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Last Plane to Jakarta -
Not really a review... more of a general listening recommendation. And since this is an article, not a review I will not post it here... for copyright reasons. And also because of it's length, so go check it out at the Last Plane to Jakarta site:

The Metal Observer
Lets not beat about the bush here, (although dependent on what you take bush to be, lets.) “Sickening Bliss” is just the thing for liquefying your brain and have it seeping out from your shattered ear drums. Aural carnage is the order of the day and its served up in great putrefied chunks of reeking Grindcore.
    Subtlety has been locked in a cupboard with a knife obsessed psycho and so REGURGITATE can bludgeon away to their dripping hearts content. Ranging from Bullet Train derailments to earth shaking groove, these tracks fall past your window in quick succession, each one covered in various degrees of shit, blood and piss, not forgetting the odd dribble of spunk. Pray for soft ground when this lot comes steamrollering over you.
    After the intro is buttfucked by "Abducens Eminence" its just one solid knuckle duster to the face after another. Heavy distortion to both guitar and bass cranks up the crunch quotient considerably with the relief coming courtesy of some Punk slash and occasional blunt drill solo. As you would expect rapid progression forms the bulk of this bloater but there are plenty of sections where you can snatch a brief breather such as on the first half of “Violent Necrophilic Climax” before someone cuts the brake pipe.
    I am happy to report that "Sickening Bliss" does not try to redefine the genre and just relies on tried and tested throat ripping. What REGURGITATE do instead is deliver the goods with lethal effect, what's more you'll be enjoying the experience so much, you won't realise they've hacked off your arms and legs until your lights go out. This isn't called extreme music for nothing, everything is pure unrelenting nastiness, be it the strangled snarling that duels with the swamp monster gargling or the kick the kit to bits drumming. Along with everything else, these elements have an unstoppable force to them, thanks to a sterling production job.
    "(We Are) Hateful Sadistic Scum" breaks one of the moulds by maintaining a mid paced menace throughout, concentrating on giving a giant stomping, something that is repeated to a lesser extent each side of the blazing on the next track. It's clear that the band are comfortable with whatever aspect of their music they present and it comes across that they are having a hoot whilst they're at it. There is plenty for you to barf along to as well if your lungs and larynx can stand it, "Perish In Blood" amongst others has one or two moments where you can indulge in mutual mastication with your mates.
    It is pointless over-analysing "Sickening Bliss", I could just as easily just have written "Buy this now". It's really a faultless injection of supercharged Grind that giggles up the gore and will keep the grave digger busy for some time. As an advertisement for self-disembowelment, it don't get much more persuasive than this.
Rating: (8/10)
Niall McCartney
Rock Hard, ausgabe 234
- (German)
Anschnallen bitte, es wird Grindcore gespielt! Es ist immer wieder eine Freude, in diese Szene zu schnuppern - gerade, wenn alte Helden wie REGURGITATE das Zepter schwingen. Hier gibt es mit göttlich tief gestimmten Klampfen, extremen Röchel-Vocals und diesen geilen Crustbeats nur die Flucht nach vorn. Mit "Sickening Bliss" sind REGURGITATE, wie alle Bands dieses Genres, am Versuch gescheitert, die alten Werke von Carcass zu untergraben. Knapp am Original vorbei ist eben trotzdem vorbei. Alles nicht so wild, denn diese Platte ist in jedem Fall ein zum Anbeten geiles Festessen für Krachfans aller Couleur. Wer bei Songs der Marke ´Violent Necrophilic Climax´ oder ´Hacksaw Hysterectomy´ die Füße stillhält, ist nicht normal. Freunde von Dead Infection, Necrony, Agathocles oder Gore Beyond Necropsy bekommen mit dieser Platte einen weiteren Meilenstein des Grindcore serviert. Kaufen!
Rating: (9/10)
-   NEW
There is nothing fancy about the fourth album from Sweden's gore-soaked REGURGITATE. It's a 26-track carcass-packed blast furnace of auditory violence in the tradition of murder-instigating musical monstrosities AUTOPSY, NECROPHAGIA, REPULSION, and the like. One look at the cover art and song titles will, like any good Horror film, more than likely alienate those with no interest in the Blood-and-Guts sect of the Grindcore sub-genre.
    There is certainly no shortage of bands out there who cover the same slaughterhouse grounds as REGURGITATE. In fact, the whole Murder Metal thing may have worn out its welcome about six CANNIBAL CORPSE albums ago. When you see song titles like " Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation", "Violent Necrophillic Climax", "Hacksaw Hysterectomy" and "Reborn In Latrinic Ecstasy", its easy to line up REGURGITATE with other Grind House Strawmen and use them as an example of the genre's more ludicrous aspects. But what keeps REGURGITATE just slightly above the bottomless tar-pit of Brutal Death Metal and torture-porno Digi-Grind acts flooding Underground zines and catalogs like bloated corpses in a lake is the energy and tightness in the band's performance.
    The music, while as raw as a rusty chainsaw grinding against the rib-bones in a mutilated chest cavity, doesn't sound like flushing toilets, as the "more-gore" acts have a tendency to replicate. "Putrid Serenity", "Worm Eater", "Cavernous Sores", "(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum", "Bleed On Me", and others are strong, well written Deathgrind that would make any EXHUMED fan pump their gauntlet-clad arms in the air.
    While not quite as memorable as some of this year's other blood-drenched releases (see CATTLE DECAPITATION and Relapse's own CRETIN), "Sickening Bliss" is a more-than-solid release that should make the Gore-Hounds salivate with the Technicolor gusto of a Mario Bava film Festival.
Rating: (8/10)
Supreme Brutality -
I remember picking up the second Regurgitate CD Carnivorous Erection back when it was put out in 2000, but for some reason it didn't really appeal to me at that time so I sort of forgot about the band. Now here in 2006 I sit with the Swedes latest effort Sickening Bliss and perhaps my taste in music has changed a bit along the way or maybe Regurgitate has matured a little? I really don't know, but regardless of which, fact is that Sickening Bliss rocks. The music is of course gut-soaked goregrind with clear references to early Carcass with all that belong from low gurgling growls to gut-churning guitars.
    Musically things are fairly varied. Never does the music appear one-tracked or uncontrolled. Perhaps it's because the songs are not just one long run-of-the-mill blastbeat contest? Regurgitate are practised enough to lower the pace now and then or even throw in a tiny bit of groove a few places, but make no mistakes Sickening Bliss is a study in brutality and human depravity. Rikard Jansson's growls are another thing that takes Sickening Bliss to a higher level. They vary from a very moist gurgling to a more common type of growl. Moreover Glen Sykes depraved bass-lines finds its way upfront on a few occasions. This and all the other things make a homogeny and likeable compound when combined.
    The production is dirty and fat with just the right amount of clarity to make it the music perfect. Sickening Bliss may not be the most accessible effort for those untrained, but for fans of goregrind this release is a must.
Rating: (4/6)

- (German)
Eigentlich war und bin ich kein großer Freund von Harmonizer-Gedöns, aber REGURGITATE, die schwedischen Gore-Godz dürfen das und durften das auch schon immer. Basta! Bei der genialen Mucke der Grinder muss man auch als Grindcore-Purist einfach ein Auge zudrücken.
    Wie gewohnt ballern Ubbe und Rikard aus allen Rohren, unerbittlich, wütend und old school as fuck und brauchen sich dabei hinter so manchem Klassiker, zu denen sich RGTE (gegründet 1990) eigentlich schon längst zählen können, wie auch hinter so manchen schwedischen Jungspunden wie GADGET, SPLITTER (übrigens DIE Grindcore-Sensation 2006!!!! Die definitiven NASUM-Nachfolger, checkt, FROM THE ASHES und hinter den ganzen dilettantischen Gore-Formationen NICHT zu verstecken! Nach wie vor killen RGTE auf alte CARCASS-, REPULSION- und NAPALM DEATH-Art, lassen es allerdings im Vergleich zu früher auch mal krustenmäßig heavy im Midtempo krachen, was dem ansonsten rasenden Gebräu einen düsteren Touch verleiht.
    Zwar zieht "Sickening Bliss" mit der Wiederentdeckung des Harmoscheißers eindeutig den kürzen im Vergleich zum genialen Vorgänger "Deviant", der dank Verzicht auf künstliche Vomits und ohne den typischen CARCASS "Reek of Putrefaction"-Touch zwar für RGTE-Verhältnisse etwas ungewöhnlich aber wesentlich aggressiver in die Weichteile ballerte, aber auch mit diesem Album beweisen die Schweden, wer die dicksten Eier im Gorebusiness jenseits einiger Razorback Records Bands hat. Killer!!!
Rating: (11.5/12)
- (Danish)
Kig lige nøje på det cover... Ved 1. øjekast ser cover-artworket til svenske Regurgiates nye album "Sickening Bliss" helt nuttet og familiært ud med sine flotte pangfarver, men ved nærmere granskning viser det sig på samme tid at være direkte frastødende på en sælsom depraveret måde. Med coveret til bandets tidligere album "Carnivorous Erection" i mente, må cover-artworket til "Sickening Bliss" jo siges at være sært passende til Regurgitates musikalske og tekstlige univers, og samtidig er det også et godt bud på årets sejeste cover efter undertegnedes mening.
    Som oftest ved grindcore albums i stil med "Sickening Bliss" giver det ikke den store mening at begynde at fremhæve enkelte numre frem for andre, for de er alle små hurtige udladninger af aggression, der i næsten total ubemærkethed glider over i hinanden, hvis man ikke lige er 100 % opmærksom. En force ved Regurgitate har i øvrigt efter min mening altid været den varierede og skizofrene brug af vokal, der nærmeste består af en endeløs række af bøvs, ræb, grynt, skrig og gurgl; det er meget svært at opfange andet end et par brudstykker af ord og tekst fra tid til anden, men af en eller anden grund gør det ikke så meget lige i Regurgitates tilfælde.
    Ingen tvivl om at "Sickening Bliss" er et for genren suverænt album, der nærmest syder og gærer af konstant insisterende aggression, attitude og rastløs energi, som alle grind/grindcore albums med respekt for sig selv vel for øvrigt bør gøre. Bagsiden af medaljen er så at netop disse karakteristika medfører at en vis forudsigelighed såvel som en snigende monotoni, der lidt plager albummet som helhed betragtet; sammenligner man f.eks. direkte med mestrene i Napalm Death og deres nye album "Smear Campaign", bliver det hurtigt evident, hvad man kan opnå af dynamiske synergieffekter med bare en smule variation i tempo og udtryk. Derfor bør "Sickening Bliss" vel også retfærdighedsvist tildeles en karakter mindre end "Smear Campaign", hvilket dog ikke bør afskrække fans af crusty svensk grind som eksempelvis Nasum eller Gadget i at kaste nogle surt tjente slanter efter "Sickening Bliss"; vil man have sin grindcore råt for usødet, bliver det nemlig ikke meget bedre end Regurgitate. Og så er der jo lige cover- artwork; alene dét er næsten i sig selv en investering værd. Grinding Bliss indeed.
Rating: (4/5)
Rebel Extravaganza
Sweden's Regurgitate have, over the course of the past sixteen years, gone from mildly entertaining Carcass/Repulsion worship to gore royalty, releasing more split albums than MANOWAR has studio full-lengths, and inspiring a crapload of recent acts in the meantime. Having somehow fallen off the meatwagon with Hatefilled Vengeance, I missed 2003's Deviant, and so it was that Regurgitate disappeared from my radar. Well, it's roughly three years later, and the quartet has returned, having honed their attack in some respects, becoming all the more dangerous in the process.
    Resplendent with sounds of a night spent in the woods of a Hammer horror film, ominous keyboards are soon battered into oblivion with the total ravaging grind of "Abducens Eminence". Rikard Jansson's vocals howl like those of disembodied homicide victims, as the drumwork of Jocke Pettersson pounds like pistons in the rusted engine of a killmachine. Say what you will about grind, Regurgitate is clearly about having a blastoriffic ol' time, as evidenced in the guttural low end found in "Cocoon Of Filth". Goreshitting vocals do battle with guitars so fucked beyond belief that all hope of repair seems lost. "Putrid Serenity" melds Carcass riffwork to early Pig Destroyer noise terrorism, revisiting the churning opening riff from time to time in a skin-blistering assault on the senses. Jansson's vocals alternate between screech and growl, guitarist Urban Skytt (Nasum, Crematory) pulling a lead from his instrument that sounds like a cat being sawn in half with a butterknife. But hey, it's gore, right? Discharge influence runs rampant during "Tenderizing The Malformed", but is dragged twitching and bleeding into the world of crustaholic grind. What the Hell does Jansson do for fun, snort lines of bleach and mainline battery acid? The vocals on Sickening Bliss show one of the scene's most reliable lungshredders in his finest moment yet. From the spine-shattering crack of the riff at the end of "Cavernous Sores" to the sugary sweet paean to love and necrophilia that is "Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation", where early an Entombed riff batters against Exhumed (Col Jones era) drum massacres, Regurgitate is clearly firing on all cylinders. If the wallsplattering doom of "Bleed On Me" doesn't get you, "Perish In Blood", with its sledgehammer-swinging, wallop-packing groove will. Of late, only Cretin has executed grind with quite so much fun and joy in the kill. Great riffs sneak up on you all the time in Sickening Bliss, and "Bestial Sons Of Devastation" kicks off with one, returning to it now and again just for shits and maniacal giggles. So you know, the guitars of Skytt and Glenn Sykes aren't produced worth a damn, but in some sense, it adds to the warmth, and oldschool tape-trading feel of the mix. I'm into it.
    Ending with the dirge-like outro of "Catatonic Possession", Regurgitate has spewn forth another heaping helping of grind slathered with cankered innards and chunks of human debris. Sickening Bliss is music for people who either want to stick their head in an oven and bake at 420 degrees for one hour - or people who want to do that to everyone else.

Decibel Magazine
Pitchshifter as art
Like the proud mother gracing the Rockwellian postnatal-nightmare cover of Regurgitate's latest album, goregrind aficionados stand likely to cradle Sickening Bliss to their bosoms as the band's bloody return to form. Gone is the Nasum-watermark that stamped their last album, Deviant (an update that seemed out of character), and in its place a glorious homecoming to the rich, sick pitch-gurgle heritage that Regurgitate erected—and eructed—in the tape-trading days.
    The band has reason to be proud of its vile nativity: It offers every quality that makes goregrind great, and none of the dreck that litters the glutting cyber scene. After a halcyon opener suggests the putrid pudding underlying everyday life - a duality rendered in pastels on the mordant cover - 26 tracks gush by in minute and two-minute miniatures, each a rumble of unrelenting blast, loping punk shuffle, and downtuned groove. Dynamism is key here. Like the gears on some efficient torture machine, the songs shift tempo and mood so the music never gets numbing. Goregrind isn't about hit singles—it's a gestalt where every track contains the seed of the whole and together form one long album-length experience, though songs like “( We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum” (which revels in swaggering, fist-pumping Carcass march) and the anthemic “Worm Eater” stand as memorable signposts on the way to the album's fadeout.
    The production is lush and encompassing, riffs are distinguishable, drums thunderous yet human, and the bass distortion scratches a bombilation of warm fuzz over it all, making for one of the best compromises between old school energy and modern professionalism I’ve heard. But what about the pitchshifted vocals? you ask. I'm happy to report that the trademarked effervescing burble is slopped all over Sickening Bliss like some plashing dialect that garbage disposals and toilets speak in. Retches, gurgles, and gargles prove what this genre is all about: texture, timbre, and color. And if it sounds like I'm waxing poetic here, it's only because Regurgitate's Sickening Bliss has made me love goregrind all over again.
Matthew Widener
Metalrage -
Regurgitate is a name that will ring a bell throughout the heads of many gore grind fans, for they have produced some very nice discs with ear squashing grindcore filled with a good dosage of harmonized vocals. Their best record up to date in my opinion is the "Carnivorous Erection" album. Their latest album "Deviant" I found a little bit less interesting, but nonetheless blasted hard. I'm going to review their newest disc of vomit called Sickening Bliss.
    The record starts out with some intro and I expected some music like on "Deviant" but I was totally surprised when the first real track called 'Abducens Eminence' started. Superb crashing guitars, and my most pleasant surprise, totally harmonized vocals, just like the "Carnivorous Erection" album. Throughout the record, I'm almost lured to say this is C.E. part 2, which I really wanted to hear! Regurgitate isn't Regurgitate without that extreme kick ass harmonized vocal style. There is also some normal screaming on it, but way less than their previous record. It's obvious the pitch shifter is back in camp Regurgitate. The average track length is around 50 seconds, which makes it possible to create 26 outstanding tracks. The length of the album is perfect with somewhat more than 30 minutes.
    Also, the cover artwork is quite interesting again, with a woman holding her own bowels. Nice one! The track titles are funny again, and are filled with medical references, as usual! Fuck the originality, I swear to this record! Honestly, my year turned from bad to superb due to this record. Nah, that's plain crap of course, but I can tell you that I'm really fond of it. This probably explains my awfully high mark for this one.
    I can recommend to buy this one instantly, don't wait, don't pre-listen, just buy this goddarned album! I'll conclude this review by saying that Regurgitate are back, stronger than ever and remember! 'Barfbags Not Included'.
Rating (96/100)
Blabbermouth -
Adjectives like "wet" usually don't come to mind when you're listening to extreme metal. But the new REGURGITATE is just that. Rickard's vocals are so disgustingly moist and phlegm-soaked, it's enough to make you swear off headphones forever — there are several nasal-cavity-draining moments on "Sickening Bliss" where you feel like you've been told a secret by a leprous hobo, and had the side of your face spattered with a few choice gobbets of snot, coughed-up blood and skin in the bargain. Grotesque!
    Of course, this is the band whose second full-length album artwork featured, literally, a "Carnivorous Erection" -- an anthropomorphic penis taking an angry bite out of the tongue of its would-be fellater (is that even a word?). With absolutely no sales in the chain stores assured, these Swedish bastards set out on a path to create some of the grossest, gore-soaked grindcore on earth, heavily influenced by early CARCASS and the usual crowd of European noise merchants (most of whom were a bit more politically inclined than enamored of splatter lyrics).
    "Sickening Bliss" may be the band's finest moment, full of enough chaotic blasting, old-school riffing and over-the-top depravity to start mentioning them in the same breath as heralded bands as NASUM and JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE. The production is raw, dirty and gurgling, with just enough clarity to make out the more tasty guitar hooks that bubble up out of the muck. This is grindcore you could mosh to in places, but make no mistake, it's not the slightest bit accessible — it's as depraved and hopeless as anything you might expect, and that's just the way it ought to be.
    Fans of CARCASS's early days, old PUNGENT STENCH, and the absolute fetid bottom of the gore-grind swamp (I say that, of course, as a compliment) should scope out "Sickening Bliss" at their earliest opportunity. It's a warm, throbbing bag of guts just waiting for you to dig in, a cut above most bands of their ilk both in presentation and production, and you're not likely to find a more nauseating listen anytime soon.
Keith Bergman
Lords of Metal -
Since 1990 Regurgitate has been building the bloody road it's on now : to the top of grindcore! And they might not be there yet, but one thing is clear: this is their best achievement ever and their most grown up album ever. You can discuss now if that's what we actually want, a grown up Regurgitate, because do we not like the bloody, gory and sickening band we know of some standard grindcore releases all of us should have in their collection?
    Anyway, 'Sickening Bliss' is full of variation unknown to these Swedes. Not that it suddenly is may flower music, on the contrary, it blasts through your speakers as diarrhoea in the 'Carnovorous Erection' way, but with more pauses to have a light breath. I could explain each song, but just buy this CD, it just speaks for itself.
Rating: (90/100)
Daredevil Records -
One of the sickest Goregrinders are back for the fourth time in the longplaying form. Still some of you might remember them for their outstanding artwork for their CARNIVOROUS ERECTION album, the new one is also not for the squeamish (see for yourself). Originally they started out to pay tribute to the most influencial Grind outfit CARCASS in their earlier days, the lyrical concept was supposed to be gory and this is still the main theme.
    The band also features current and ex-members of the great NASUM. Mieszko Talarczyk R.I.P. also did the producing job on their realeases so far. So the music is a brutal assault of Grind, gut wrenching, regurgitated grunts and hectic insane screams on the other hand. The bass rumbles like hell, and the drums sound like several machine guns firing at once, this is accompanied by shredding strings. Some groove segements increase the fun even more (hear CAVERNOUS SORES) and inserted slower segments like in BLEED ON ME or also have their impact. On ADDICTION even Black Metal open string mayhem comes to use.
    Another real killer is the groover HATEFUL SADISTIC SCUM, the vocals are extra gutural (also DEFILE is blessed with that element). So enough of the appetizers check it out for yourself. Fans of them can get this one blind, and followers of the swedish Grind scene must get this one at any cost. Sure they delviver nothing new but the way they do it is just charming (he he how sweet). By the way the sound is a ultra raw but punching bastard. GENRE: GORE GRIND
Rating: (music: 9/10, sound: 8/10)
Thomas Schubert

All Music -
As evidenced by Regurgitate's name and the cover of their 2006 release, Sickening Bliss, these lads from Sweden are the musical equivalent of the goriest of gross-out horror films. Extreme metal (and we're talking extremely extreme) is the name of the game here — vocals that go beyond the expected death metal growl, and wind up in gurgled territory. Musically, the group impress with their highly technical noise blasts. With 26 tracks in all, Sickening Bliss is one heck of a horror metal roller coaster ride, and such tracks as "Violent Necrophiliac Climax," "Battered With a Brick," and "Deterioration of Grated Genitals" are certain to top the hit singles charts any day now.
Rating: (3.5/5)
Greg Prato -
Gore-Grind to the max with the new album of Regurgitate. In this genre, bands most often opt for a weak and dusty production, but the last albums of Regurgitate show an exception on this rule. The production is hard and direct in your face with a Swedish Death Metal guitar sound played with a grindcore speed. The addition of blastbeats, and a mixture of screaming and puking vocals are the ingredients of 26 new sick grindcore tunes. 'Sickening Bliss' differs from the last album 'Deviant' because the puking vocals are back again. A good decision because these funny vocals in combination with song title like "Bathed In Feculence" or "Undying Lust for Cadaverous Molestation" every time mark a smile on my face (and give it the typical Regurgitate twist). If the early Carcass had a proper production back in the days it could be sounding like Regurgitate. 'Sickening Bliss' is just a filthy product but also has the energy and brutality in it that makes a grindcore album worth to check out. Maurice
Rating: (3.5/5)
Digital Metal -
Now, I'm not gonna say that I have the power to influence history and alter destiny. (If any of y'all want to say it, that's on you. If nominated, I will not run, and if elected, I will not serve.) I'll confine myself to remarking that I tore the last RGTE album a sleek new one on the basis of their trying to morph into a tight, pseudo-political grind band. That stuff is well and good, but not from my beloved, foul Regurgitate. From RGTE, I want shitty, shitty fun.
    Well, looky here: the new one has dropped, and it's all "feculence" this and "grated genitals" that, and the overall sound is syrupy and gross and it's well rad.
    Welcome back, guys.
    You're welcome, world.
Jeff Lamb
Streets Metal Webzine -
One has to give grind core artists credit for their grotesque sense of humor. At first glance the cover gives me associations of the happy, innocent days of the 50’s. But as I look closer I notice that what I first took for a new born baby is actually a pile of intestines. Some would find this provocative, unnecessary and vulgar. I laugh. Titles like "Excremental ingestment", "Deterioation of grated genitals" and "Undying lust for cadaverous molestation" give me a pretty good idea what to expect from the album. Lyrically Regurgitate dig deep into the subjects of pathology.
    They manage to speed through twenty-six songs in thirty-six minutes. The music is raw, intense and brutal! The growling has character and this makes the music stand out in a crowd. The lyrics also distinguish these guys from other grind core bands. Most grind core lyrics have political influences (ex: Napalm Death). Regurgitates lyrics have more in common with the lyrics of gore bands like Exhumed or Hemdale. The hardcore vocal has elements that make it similar to black metal screaming. This, to me, makes it less exhausting than, say, the more traditional hardcore vocals of Nasum.
    Having said this, I should add that this band doesn't exactly add anything new to the genre. To quote their homepage: "The songs on this album are, as always, grind core - we're not trying to re-invent the wheel here - but with some slow parts thrown in to keep things interesting".
Rating: (6/10)
Close-Up Magazine -
På fjärde albumet tar Stockholmskvartetten ett steg bort från det lite vassa soundet på 2003 års "Deviant". I stället närmar den sig debutens ljudbild och släpper lös en tromb av intensiv goregrind med attityd och förmåga som ytterst få akter besitter.
    Inledande "Abducens eminence" och efterföljande "Euphoric state of butchery" sätter mallen - här är det stenhårt sväng och gurglande gorerens som gäller. Men som vanligt skäms inte Regurgitate för att mangla lite utanför ramarna också, och detta är en anledning till att det ständigt känns aktuellt. Exempelvis låter " Addiction" som black metal, men följs raskt av tungt goresväng i "(We are) sadistic hateful scum" och föregås av av dödsosande hatmangel i "Devoured by ghouls".
    Så här låter goregrind när den är som absolut bäst.
Rating: (8/10)
Daniel Löfquist
Rhapsody -
Fans of Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, song titles we're not allowed to print, bestial gurgle vocals and walls of guitar chug are directed to this fine grindcore release courtesy of the Swedish dudes who practically wrote the infernal book on it all. Regurgitate represents good old-fashioned grindcore -- no pesky innovations here, just the tried-and-true references to necrophilia, the things that emerge from cysts, feces, vomit and feces. Not to mention overall technical mastery. "Bleed On Me," "Cavernous Sores" and "Violent Necrophiliac Climax" are all awesome.
Mike McGuirk
Walls of Fire - (German)
Regurgitate dürften mittlerweile jedem Anhänger gepflegten Grinds ein Begriff sein. Nicht ganz unschuldig daran dürften die zahlreichen Tourneen und die guten bis sehr guten Veröffentlichungen sein. Besonders aber das "Deviant" Album, mit dem sich die Kombo vom bloßen Gegurgel löste.
    Mit "Sickening Bliss" steht nun ein neues Album aus dem Hause Regurgitate in den Startlöchern. Darauf geben die Schweden 26 Songs zum Besten, bei denen, der an alte Carcass erinnernde Pfad konsequent weiterverfolgt und –entwickelt wurde. "Sickening Bliss" stellt jedoch noch eine gehörige Steigerung zu seinem Vorgänger dar. Die Songs sind noch fieser, der Sound ist noch besser und das Material ist eigenständiger als zuvor. Überhaupt hat das gesamte Songwriting einen ordentlichen Schub Qualität erhalten. Folglich haben wir es hier mit einer der besten "Mainstream" Grindscheiben dieses Jahres zu tun. Antesten ist Pflicht!
Babelfish translation:
Regurgitate might be meanwhile each trailer of maintained grinds a term. Completely innocently to it the numerous tours and the good to very good publications might not be. Particularly however the "Deviant" album, with which the Kombo separated from the bare Gegurgel.
    With "Sickening Bliss" stands now a new album from the house Regurgitate in the starting holes. Whereupon those give 26 Songs to the best one, with which, which was consistently further pursued and developed to old Carcass reminding path to Sweden. "Sickening Bliss" represents however still another due increase to its predecessor. The Songs is still more fieser, the sound is still better and the material is more independent than before. At all the entire Songwriting received a tidy thrust quality. Therefore we have to do it here with one the best "Mainstream" Grind albums of this year. Tests is obligation!

Burn Your Ears Webzine - (German)
REGURGITATE bleiben sowohl sich als auch dem Ruf ihres Labels als auch ihren Fans treu und servieren mit "Sickening Bliss" einen akustischen Hackbraten oberster Kajüte - mit einer Extraportion Abwechslung.
    Das Motto der nunmehr vierten Platte lautet in erster Linie: Grind ist Grind ist Grind - mit allem, was qua definitionem nun mal dazugehört: Ultraftiefe Kotz-Vocals im Wechsel mit infernalem Gekreisch, pornografisch-splatterige Ekel-Texte und Tacker-Drumming sowie fiese Gitarrenpower.
    Doch dieses Werk ist bei weitem keine stumpf und größtenteils unintelligent zusammengeschraubte Gore-Rille wie so viele andere, sondern bietet eine äußerst überzeugende Palette von akustischen Farbtupfern, die zum Teil anderen Metal-Sparten entliehen worden sind: Die Saitenarbeit wurde extrem variabel gestaltet und lässt hin und wieder richtig amtliche Death-Grooves aus dem Sack. So rockt „Sadistic Hateful Scum“ regelrecht mit schwedischem Endzeit-Vibe die Hütte, und das atmosphärische (sic!) „Addiction“ würde sogar einer Black Metal-Combo zur Ehre gereichen.
    Auf "Sickening Bliss" regiert der Hammer zwar gnadenlos aber mit Bedacht. Somit ist die Mucke für Gore-Altgediente angemessen angenehm konsumierbar und dürfte alle Erwartungen erfüllen, aber auch abwechslungsliebende Hörer aus dem Death-Metal-Sektor könnten hieran Gefallen finden. Zumindest muss nahezu perfekter Grind für mich genau so klingen, wie REGURGITATE ihn derzeit abliefern. Sick!
Rating: (8,5/10)
Babelfish translation:
REGURGITATE remain serving itself both and the call of their label and their fan faithfully and with "Sickening Bliss" an acoustic chopping roast of highest cabin - with an extra portion of alternation.
   The slogan that now fourth plate reads primarily: Grind is grind is grind - with everything that belongs to qua definitionem now times: Ultraftiefe Kotz Vocals in the change with infernalem Gekreisch, pornografisch splatterige disgust texts and Tacker Drumming as well as fiese guitar power.
    But this work is by far none blunt and to a large extent unintelligent screwed together Gore groove like so many different, but offers an extremely convincing pallet of acoustic Farbtupfern, which entliehen partially different Metal sections are: The string work was arranged extremely variable and leaves now and then correctly official Death Grooves from the bag. Thus "Sadistic Hateful Scum" rockt proper with Swedish end time Vibe the hut, and the atmospheric (sic!) "Addiction" would do even a Black Metal Combo in the honour.
    On "Sickening Bliss" governs the hammer merciless however with consideration. Thus the mood for Gore Altgediente is appropriately pleasantly consumable and might fulfill all expectations, in addition, alternation-loving listeners from the Death Metal sector could find hieran favours. At least almost perfect grind for me must sound exactly the same, as REGURGITATE deliver it at present. Crimp!

METALiUS Multizine - (German)
26 Songs, 36 Minuten und eine Menge Gore, Guts und kranke Texte. Alle, die schon bei Nuclear Blast-Bands an ihre Härtegrenzen stoßen, können eigentlich getrost zum nächsten Review springen, denn für die schwedischen REGURGITATE braucht ihr eine Hörerlaubnis mit dem Klassenaufdruck "Exhumed, Nasum oder höher". "Reborn In Latrinic Ecstasy" dürfte nämlich alle anderen zur schieren Verzweiflung treiben, auch wenn Groove-Monster der Marke "Cavernous Sores" kurz aufatmen lassen. Die ultra-gutturalen Vocals und die permanent aggressive Grundstimmung, gepaart mit drückenden Uptempo-Brechern im gehobenen Grind-Bereich treiben natürlich einerseits Fans von alten Carcass und Co. die Freudentränen in die Augen, andererseits allen anderen das Blut aus den Ohren. Allein schon der krasse Sound sowie das humorige Artwork sind den Kaufpreis der Scheibe eindeutig wert, die 26 Gore-Granaten sowieso! "26 tracks of noxious noise that is heavier than yo momma and catchier than her gonorrhea", dem ist absolut nichts hinzuzufügen...
Rating: (8/10)
Daniel Knoll
Babelfish translation:
26 Songs, 36 minutes and a quantity of Gore, property and ill texts. All, which already push with Nuclear Blast-bands to their hardness borders, can jump actually confidently to the next Review, because for the Swedish REGURGITATE you need a hearing permission with the class print "Exhumed, Nasum or more highly". "Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy" might drive all different to the almost despair, even if Groove monsters of the mark "Cavernous Sores" let draw a deep breath briefly. Those ultra gutturalen Vocals and the permanently aggressive basic tendency, paired with oppressive Uptempo crushers within the elevated Grind range drive naturally on the one hand fans of old Carcass and CO the joy tears into the eyes, on the other hand all different the blood from the ears. However already the glaring sound as well as the humorige Artwork are the purchase price of the disk clearly worth, the 26 Gore shells anyway! "26 TRACKS OF noxious noise is more heavier than yo momma and more catchier than ago gonorrhea", that is that absolutely nothing to add...

Westzeit - (German)
Gore as gore can. Die Schweden Regurgitate sind mit ihrem vierten Album am Start. Die Stücke sind in der Regel keine zwei Minuten lang und haben Titel, die sowohl die textliche, wie auch die atmosphärische Aussage detailliert vorwegnehmen: "Euphoric State Of Butchery", "We Are Sadistic Hateful Scum"oder "Excremental Ingestment". Auch im 16. Jahr bewahren sich Regurgitate den Spaß am Schmerz (der anderen).
Babelfish translation:
Gore as gore CAN. Sweden Regurgitate are with their fourth album at the start. The pieces are usually no two minutes long and have titles, both the text, as well as the atmospheric statement details to anticipate: "Euphoric State OF Butchery", "incoming goods of acres Sadistic Hateful Scum"oder "Excremental Ingestment". Also in 16th year Regurgitate the fun at the pain (the other one) retain themselves.

Metal Inside - (German)
Das vierte Album der schwedischen Grind-Veteranen REGURGITATE flatterte für mich etwas überraschend ins Haus, da die Band sich in letzter Zeit rar gemacht hat. Anscheinend haben sie die Zeit im Proberaum verbracht und insgesamt 26 neue Songs geschrieben, die zum Großteil höllisch brutales Geballer sind, wie es Grinder lieben werden. Anspieltips dafür sind das mit punkigem Riff ausgestattete "Tenderizing The Malformed" oder der klassische Grind-Song "Perish In Blood". Da wird gegrunzt, gekreischt, an der Gitarre gehackt, dass jedem Baller-Freak das Herz aufgeht. "Cavernous Sores" und "Addiction" gehen in eine andere Richtung, hier sind REGURGITATE im groovigen Mid Tempo unterwegs, was ihnen locker von der Hand geht und dem Hörer die benötigten Verschnaufpausen gibt, bevor die nächste wüste Attacke über ihn hereinbricht. Im direkten Vergleich mit ihren Landsmännern GADGET müssen sich die alten Herren aber mit dem zweiten Platz zufrieden geben, "The Funeral March" ist noch einen Tick besser. Für einen Spitzenplatz im diesjährigen Grind-Zirkus reicht "Sickening Bliss“" aber allemal, Grindheads können sich den Silberling bedenkenlos zulegen.
Lars Heitmann
Babelfish translation:
The fourth album Swedish Grind veterans the REGURGITATE fluttered for me somewhat surprisingly in the house, since those made itself volume lately RSR. Apparent they spent the time in the training room and wrote altogether 26 new Songs, which are to the majority hoellisch brutal Geballer, how Grinder will love it. Alluding tips for it are the "Tenderizing The Malformed" or the classical Grind Song "Perish In Blood". There it is gegrunzt, chopped gekreischt, at the guitar that each Baller Freak the heart comes up. "Cavernous Sores" and "Addiction" go into another direction, here are REGURGITATE in the groovigen Mid speed on the way, which goes to them loosely from the hand and to which listener gives the necessary Verschnaufpausen, before the next wild attack breaks over him. In the direct comparison with its compatriots GADGET the old gentlemen must give themselves one however with the second place contently, "The Funeral March" are still tick better. For a point place in the Grind circus of this year "Sickening Bliss" however always hands ", Grindheads can the Silberling heedlessly add itself.

Metal District Webzine - (German)
Die bekloppten Schweden sind wieder da, juhu! Und obwohl es REGURGITATE bereits seit 16 Jahren schaffen sich und den Grind der alten Schule vortrefflichst am Leben zu erhalten, hat man keine großen, finanziellen Erfolge nach zu weisen, aber ist das nicht gerade das essentielle am Grindcore?
    "Sickening Bliss", da bin ich mir ganz sicher, wird auch wieder nicht in den Charts auftauchen und es wird sich wohl kaum jemand um die Zensierung des Covers bemühen, da es sich einfach nicht lohnt. Dafür lohnt es sich für jeden Grinder und Extremmusik-Fan sich das nach unendlich vielen Demos und Splits erst fünfte Album von 'The True Regurgitate' zuzulegen. Auch oder gerade weil Sänger und Gründungsmitglied Rikard neben seinen Screams vermehrt auf Gruntz, die durch den Harmonizer gejagt wurden, zurückgreift, werden die Fans dieser Musikrichtung lieben. Und ihre Gegner hassen, aber das kann einem völlig egal sein, wenn man im lustigen Treiben eines Fleischtanzes vor der Bühne genüsslich die Fäuste und Ellbogen der Mitstreiter abknutscht.
    Anspieltipps gibt's eigentlich genügend. Ihr wollt Moshen? 'Reborn In Latrinic Ecstacy'! Ihr wollt Mitwippen? 'Putrid Serenity' – hat zwar etwas von Divine Empire, ist aber immer noch Grind. Ihr wollt Tanzen? 'Undying Lust for Cadaverous Molestation' wird Eurer Leidenschaft befriedigen! Ihr habt etwas gegen schwarzmetallisches Gedöns und braucht die passende Mucke dazu? Mit 'Addiction (an Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions)' könnt ihr die Claudi 666´s in Eurer Umghebung davon überzeugen, dass das die neue Marduk ist, hehe. Eventuell sprengt der extrem groovende Takt im folgenden '(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum' ihre steif gewordenen Becken und sie fangen wild das Lutschen an Euren Genitalien an. Aber das müsst Ihr schon selbst ausprobieren...
Rating: (9/10)
Babelfish translation:
Again there bekloppten Sweden are, juhu! And to receive although REGURGITATE already create themselves it for 16 years and the grind of the old school vortrefflichst alive, one does not have large to point after to financial success but is straight the not essential at the Grindcore?
   Of there I am completely safe "Sickening Bliss", also again not in the Charts will emerge myself and it probably hardly someone for censoring the Covers will not strive, since it is not worthwhile itself simply. But it is worth to add itself for each Grinder and extreme music fan only the album of 'The True Regurgitate', fifth after infinitely many demos and Splits. Also or straight because singers and initial member Rikard beside its Screams falls back increased to Gruntz, which were hunted by the Harmonizer, becomes the fans of this music direction loves. And their opponents hate, but that can be completely all the same one, if one abknutscht in merry driving of a meat dance before the stage genuesslich the fists and elbow of the fellow combatants.
   Anspieltipps gibt's actually sufficient. You want Moshen? ' Reborn in Latrinic Ecstacy '! You want Mitwippen? ' Putrid Serenity ' - something has from Divine Empire, is however still grind. You want dancing? ' Undying desire for Cadaverous mole station ' will satisfy your passion! You have something against black-metallic fuss and needs the suitable mood in addition? With ' Addiction (at Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions) ' can convince you the Claudi 666's into your Umghebung of it that that is the new Marduk, hehe. Possibly the extremely groovende clock in the following '(We are) Sadistic Hateful Scum' blows up their rigid basins and it become begins wildly Lut at your genital organs. But must try that you out...

Sweet Jane Music - (German)
Kann sich noch jemand an die frühen Platten der Metal-Heroen von Carcass erinnern? Dass selbst Nasum erklärte Fans dieser Band waren und sind, ist nicht erst seit der Gründung von Regurgitate eine bekennende Wahrheit. Eigentlich kein Wunder, so setzen sich Regurgitate doch aus ex-Mitgliedern von Nasum und Retaliation zusammen.
    Die musikalische Tagesordnung ist dem entsprechend eine uns sehr bekannte: Fast keiner der 26 hier vertretenen Songs kann die Marke von 120 Sekunden wohl behütet passieren. Man könnte fast meinen, das Grindcore-Quartett würde bei glatten 80 Sekunden immer feuchte Hände bekommen und einen jeden Song zum Abschluss bringen wollen. Die frühen Carcass kommen einem zu jeder Sekunde in den Sinn, auch verweist das vierte Album der schwedischen Grinder namens „ Sickening Bliss“ auf Bands wie Rotten Sound, Inhume und Exhumed.
    Ungemein schnelle im reinen Grind- Sektor beheimatete Songs wechseln sich mit sich zäh durch die Boxen pressenden Parts, die nur auf den rechten Moment zu warten scheinen, in dem sie wieder im Hochgeschwindigkeits-Tempo auf Hö chsttemperaturen gebracht werden. Die Vocals pendeln zwischen tiefen Growls und einem unbändigen Geschreie, das einen immer wieder die Fassung verlieren lässt.
    Für zart besaitete Gemüter ist „Sickening Bliss“ sicherlich zuviel des Guten, im Grindcore-Sektor als solchem ist "Sickening Bliss" mit seinen 26 intensiven Akten jedoch einer der bereits höchst ungeduldig erwarteten Kraftakte dieser Genre-Helden.
Rating: (4/6)
Dennis Grenzel
And another lame (but entertaining) Babelfish translation to english:
Still can someone remember the early plates of the Metal Heroen of Carcass? The fact that even Nasum were and are avowed fans these volumes is not only since the establishment of Regurgitate admitting truth. Actually, then Regurgitate consist no miracle nevertheless of ex members of Nasum and Retaliation.
    The musical agenda is that according to us much admitted: Nearly none of the 26 Songs represented here can pass the mark of 120 seconds probably protected. One could do nearly mine, the Grindcore quartet at smooth 80 seconds always damp hands would get and each Song to the conclusion to bring would want. The early Carcass comes one to each second into the sense, also the fourth album of the Swedish Grinder refers named "Sickening Bliss" to volume such as gangs sound, Inhume and Exhumed.
    Uncommonly snaps in the pure Grind sector resident Songs change themselves with toughly parts, which seem to wait only on right moment, pressing by the boxes, in which it back in the high-speed speed on maximum temperatures are brought. The Vocals oscillates between deep Growls and an unrestrained screams, which let the version lose again and again.
    For tenderly besaitete mind "Sickening Bliss" is surely too much the good one, in the Grindcore sector than such is "Sickening Bliss" with its 26 intensive documents however one already most impatiently expected force document of these category heroes.

Metalspheres Fanzine - (German)
Bei distanzierter Betrachtung geht das neue Regurgitate-Inferno eigentlich ganz gut als Popmucke durch. Ganz besonders die giftgrüne Hauptfarbe des Covers, die Blümchen rundherum sowie die liebreizend rosa gekleidete Hebamme, die scheinbar ein Kind in den Armen zu wiegen scheint, sind der Grund für diesen Eindruck. Die Schweden wären allerdings keine Goregrinder, wenn dieser Eindruck nicht täuschen sollte. Es handelt sich dabei nämlich um kein Kindlein, sondern viel eher um eine fette Ladung Eingeweide. Hm, dann ist doch alles wieder im Lot.
     Regurgitate bleiben ihrem Stil auch auf "Sickening Bliss" in jeder Beziehung, ebenso wie so viele andere Bands, treu und machen damit eigentlich nichts falsch, auch wenn den Hörer so nichts anderes erwartet, als es die guten Vorgänger bereits boten. Textlich geht es wie gewohnt räudig hoch drei zur Sache. Themen sind erwartungsgemäß diverse Splattergeschichten sowie das Anbringen verschiedenster und selbstverständlich ekelhafter Sexanekdoten. Das musikalische Spektrum der Band beschränkt sich ebenso standesgemäß auf knüppelnde sowie groovende Passagen - Mid- und Up-Tempo Parts halten sich übrigens hervorragend die Waage - und der Gesang präsentiert sich, wie nicht anders zu erwarten, mal wild kreischend, mal pervers gurgelnd. Typisch eben! Mehr kann ich dazu auch nicht sagen. Die Scheibe ist sehr ordentlich ausgefallen und für jeden Grinder einen Blindkauf wert, nur mit Überraschungen sollte man nicht rechnen, aber das möchte wohl auch keiner.
Rating: (n/a)
Babelfish translation:
During reserved view the new Regurgitate inferno goes through actually completely well as Popmucke. Completely particularly the poison-green main color of the Covers, the flowers approximately as well as those pink dressed midwife, who seems to weigh apparently a child in the arms, the reason for this impression is dear-attractive. Sweden would be however no Goregrinder, if this impression should not be deceptive. Thereby no child flax concerns, but much rather around a fat charge of entrails. TC, then is nevertheless everything again in the plumb bob.
    Regurgitate remain for their style also on "Sickening Bliss" in each relationship, just as so many other volume, faithfully and make thereby actually nothing wrongly even if so nothing different one expects the listener, than the good predecessors already offered it. Text it goes like used raeudig highly three to the thing. Topics are as expected various Splattergeschichten as well as the attachment most diverse and naturally disgusting Sexanekdoten. The musical spectrum that volume is limited just as according to rank to knueppelnde as well as groovende passages - Mid and UP speed parts keep themselves the balance by the way outstanding - and the singing presents itself not to expect like differently times wildly kreischend, times by verse gurgelnd. Typically evenly! I cannot say more to it also. The disk failed very properly and for each Grinder a blind purchase worth, only on surprises should not not count one, but that would like probably none. - (German)
All-Star Bands haben es immer recht schwer. Während im Death-Metal Bereich z.B. Bloodbath wenigstens die Lager in Pro und Contra teilen, kommt im Black Metal häufig nur Müll dabei raus. Als eine Art All-Star Band im Bereich des Grindcores könnte man die Schweden REGURGITATE bezeichnen, tauchen in der Bandhistorie Namen wie Nasum, Centinex oder Thy Primordial auf. Auch wenn die Schweden innerhalb ihres Genres einen gewissen Ruf haben, so ist die allgemeine Außenwirkung eher gleich Null.
    ''Sickening Bliss'' wird an diesem Fakt sicherlich nicht wirklich viel ändern, aber die 26 Dampfhammer haben es derartig in sich, dass der eine oder andere klassische Death-Metal-Hörer dieser CD seine ungeteilte Aufmerksamkeit schenken wird. Die Abrissbirne fängt beim ersten Track des Albums an zu schwingen und innerhalb der weiteren Spielzeit gibt es auch keine Pause, so dass die Wirkung nach Beendigung des Durchlaufs anhält. Wüstes Gurgeln trifft auf rasende Gitarren, die wiederum vor einer wütenden Drum-Maschinerie agieren. Obwohl sich die beteiligten Musiker hier anscheinend nur austoben wollen, bleiben die Strukturen jederzeit erhalten und auch immer nachvollziehbar. Allerdings hat das Toben an einigen Stellen der Scheibe den Nachteil, dass das Schlagzeug ein wenig zu sehr in den Hintergrund gedrückt wird.
    Aber sonst ist alles eitel Sonnenschein. Eine kräftige Produktion steigert die Spielfreude der Akteure scheinbar noch, sodass man nur von dem besten bisher erscheinenden Album von REGURGITATE sprechen kann.
    Wer muss ''Sickening Bliss'' nun haben? Angesprochen sollte sich hier auf jeden Fall die fühlen, die Nasum vermissen, Rotten Sound bevorzugen oder Carcass auch nicht abgeneigt sind. Ach ja, was die All-Star Qualität anbelangt, so funktioniert das hier doch prima!
    Fazit: Sicher kein Goregrind für die Ewigkeit, aber ein Nackenbrecher mit Langzeitwirkung!
Rating: (8/10)
Thomas Schönbeck
Babelfish translation:
All star of volume have it always quite heavily. While in the Death Metal e.g. Bloodbath divide range at least the camps into pros and cons, comes in the Black Metal frequently only garbage thereby raus. When a kind all star volume within the range of the Grindcores one could designate Sweden REGURGITATE, emerges in volume history name such as Nasum, Centinex or Thy primordial. Even if those have Sweden within its category a certain call, then the general external effect is rather alike to zero.
   "Sickening Bliss" will change surely not really much in this fact, but will have the 26 steam hammer it so in itself that or other classical Death Metal listener of these CD will give its undivided attention. The outline pear begins to swing with the first TRACK of the album and within the further play time gives it also no break, so that the effect continues after completion of the run. Wild Gurgeln meets racing guitars, which act again before a furious Drum machinery. Although the musicians involved want to here apparent only out-rave themselves, the structures remain and at any time also always comprehensibly. However raving in some places of the disk has the disadvantage that the drums is pressed a little too much into the background.
    But otherwise everything is vain sunshine. A strong production increases the play joy of the participants apparently still, so that one can only of the best appearing album of REGURGITATE speak.
   Who must have ' ' Sickening Bliss '' now? Here in any case those should feel addressed, which misses Nasum, gangs sound to prefer or Carcass is also not averse. Oh, which concerns the all star quality, then that functions here nevertheless great! Result: Surely no Goregrind for the eternity, but a neck crusher with long-term effect! - (German)
Da hab ich doch endlich mal eine CD mit Mehrwert in der Hand! Die meisten Alben eignen sich gerade mal dazu, sie in den Schlund des CD-Players zu legen, Start zu drücken und dem Hörgenuss zu erliegen. Aber dieses Teil hier kann viel mehr.
    Man stelle sich folgendes Szenario vor: Sonntagmorgen. Du liegst verkatert im Bett, der Kopf dröhnt und das Zimmer dreht sich. Dann: Ein Klingeln an der Tür, nach dem Öffnen will dir ein sympathischer junger Herr zum Seelenfrieden verhelfen. Klar, das Zauberwort heißt 'Zeuge Jehova'. Wenn ein solcher Erlösungs-Vertreter hinter dem geöffneten Türspalt Ohrenzeuge dessen wird, was Regurgitate veranstalten, wird er es sich zweimal überlegen, ob du würdig bist, das Himmelsreich zu betreten, und deine Türmatte fluchtartigst verlassen.
    Ich wette, dass auch jedem unliebsamen Besuch die Lust auf Kaffee und Kuchen vergeht, wenn das gemütliche Beisammensitzen von diversen Flatulenz- und Rülpsgeräuschen untermalt ist. Dieses Gedankenspiel kann man natü rlich beliebig weiterführen, wobei ich bin über die Zusendung eurer fiktiven Geschichten oder aber wirklicher Erlebnisse dankbar bin.
    Was Regurgitate angeht: Metzger, Leichenfledderer, Liebhaber von Einläufen und Gastroskopien sowie sämtliche Fetischisten sollten ihre helle Freude an dem Teil haben – und natürlich Liebhaber des gepflegten und deftigen Grindcores. Denn deftig geht es hier zweifellos zur Sache. Diesbezüglich darf man sich vom lieblichen Intro nicht tä uschen lassen, in dem unschuldige Vöglein zwitschern. Denn nach einem erschreckten Damengekreische wechseln sich am Mikro ein gedämpftes Gurgeln, Grunzen und Rülpsen mit zwischenzeitigem Geschrei ab.
    Dahinter dreschen die Musiker einfach frisch und lustig auf ihre Instrumente ein und schaffen eine – ähem – interessante Geräuschkulisse, die sich mal im Midtempo bewegt, um dann mal wieder einen Zahn zu zulegen. Länger betrachten sollte man übrigens das Cover, das auf den ersten Blick ebenso harmlos wirkt wie das Intro. Was die adrett gekleidete Dame da liebevoll in ihren Armen hält, hört in der Redaktion auf den Namen 'Gedärmbaby' und hat Kollegen Cordas schon mal beim morgendlichen Kaffee überrascht.
    Allzu viel Abwechslung bringt das bekanntlich nicht, aber wer erwartet das schon. Denn "Sickening Bliss" groovt stellenweise ganz mächtig, die restliche Zeit gibt es einfach gehörig auf die Löffel. Na dann, Prost Mahlzeit!
Rating: (3/5)
Michaela Putz
Babelfish translation:
There have I nevertheless finally times CD with increase in value in the hand! Most albums are suitable straight times for it, them in to put the throat of the CD Players to press start and to the hearing benefit succumb. But this part here can do much more.
   One imagines the following scenario: Sunday morning. You lie verkatert in bed, the head roar and the room turns. Then: Ringing at the door, after opening wants you a pleasant young gentleman to the soul peace help. Clearly, the magic word is called a ' witness Jehova '. If such a release representative behind the opened does if an ear witness its rspalt becomes, which Regurgitate organize, it becomes it twice superior, whether you are worthy, that Sky realm too enter, and your tuermatte fluchtartigst leave.
   I bet that also each unpleasant attendance the desire on coffee and cake passes, if the cosy Sit together from various Flatulenz ones and Ruelpsgeraeu are under. One knows this thought play natue resume rlich at will, whereby I am over the forwarding of your fictitious stories or however real experiences are grateful.
   Which concerns Regurgitate: Butcher, Leichenfledderer, lover of intakes and Gastroskopien as well as all Fetischisten should enjoy their bright the part - and naturally lovers of the maintained and deftigen Grindcores. Because deftig it goes here certainly to the thing. In this connection one may not do itself of the lovely Intro taeuschen leave, in that innocent small birds twitter. Because after frightened Damengekrei changes itself at the micro an absorbed Gurgeln, Grunzen and a Ruelpsen with between-early shouting off.
   Behind it the musicians simply freshly and merrily thresh on their instruments and create one - aehem - interesting Noise window blind, which moves times in the Midtempo, in order to then add times again a tooth. Regard longer one should by the way the Cover, which works at first sight just as harmlessly as the Intro. Which adrett dressed Lady in its arms keeps there affectionate, hears in the editorship on the name ' Gedaermbaby ' and has colleague Cordas already times with the morning coffee surprises.
   All too much alternation does not bring that as well known, but who expects that already. Because "Sickening Bliss" groovt completely in parts powerfully, the remaining time gives it simply duly on the spoons. Well then, Prost meal!

Vampster -
Wenn dir einer auf den Sack geht, dann lass ihn einfach links liegen, es lohnt sich sowieso nicht gegen ihn zu wettern. Quatsch, natürlich tut es das. Also hau dem verdammten Pisser auf´s Maul, bis er Blut spuckt. So wie es REGURGITATE auf ihrem neuen Streich tun. Denn obwohl die Band schon seit mehr als 16 Jahren existiert, haben sie noch immer viel zu sagen. Das ist zwar nicht jugendfrei, aber schön, dass sie sich durch ihr Geballer noch immer einen Ausgleich schaffen und sich austoben können.
   Und was soll ich sagen, "Sickening Bliss" steht seinem Vorgänger "Deviant" in nichts nach. Immer noch wird der derbste, widerlichste Grindcore der alten Schule geboten, den man irgendwo finden kann. Hier herrschen die schön punkig-crustigen Riffs, die Gitarrist Urban Skytt so wunderbar schreibt, hier gibt es das grobe, simple Uptempo-Drumming vom guten Jocke, der wie immer auch sehr gerne blastet, dass die Schwarte kracht. Ohne Gründungsmitglied und Sänger Rikard ginge natürlich nichts, doch statt nur zu kreischen jagt er seine Vocals auch gerne durch den Harmonizer, viel mehr als auf den Alben zuvor. Eigentlich bin ich davon kein großer Fan, aber zu REGURGITATE passt das wie die Faust aufs Auge, das kommt unbeschreiblich dreckig und widerlich.
   Und ja, sie haben an sich gearbeitet, selbst wenn die Fortschritte nur geringer Natur sind. Das schwedische Quartett lässt hier und da Atmosphäre einfließen, die Geschwindigkeit wird zugunsten der D üsternis gedrosselt, wie der morbide Anfang von "Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy" oder das Zwischenstück " Addiction (an Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions)" zeigen. Ansonsten sind REGURGITATE stark wie eh und je, das Quartett steht weniger für Überraschungen als für Qualität. Klar, man könnte sich auch einfach noch mal "Deviant" anhören, aber Killer wie "(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum" oder "Battered with a Brick", das wirklich genauso klingt wie es heißt, würde man schmerzlich vermissen.
   Fassen wir kurz zusammen: Nein, REGURGITATE bieten auch auf "Sickening Bliss" nichts Neues. Ja, die Scheibe ist geil. Und wie. Außerdem ist sie verdammt morbide, das genial-ätzende Artwork könnte den Hö rer nicht besser vorwarnen. Ja, "Sickening Bliss" ist abwechslungsreich, brutal, schnell, groovy und einfallsreich und steht dem Vorgänger in nichts nach. Zum alten Eisen gehören REGURGITATE also noch lange nicht, mit den jungen Wilden wie GADGET und WATCHMAKER kann die Scheibe dann doch nicht ganz mithalten. Aber dann wären sie ja auch die totalen Übermeister. Grindfanatiker der alten Schule muss man jedoch – sofern sie sich weigern – zum Kauf prügeln. Genau.
Captain Chaos
Babelfish translation:
If one goes to you on the bag, then let it simply left lie, it is worthwhile oneself anyway not against it to rant. Rubbish, naturally does it that. Thus strike to the condemned Pisser auf's muzzle, until he spits blood. As it REGURGITATE on their new caper do. Because although those already exists to volume for more than 16 years, they have to say still much. That is not youth-free, but beautiful that they can create themselves by their Geballer still a reconciliation and out-rave themselves.
   And which I am to say, to "Sickening Bliss" am inferior its predecessor "Deviant" in nothing. Still the crudest, is ordered widerlichste Grindcore of the old school which one can find somewhere. Here beautifully punkig crustigen reef, the guitarist Urban Skytt prevail so marvelously write, here give it the rough, simple Uptempo Drumming of the good Jocke, which blastet like always also very gladly that the schwarte cracks. Without initial member and singer Rikard naturally nothing would go, but instead of only to kreischen he hunts his Vocals also gladly by the Harmonizer, for much more than before on the albums. Actually I am of it no large fan, but too REGURGITATE fits like the fist on the eye, comes indescribably dirty and widerlich.
   And, they actually worked, even if the progress of only small nature is. The Swedish quartet lets flow here and there atmosphere, the speed in favor of the Duesternis is throttled, as the morbide beginning of " Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy" or the distance piece "Addiction (at Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions) points". Otherwise REGURGITATE are strongly as always, the quartet stand less for surprises than for quality. Clearly, one could sound oneself also simply still times "Deviant", but killers like "(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum" or "Battered with a Brick", which sounds really exactly the same like it means, one painfully would miss.
   We summarize briefly: No, REGURGITATE do not offer also on "Sickening Bliss" anything new. Yes, the disk is geil. And how. In addition is it condemns morbide, which could not forewarn ingenious-corrosive Artwork the listener better. Yes, "Sickening Bliss" is variedly, brutally, fast, groovy and imaginatively and is inferior to the predecessor in nothing. To the old iron REGURGITATE do not belong thus still for a long time, with which young wild ones as GADGET and WATCHMAKER the disk can keep up then nevertheless not completely. But then they would be also the total over masters. Grindfanatiker of the old school one must however - if they refuse - to the purchase to flog. Exactly.

Metal Impact - (French)
REGURGITATE est un groupe Suédois fondé en 1990, qui pour la petite histoire a enregistré une première démo de 2 minutes (!!!), et a effectué un premier concert à deux musiciens et une boite à rythmes (bonjour MORTICIAN…). Ils réalisent en 1992, 1993 et 1994 trois split singles (avec VAGINAL MASSAKER, PSYCHOTIC NOISE ET GRUDGE), puis un split cd avec DEAD en 1994. Ils partagent depuis leur production discographique entre split singles et Cd longue durée, dont le fameux Carnivorous Erection en 2000. Octobre 2006 verra la sortie US et Européenne du dernier méfait en date de Regurgitate Sickening Bliss, bien que le terme « nouveau » ai du mal à s’appliquer à une formation aussi extrême. L’énoncé des titres suffirait à faire fuir l’acheteur venu ici par hasard au détour d’une chronique. En effet, comment se mé prendre sur des œuvres à l’emballage littéraire si explicite : « Renaissance dans l’extase des latrines », « Ingestion d’excréments », ou bien « Hystérectomie à la scie a métaux ». Peut on pour autant reprocher à REGURGITATE leur goût pour la plaisanterie grasse facile ? A la vue de leur pochette, on pense à AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, à la vue de leurs titres, à un mélange entre MORTICIAN et le CANNIBAL CORPSE des débuts. Et si on se décide malgré tous ces éléments à mettre le cd dans la platine, aucune erreur possible, il s’agit une fois de plus d’une énième resucée de Symphonies Of Sickness de CARCASS.
    Alors, pour l’amour de l’art ou juste la nostalgie, on leur reconnaîtra un certain sens des riffs sur « Defile », une bonne inspiration early NAPALM DEATH sur « Excrement Ingestment » et un certain sens du tempo bien lourd sur « (We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum ». Sans oublier bien sur, un son énorme, basses en avant, indispensable à ce genre de productions. Mais tout cela fait il avancer le schmilblick ?? Pas vraiment, le gore-grind de ces furieux reste en dé finitive très imperméable à toute innovation, et à l’instar de MORTICIAN ou SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, seul le fanatique se laissera amadouer par cette nouvelle débauche de blast-beats et de régurgitation vocale.
    En somme, un album qu’on écoute d’une traite, qu’on range et qu’on ressort un soir de pleine lune, pour effrayer quelques jolies demoiselles arrivées par hasard, ce qui achèvera de les convaincre que la vie r éserve par fois de bien étranges cauchemars sonores...
Rating: (2.5/5)
Babelfish translation:
REGURGITATE is a founded Swedish group in 1990, which for the small history recorded first a 2 (!!!), minutes demonstration and carried out a first concert with two musicians and one limps at rates/rhythms ( hello MORTICIAN...). They realize in 1992, 1993 and 1994 three Split individual (with VAGINAL MASSAKER, PSYCHOTIC NOISE AND GRUDGE), then Split Cd with DEAD in 1994. They divide since their discographic production between Split individual and Cd long duration, of which famous Carnivorous Erection in 2000. October 2006 will see the US and European exit last misdeed in date of Regurgitate Sickening Bliss, although the "new" term have evil to apply to such an extreme formation. The statement of the titles would be enough to make flee the purchaser come here by chance with the turning to a chronicle. Indeed, how to mistake on?uvres with so explicit literary packing: "Rebirth in the extase of the latrines", "Ingestion of excrements", or "Hystérectomie with hacksaw". One for as much reproaching REGURGITATE can their taste for the easy fatty joke? At the sight of their small pocket, one thinks of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, the sight of their titles, a mixture between MORTICIAN and CANNIBAL CORPSE of the beginnings. And if one decides despite everything these elements to put Cd in the turntable, no possible error, it acts once more of one énième resucée of Symphonies Of Sickness of CARCASS.
    Then, for the love of art or right nostalgia, one will recognize a certain direction of the riffs on "Defile", a good inspiration early NAPALM DEATH on "Excrement Ingestment" and a certain direction of the quite heavy tempo to them on "(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum". Without forgetting well on, an enormous, ahead low, essential sound with this kind of productions. But all that made it advance the schmilblick?? Not really, the gore-grind of these furious very impermeable remainder ultimately to any innovation, and like MORTICIAN or SUBLIMATE CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, only the fanatic will let himself persuade by this new vice of blast-beats and vocal regurgitation.
    All things considered, an album that one listens of a draft, which one arranges and that one arises one evening of full moon, to frighten some pretty young ladies made by chance, which will complete to convince them that the life holds by time of quite strange sound nightmares... - (French)
Le quatrième album des suédois de Regurgitate est bientôt dans les bacs (le 23 octobre 2006 en ce qui concerne l’Europe), alors prenez garde car je peux vous garantir (pardonnez moi l’expression) que ça va « dégueuler dans tous les sens ».
    Ne vous laissez pas leurrer par le chant des petits oiseaux de l’intro. Regurgitate remet vite les pendules à l’heure. Ca va saigner !! Et ce durant 26 titres aux durées évidemment typiquement grindcore. Quand je parlais précédemment de « dégueuler », il suffit d’entendre la voix du chanteur pour comprendre de quoi je parle. Tout est ultra lourd et dérangé (de l’essence même des compos jusqu’à leur titres). Le groupe exprime ici ses perversions et attise l’auditeur dans sa dépravation la plus profonde. Enfin, côté artwork ça reste évidemment dans l’esprit du contenu et, derrière la couleur « vert fluo » qui attire directement l’œil, se révèle un aspect gore inéluctable.
    Regurgitate ne sort pas des sentiers battus en matière de grind mais cet album « Sickening Bliss » devrait ravir tous les fans du genre puisqu’il s’accompagne d’une très bonne production qui le différencie de bon nombre d’enregistrements de ses congénères. En outre, 36 minutes de grind c’est carrément honnête voir même généreux de la part du groupe !
Rating: (6.5/10)
And a Babelfish translation to english:
The fourth album of Swedish of Regurgitate is soon in the vats (on October 23, 2006 with regard to Europe), then take guard because I can guarantee to you (forgive me the expression) that that goes "dégueuler in all the directions".
    You do not let delude by the song with the small birds with the intro. Regurgitate quickly gives the pendulums per hour. Ca will bleed!! And this during 26 titles at the durations obviously typically grindcore. When I spoke previously about "dégueuler", it is enough to hear the voice of the singer to include/ understand what I speak. All ultra heavy and is disturbed (of the gasoline even of the compos to their titles). The group expresses its perversions here and pokes the listener in his major depravity. Lastly, side artwork that remains obviously in the spirit of the contents and, behind the color "green fluo" which attracts the?il directly, appears an inescapable aspect gore.
    Regurgitate does not leave the paths beaten as regards grind but this album "Sickening Bliss" should charm all the fans of the kind since it is accompanied by a very good production which differentiates it from considerable recordings of its congeneric. Moreover, 36 minutes of grind it is straightforwardly honest to see even generous on behalf of the group!

Tuberculosis - (Czech - no idea what it says... but we get a 10)
Na nový kousek švédských krvavých bohu Regurgitate jsem se tešil jako malý kluk, který ceká až dostane k narozeninám peknou hracku. Muj obdiv má každá deska, protože se od sebe velmi liší, ale presto si zachovávají dokonalou osobitost stylu. Tentokrát mám však pocit, jako by se Regurgitate dokonale našli. Grindcoristky a grindcoristé – predstavuji vám Sickening Bliss, tedy Chorobnou blaženost. Regurgitate nám po trech letech úmorného cekání pripravili vskutku mohutnou krvavou flákotu se kterou se malinko vracejí do svých raných casu. 25 ruzne dlouhých a ruzne složitých nahrávek oplývá stejne autentickými melodiemi, jako za casu famózního debutu Efforthless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood. Opet rádne brutální intro, které však nepostrádá vkus a dá se dobre poslouchat, narozdíl od té zvracecky v debutu. V bleskovém tempu se na me vyvalila hitovka Abducens Eminence a já blahem slintám. Regurgitate jsou zpátky a dokonale drtí vše živé. Predchozí album Deviant byla vynikající crustová smršt, jejíž zvuk z Mieszkova Soundlabu (RIP) doslova zabíjel a vrískot Rikarda nemel obdoby. Oproti tomu Sickening Bliss je návrat do gore grindových vod se silným odkazem legendárních Carcass. To je presne to, na co jsem se ty roky tešil! Kdo mel obavy, že po smrti tak osobitého producenta Regurgitate nedokáží vytvorit solidní zvuk, jeho obavy byly naprosto zbytecné. Zvuk je hodne old school, ale je razantní jako n álož dynamitu. Nejúžasnejší je, že na albu nenaleznete slabý clánek, každá skladba perfektne zapadá do brutální skládacky a Vy se mužete oddávat slastným chorobným poslechovým orgiím. Deska má také dokonalý obal, který dokresluje brutálnost desky. Prohlédnout ve vetším rozlišení si jej mužete na adrese Kdybych mel vybrat nejakou oblíbenou skladbu, tak je to jednak již zmínená Abducens Eminence nebo brutální Battered With a Brick. Dlouho byla moje srdcovka predchozí deska Deviant, ale Sickening Bliss je fatální konkurence.
Rating: (10/10)
NederMetaal -
Regurgitate brengt ons hun vierde album onder de schattige titel "Sickening Bliss". Deze Zweedse grindcore-maniakken gaan alweer enkele jaren mee en brengen goregrind zoals het hoort; kort, razend, smerig en goor. Ik vraag me af waar de heren hun boodschappen doen, want het motto 'Geen fratsen, dat scheelt' is in ieder geval op hun muziek van toepassing.
    Laat ik er geen doekjes om heen winden, goregrind is best lekker op zijn tijd maar dit is geen muziek die ik iedere dag kan luisteren. Daar is het simpelweg te monotoon voor mijn gevoel voor. Regurgitate brengt af en toe best wat afwisseling in hun muziek, maar door de rauwe productie valt in de blastbeats alle nuance weg. Ja, ik weet dat dat hoort bij smerige goregrind en dat kan ik ook best waarderen. Toch merk ik dat ik juist de nummers waarin ze wat catchier te werk gaan en wat meer death metal klinken beter trek, zoals "Reborn In Latrinic Ecstasy" of "Battered With A Brick". Daarin laten ze net even iets meer afwisseling horen dan in de rest van hun materiaal.
    Muzikaal zit het dus an sich wel snor, zeker voor de fans. Geluidstechnisch klinkt het redelijk, ik kan me herinneren dat een van hun vorige platen onder de aandoenlijke titel "Carnivorous Erection" (voorganger "Deviant" ken ik persoonlijk niet) beter klonk. Die was dan ook opgenomen onder de leiding van Mieszko Talarczyk (voormalig frontman van Nasum en slachtoffer van de welbekende tsunami krap 2 jaar geleden, RIP). De bassdrums zijn moeilijk hoorbaar, de zang is overduidelijk met diverse effecten doordrenkt en de gitaren brullen en razen als zijnde een kettingzaag tijdens het openwerken van een varken (M/V) in het midden van zijn/haar dagelijkse modderbad.
    Concluderend: ik trek dit best, hoewel ik wel de voorkeur aan wat ontwikkelder bands binnen het grind- genre geef (denk aan Nasum, Rotten Sound, Cephalic Carnage etc.) Voor de echte gore grind-maniakken is dit echter smullen geblazen! Relapse Records geeft nog wel te kennen dat er geen kotszakjes bij de aanschaf van dit album komen, jullie zijn dus gewaarschuwd. Rating: 70 punten, met wat bloedvlekken zelfs wel 78.
Stalker Magazine -
Das vierte Album der Schweden von Regurgitate bietet ganze 26 Songs, von denen der längste aber gerade mal knapp drei Minuten lang ist. Alle anderen Tracks bewegen sich im Bereich um 60 Sekunden und genau das ist auch das Problem an dieser Scheibe. Die Songs sind zwar recht abwechslungsreich gestaltet, aber durch deren Kürze fällt es schwer, sich richtig davon begeistern zu lassen. Gerade wenn man sich in das Lied hineingefunden hat, ist es auch schon wieder vorbei.
    Nichtsdestotrotz bietet "Sickening Bliss" guten Grindcore, der leider in den einzelnen Titeln nicht richtig zuende gedacht wird. Für Fans von Platten mit einem Gesamtkonzept, das man einem Zug durchhören muss, zu empfehlen. Jeder, der sich aber auf einem Album gern mal einen Lieblingssong aussucht, sollte sich diesen Kauf gut überlegen.
Sandra Eichhorn
Babelfish translation:
The fourth album that Sweden von Regurgitate offers whole 26 Songs, from which is longest however straight times scarcely three minutes long. All other tracks lie within the range by 60 seconds and exactly that are also the problem at this disk. The Songs is arranged quite varied, but by their shortness it falls heavily to be able to be become enthusiastic correctly of it. Straight one in-found itself if one into the song, is it already again past.
    Nothing the defiance offers to good Grindcore, which is not thought unfortunately in the individual titles correctly to the end "Sickening Bliss". For fans of plates with a total concept, which one must through-hear a course to recommend. Everyone, which selects itself however on an album gladly times a Lieblingssong, should consider itself this purchase well. -
"Sickening Bliss" oozes atrocious audio-bile from every orifice. Dat weet een mens dan ook alweer. Nochtans is er zeker veel van waar, want de goregrind die het lieflijk genaamde Regurgitate pleegt los te laten op de nietsvermoedende mensheid is van een hoog niveau, evenals het bloed, ingewanden en doorsnee smerigheid die de band met veel plezier in de teksten gooit. Het is met andere woorden weer tijd om die roestige hakbijl van de muur te halen, de kettingzaag te smeren en de beulskap op het hoofd te zetten, want met dit album is het grinden, blasten en vooral scheuren geblazen.
    Zoals het een rasechte grindband betaamt heeft Regurgitate nog niet gek veel volledige albums op het conto staan. Met 'Sickening Bliss' erbij staat de teller op vier, hoewel de band uiteraard veel meer heeft uitgebracht via split-cd's en allerhande obscure 7" schijfjes. Aan de ferociteit van Regurgitate te oordelen is het meer dan duidelijk dat ze goede vriendjes waren met het ter ziele gegane Nasum: dezelfde no nonsense-aanpak met soms haast ridicule snelheden maar zonder ooit de song uit het oog te verliezen. Gitarist Urban Skytt speelde trouwens ook in Nasum, maar in dit collectief laat hij zich van zijn smerigste kant zien. De nummers halen vaak de kaap van de twee minuten niet en de gemiddelde speelduur ligt zelfs onder de zestig seconden. Langer zou trouwens niet uit te houden zijn, aan de intensiteit waarmee dit gebracht wordt. De ritmepartijen ratelen welhaast onophoudelijk, terwijl er gitaargewijs idioot snel wordt doorgeragd. De zang – voor zover men nog van zang kan spreken – varieert tussen onaards, onverstaanbaar diep en al even onaards schril: de perfecte grindcore mix dus. Dat Regurgitate opkijkt naar het vroege Carcass blijkt helemaal uit de even zieke als hilarische songtitels. 'Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy', 'Undying Lust for Cadaveric Molestation' of 'Deterioration of Grated Genitals'; het is slechts een kleine greep uit het aanbod. Extra aandacht mag gerust uitgaan naar de hoes, die ogenschijnlijk bijzonder zachtaardig lijkt te zijn (een moeder knuffelt haar baby), tot deze van naderbij wordt bekeken (de baby blijkt een bundel ingewanden te zijn).
    Wie met graagte de uitdrukkingen 'hard', 'snel' en 'vunzig tot op het bot' hoort komen, zal zich vrolijk rondwentelen in de explosie van rottende karkassen die 'Sickening Bliss' is. De meeste grindbands zijn politiek bewust, Regurgitate is goor bewust. Moge de darmen nog lang tegen het behang vliegen.
Rating: (3.5/5)
Guy Van Campenhout
Babelfish translation:
"Sickening Bliss" oozes atrocious audio-bile from every orifice. That weet people thus again. However much there are certain of leave separately where, because the goregrind which commit lieflijk the Regurgitate called on unsuspecting humanity are of a high level, as well as the blood, ingewanden and average smerigheid which the link with much pleasure in the texts throws. It is in other words time that rusty obtain hakbijl of the wall, lubricate the collar saw and the beulskap on the head because to put, it has been blown with this album gravels, at and especially cracks.
     Such as the a purebred gravel link becomes Regurgitate have crazily much not yet complete albums on the conto stand. With ' Sickening Bliss ' the meter on four stands, although the link has brought out of course much more by means of split-cd's and all kinds of obscure 7 discs. To the ferociteit of Regurgitate is judge it more than clearly that they were good vriendjes with for the ziele the gone Nasum: the same no nonsense-aanpak with sometimes hurry themselves ridicule speeds but ever losing sight of the song. Gitarist Urban Skytt played as a matter of fact also in Nasum, but in this collective he shows of its most sordid side. The numbers do not obtain frequently the cape of the two minutes and the average speelduur even lies under the sixty seconden. Longer as a matter of fact be to endure, to the intensity with which this is brought. The rhythm parties rattle welhaast continuous, whereas there gitaargewijs idiot fast doorgeragd become. Already even onaards vary the song - as far as one can speak still of song - stridently between onaards, unintelligible diep and: the perfect grindcore mix therefore. That Regurgitate is surprised to the early Carcass becomes clear entirely from the even patient as hilarische songtitels. ' Reborn in Latrinic Ecstasy ', ' Undying lust for Cadaveric Molestation ' or ' Deterioration of Grated genital '; it only a small seizure from the offer is. Extra attention can go out rested to the cover, which apparently particular good- natured seems be (a mother cuddles to its baby), until these of closer are examined (the baby proves be a cord ingewanden).
    He who with graagte ' hard ', ' fast ' and ' mustily on the bone ' hears the expressions reach, itself lively rondwentelen in the explosion of putrescent carcasses which ' Sickening Bliss ' are. Most of the gravel link is politically aware, Regurgitate are goor aware. The bowels should fly still long against the behang.