny shit .I've heard a lot of funny storys and that some guys were pissed on .So what fuck that typically DEATH-Metal bullshit grind on (if you want) and please make your fucking jokes.666
Country: Alemanha
Wednesday, June 27th 2001 - 10:04:13 AM
Name: Frank
E-mail address: droll666@gmx.de
Homepage URL: http://www.pfefferscheisse.de/
Comments: Hey cool,

some great pics from the great show at the FTC4, yeahh!
Mieszko did some(?) vocals, hahaha.
I hope your germany tour in october is killer like the FTC4 gig.

see ya in CZ, bastards
Country: Frankenland
Wednesday, June 27th 2001 - 12:25:14 AM
Name: Pawelizky
E-mail address: stenchofleatherhosen@hotmail.com
Comments: FTC was super, we had a lot of fun!
I didn't filmed RGTE, i was damn dissapointed in them, the cd and your ep is
fucking great but that gig was just pathetic.... NO pitchshifter.....Guitars did
NOT sound heavy, there was something wrong every song......also more guests on
stage than whatever.......and all the time stupid jokes ala " Yo yo yo Africa'
-bullshit .....
Sunday, June 24th 2001 - 03:33:35 PM
Name: jeebus
E-mail address: yeest@relapsecult.com
Comments: i just wanted to say that regurgitate are some bad muthafuckas!!!!
Thursday, June 21st 2001 - 07:41:03 AM
Name: Cejca from Beheaded
E-mail address: gorewhore@mindless.com
Homepage URL: http://www.beheaded.org/
Comments: Fucking amazing site, keep up the sick work with Regurgitate and see you soon at the Obscene Extreme festival in Trutnov
Country: Malta
Thursday, June 21st 2001 - 07:38:25 AM
Name: King Diamond
E-mail address: cometo@thesabbath.se

You and Terje can stop bothering
me from now on.Your personally signed photo
of me wiping my ass with the latest Regurgitate
lp is on its way.I thought you were a grindcore
band,but you guys reminds me alot of In Flames.

Now raise your hands and do the sign!
All hail satan.
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 02:29:05 PM
Name: pk strom
E-mail address: mistertuesdaynight@hotmail.com
Comments: holy jease, all i really have to say is that regurgitate is the most hardcore band on the market. just pure brutalness. you guys rule & always will. keep putting out albums, the fans diserve em. later on.
Country: usa
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 01:23:26 PM
Name: gerbophilia
E-mail address: gerbophilia@goregrind.zzn.com
Homepage URL: http://geocities.com/gerbophilia
Comments: Hello Regu !!!
Very cool site !!!
and cool sound !!!
but fucking bad concert at "Fuck the commerce"
See YA !!
(oder Bis Bald)
stay grind stay underground

Country: (CH)
Saturday, June 16th 2001 - 03:55:59 AM
Name: Maggot
Comments: Regurgitate rulezzz.....But grindcore from Holland = much better......!!!! listen to MaggoT InfesT gvd.....!!!!
Country: Holland
Thursday, June 14th 2001 - 06:52:19 AM
Name: Sphynx
E-mail address: morphzombie@freemail.it
Carnivorous Erection is the masterpiece of the year for all gore-addicted bloody minded!
You rules , we wait you in Italy!
Country: Italy
Monday, June 11th 2001 - 11:15:40 AM
Name: Doomsday Mag
E-mail address: doomsday@cbgb.com
Homepage URL: http://come.to/doomsdaymag
Comments: Doomsday Mag #4, pappersversionen är ute nu. 72 sidor fett(eller ofett) och det innehåller intervjuer med Nasum, Brutal Truth, Amulet, Intensity, the Kristet Utseende, Rotten Sound, the Flap Jacks. IVMNA, serier, låtsnack, recensioner m.m. 10:- porto glid in på come.to/doomsdaymag för mer info. Säljes av Sound Pollution, Mad House(gbg) Distortion(gbg)
Country: swe
Monday, June 11th 2001 - 11:08:10 AM
Name: Baulo
E-mail address: corey666@libero.it
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/grindcore2000
Comments: Hi there.. I'm the guitar player of this Italian band called Corey. We'd like to be added in your link section.. We can do the same in our site.. What do you think?
Please answer to the email...
Thanx and sorry for the english...
Country: ITALY
Monday, June 11th 2001 - 07:15:01 AM
Name: G$ Masticating Cunnilingus
E-mail address: Schwarztod@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.cuntlick.com/
Comments: Yo punks, yeah, I know it's about time I signed your goddamn guestbook. Heard more about the FTC,... bad bad grind band, naughty naughty. You should all get your pee pees slapped. ha ha ha.....fuck those cunts if they can't take a joke. Speaking of pee pees Rik, why don't you and Mark stop talking about my mutilated member, you're giving me a fucking complex. ha ha Grind on & see you sukkas in Feb., G$
Country: Land of the Free
Sunday, June 10th 2001 - 03:51:16 PM
E-mail address: id@wn.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/iandegrussa/virus.html
Comments: SICK!!! Virus CD out now just $3!!!!
Country: Australia
Sunday, June 10th 2001 - 04:20:51 AM
Name: holy hell
E-mail address: holy_hell@msn.com
Comments: hails to the kings of splatter core! fuck the rest!
Friday, June 8th 2001 - 10:24:25 PM
Name: thomas
Comments: What up with the Fuck The Commerce-gig? Please, Regurgitate, tell me... Also, wthat will happen at Obscene?
A criplled bastard'
Thursday, June 7th 2001 - 11:15:05 AM
Name: Luke Sellen
E-mail address: Luke@RelapseCult.com
Homepage URL: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/impaled
Comments: I wuv you guys, so I thought I'd sign the guestbook. You's should get a message board, so I can have something better to do than uh, post on other crappy message boards. I just bought the split with Realized from ebay, can't wait for it to arrive. The new site is awesome.
Country: Canada
Thursday, June 7th 2001 - 03:10:56 AM
Name: fecalgrinder
E-mail address: ben.warn@wanadoo.fr
Comments: you re my favorit grind band i love carnivorous erection the album is excelent the cover is beautiful.
jocke you re very stong in drums
i am a drumer in a band call infested.
goodbie and continued you re work
Wednesday, June 6th 2001 - 11:00:37 AM
Name: Zamri Perpetual
E-mail address: zamgrind@hotmail.com
Comments: Mega Ultra Grindin' hello !! Regurgitate still kickin' ass
Totally Grind in "trendy" stomach !!.It's great if your band
play a gig in Malaysia.Napalm Death already do that..soon
will be Nasum and why not Regurgitate play in Malaysia too!!
Anyway Regurgitate new Cd is awesome Grind releases..Keep
produce the more Grind sonx for the Grind maniacs ehehe..
Country: Malaysia
Wednesday, June 6th 2001 - 08:03:13 AM
E-mail address: que@genie.de
Comments: Well, I know your band a couple of years and like it a lot, because this is grind in the right way.
I´m Olaf from Germany and if you also like REAL NoiseCore then leave a message under: que@genie.de
Take Care, see ya
Country: Germany
Wednesday, June 6th 2001 - 07:45:10 AM
Name: brutal ghorewhore
E-mail address: sewageshit@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://fuck%20you!!/
Comments: yeah fuck you!! very shitgig at ftc!!! no gore no growls
only poservocals & unfunny jokes. now i burn all rgtestuffs.
Country: germany afrika ss
Tuesday, June 5th 2001 - 12:23:58 AM
Name: lord Cheesypuff
E-mail address: tijmenblabla@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.tentacle.nl/imbolc
Comments: AY!!! You fukkin' HOMO'S!!!! Come play in Holland, so we have a reason to tear down the fukkin' place!
You arselickin' HIPPIES!!!!!
Country: Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton...
Monday, June 4th 2001 - 07:19:51 PM
Name: Martin
E-mail address: centinex@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.centinex.com/
Comments: Hörde att det var livat i tyskhelvetet!? Synd att man missade spektaklet... Kötta på!
Country: Dalarna
Sunday, June 3rd 2001 - 09:58:31 AM
Name: Indy Grinder
Homepage URL: http://www.ftc.nu/
Comments: Aaahh... Let's kick this shit! Revenge of the Ninja... Fuck The Commerce!
Country: India
Saturday, June 2nd 2001 - 08:25:14 AM
Name: tobias
E-mail address: t_asplund@yahoo.se
Homepage URL: http://www.lompis.com/daoloth
Comments: ARGH!
Ni sparkar anus!
Ge mig mer!
Country: Kiruna
Friday, June 1st 2001 - 05:55:43 AM
Name: Freebos&Bayhmoule
E-mail address: GrindBox_Freebos@caramail.com
Comments: My god, it's too great!!!!!
Continue screaming!!
What about Brytney Spears??

Grind will grow up with this sort of band!!
Grind will never die!!
Country: France
Friday, June 1st 2001 - 01:50:48 AM