Reviews - Carnivorous Erection (CD 2000)

Kerrang - 2001
Spectacularly unpleasant rumblings from Relapse Records
Following in the footsteps of the utterly incredible Nasum, whose 'Human 2.0' album was one of last year's highlights, Regurgitate are another truly awesome grindcore band from the Relapse stable, and 'Carnivorous Erection' is an absolute triumph. Fans of Repulsion and early Napalm Death will wank themselves into a frenzy over this little gem, and not just because these 38 tracks will do irreparable damage to your eardrums. With one of the most inspired album covers I've ever seen and a production job which will ask some pretty stern questions about what your hi-fi system can really cope with, this album f**king destroys. Highlights include 'Ruptured Remains in a Doggybag' and 'Smeared with Bloodmixed Semen'. I rest my case. (4/5)
Dom Lawson
Svenska Dagbladet - 2001-05-25
Så här ska brutal death metal låta. Svenska Regurgitate bjuder på en dryg halvtimme av mangel, råös och så bisarra texter att de får Dean Koontz att framstå som en barnboksförfattare. 38 låtar avverkas på plattan i ett rasande tempo, och de håller riktigt hög klass. Regurgitate, som har lirat sedan början av 90-talet, kan vara Sveriges bästa dödsmetallband just nu. (4/5)
Henrik Kolbjer
Dark Wave Radio / Web zine - 2001
Are they human ? I don't know 'cause after the listening of this excellent new album, you ask yourself how can they propose such music ! I was really satisfied by the re-release of their cult debut CD "Effortless Regurgitation..." by Relapse and finally, Regurgitate is back with a killer CD. Imagine the brutality of old Carcass mixed with the same sound than Exhumed and with some Repulsion touches, aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh, this new album is really killer, I repeat. Songs like "Just Another Stillborn" show that Regurgitate is now one of the best grind acts. Horror, blood and cannibalism, Sweden's Regurgitate is for you ! (8.5/10)
Terrorizer - 2001
To say that Wes Benscoter has outdone himself with regards to Regurgitate's Carnivorous Erection album cover art is something of an understatement. Revolting in its beauty, this gross, yet strangely erotic image compliments the disemboweled gut fornication that Regurgitate gouge out with such aplomb. Replete with thick, grinding guitars, strafing drum battery, mutilating bass and sub-flatulent vocal spew, their unrelenting and copious head carnage never subsides until all 38 tracks have you choking on maggot-infested human waste! Hungry? (8.5/10)
Violated Rot webzine - 2001
Well, after much time REGURGITATE finally pukes another hideously rank barrage of goregrind into the unsuspecting underground! Tuned down belting guitar riffs, fast as a crack addicts habit blast beats, and the ever familiar REGURGITATE vocal vomits. I must point out that I feel that the production is slightly better than their last full length. The sound on "Carnivorous Erection" jumps right out of the speakers like a two ton cock smashing whore! Naturally in the REGURGITATE style you get an overload of songs. This release containing 38 bed sore inflicting tunes! Of course hardly any of the songs progress more than a minute long but who gives a rats ass! If you are an avid goregrind fan and you do not have this already your a fuckin' faggot. (10/10)
Deathgrind webzine - 2001
Ok, i'll got one thing straight first. What i'm reviewing here isn't the FINAL release, i'm reviewing something which, to be precise, is rough pre-release material. So with that in mind, i'll start analyzing this new slab of gory grindcore... Yes, it's Regurgitate, and to get to the point, yes... they're every bit as good as they were in the past, even better. ALOT better I might add. "Effortless Regurgitation..." was a great album in my opinion, but had some flaws. It became tiring to listen to after the first fifteen or so songs, and the sound could've been a bit better, but hell it's still one of my fave gore albums. What Regurgitate have managed to do, is to hold on to everything that made that album great, and to improve on everything that needed improving. The music is more or less in the same style, straight out grind, but with a slightly sharper edge to it, largely due to the change in the guitar sound. It's razor sharp and nice and loud, very fitting. Vocally, this is a gore-fest extravaganza... If you liked the vocal performance on the '99 promo, you'll love this. There's loads of different vocal styles (including that of the Nasum vocalist, yet again) and they are all sickeningly wonderful. You just have to hear it to believe it. For some reason, this album over-all reminds me of "From Enslavement..." (possibly my favourite grindcore album of all time I may add). It's got it's intensity and vibe, it's full of energy and addrenaline. It just has that great feeling, that you want to listen to it over and over, and you just know that you'll never tire of it... That's how I see it anyway. This is different enough and yet familiar enough to satisfy both people who liked the band's older material, and those who didn't like it. It'll change alot of people's perception on Regurgitate that's for sure. To put in plain words, this is the best goregrind album of the year, right up there with C.B.T's Opus(sy) VI. Thirty eight tracks of blistering gore... Enjoy.
Riff magazine - portugal 2001
Excellent comeback of Sweden's greatest grindcore band ever. Throughout 38 minutes, the listener is assaulted by 38 tracks of furious old school grind, just the way I like it. I think the biggest difference between «Carnivorous Erection» and the older releases lies in the excellent production done by Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk. Fortunately, Regurgitate parted ways with that "the rawer, the better" philosophy, and the final result shows that was a seriously good move. Titles like «Fecal Freak», «Choked on Shit» or «Pornonecrobestiality» will please any goregrind fan. Congratulations also to Wes Benscoter for the excellent artwork. [9]
Ricardo Amorim
(Original review in portuguese - translation by Ricardo)
The Goregrind and Grindcore Webzine - 2001
That's it. Regurgitate finally delivered the goods. You knew they reformed, now you can hear it. They signed on Relapse Records so you can find the album everywhere, you have no excuse not to get it. To me, "Carnivorous Erection" is the best freaking gore-grind full-length album since Dead Infection "A Chapter of Accidents". Hopefully, those 3 sick swedes recovered their interest in playing infamous gore-grind... Their new stuff is always very basic, straightforwardly grinding, with a groovy/crusty touch, dreadful guitar riffs, and unbearable gore gurgling vocals. Plus, the sound production is very clear and powerful, recorded by Nasum's guy. They have a new drummer who's as great and tight as the last one and they managed to gather the impressive number of 38 songs on the track list; Sure they're all very short songs, but considering the quality of all the tracks it is quite astonishing. As bonus, you're treated with lyrics of 10 of the 38 songs, and who could have guessed they also had true talents in litterature (just kidding). Well yeah of course, they're always into their gooey porno-gore concept, which reached a paroxysm with the awesome Wes Benscotter cover, that no one can ever forget after seeing it. Really... neat. (5/5)
Beat the Blizzard Web 'Zine - 2001
The cover art on this new album from this Swedish band is quite something out of the ordinary to say the least. Very artistic and creative, no doubt about that. Cover art and album title fits just perfectly. Check it out on the label's home page... Well, the cover is only the visual part of an album. A Regurgitate CD is about music. Brutal and and merciless "skull crushing" music for sure! This is high octane and fast grind core, totally 38 songs (!) clocking in at 33 minutes. The music is well played and the vocal delivery is just the way a grind core fan (like myself) want to hear, varying between the deep gurgling type and the angry "snake hissing" vomit high octave variety, if you know what I mean. There are a lot of great songs, and good variety between most of them on this album. Regurgitate is not as brutal as grind colleagues Nasum, but extreme brutality doesn't always make a grind core album good. Nasum took the whole brutality thing a step too far on "Human 2.0" while Regurgitate have succeeded better to emphasize the songs instead of pure brutality. Listening to Nasum's latest assault almost felt like an aural rape compared to Regurgitate's hot & heavy and erotic, yet brutal dance. This is definitely one of the best grind core albums I've lent ear to in a while.
AJ. Blisten
Paradise of Pain webzine - 2001
It's Regurgitate, and not the band Regurgitation, some people may find this confusing. The Swedish most extreme gore/grind band Regurgitate has a new full-length album calt 'Carnivorous Erection', people who know Regurgitate longer will know the previous full-length albums calt 'Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood' that was released by the Dutch label Lowland Records in 1994 and the album 'Effortless Regurgitation...The Torture Sessions' that was released by Relapse in 1999. Regurgitate are inspired by goregrind bands like the great Carcass and maybe not such a familiar band named Repulsion. And I must say Regurgitate are one of the extremest gore/grind-machines on this fucking earth. Thanks to a great producer, Mieszko Talarczyk also produced bands like Nasum and Exhumed. All the ingredients of a good gore/grind-album are of course some tasty song titles like 'Parade Of The Decapitated Midgets', 'Breath Like Rotten Meat' or 'Rage Against Humanity'! Add a nice artwork made by Wes Benscoter and done, another great gore/grind-album!
Alan Hollinger (Lima, OH, US) - costumer review on 2001
I was very surprised to hear how good this cd is to say the least! i love extreme music and am a huge fan of almost everything on relapse records. having seen the cover art to this cd in magazines ads and the relapse website, i thought the cd would be dumb. i looked at the song titles and figured it was jus yet another cliched gore cd. anyway, i downloaded the sample mp3s from the relapse website and was quite surprised. upon listening to the entire cd numerous times, i am even further suprpised! a very good disc indeed! production is much better than i expected as well... you can always tell exactly what the guitars are playing, even when it is trem picked over a blast beat (guitars are brought out in the mix just right for my taste). much better than a lot of the production on other grind cd's i've heard. my favorite tracks are prolly the title track (which is jus plain awsome), ruptured remains in a doggy bag (super cool sludgey grindy vocals at opening-my favorite aspect of this band), rage against humainity, and pyronecrobeastiality (which has a good mix of the sludge-grind vocals, and the other prominent "cleaner" heavy vocals sometimes heard on this cd). anyway, it is hard to pick winners here - 38 tracks, and not a single bad song here..... a whole lot of awsome riffs on this cd. prolly my favorite relapse release of 2000, right there with nile (can't compare here- both good in different ways) (5/5)
Vampire magazine - - 2001
38 songs in 33 minutes... take a wild guess what kind of music Regurgitate plays. Haven't guessed it yet? Well, here are some songtitles: 'Ruptured remains in a doggy bag', 'To boil a corpse' and 'Pyronecrobestiality'. Yes, ofcourse they play grindcore, stupid! And some of the best I've heard lately. The grind reminds me a bit of their compatriots Nasum. The same filthy, grinding sound with lower-than-low grunts and screams like razors. Faster than the speed of lihiiight... o no, wait... that's Raven. Good to hear stuff like this every now and then... now, actually.
Stijn -
This is like no porno I have ever seen. A serpentine tongue wrapped around the bulging head of a rotting penis. The organ, replete with two eyes, an ear, and a mouth full of sharpened teeth, clamping down on the aforementioned oral caress. This, according to the cover of the new Regurgitate slab, is a "Carnivorous Erection," and I can say with utmost certainty that I do not want one.
    Nor do I desire to catch a nauseating whiff of "Stinking Genital Warts." Or to submit my manhood to a "Clawhammer Castration." And while the mental imagery that springs to mind at first mention of a "Parade of the Decapitated Midgets" is rather humorous in theory, it is a spectacle I will be in no hurry to see - and the same goes for the additional 34 atrocities the band has put to song. While maladies such as these may prove to be an understandable affront to most senses, I would gladly sacrifice both of my ears for the sadistic pleasure of listening to each and every one of them. And I would recommend you do likewise, especially if you possess a penchant for shit and gore-splattered, old-school grindcore assault and battery.
    Although the band, long hailed in the underground, is making its raucous return from a six-year hiatus to initiate a new reign of terror, Regurgitate has earned notoriety for making the sick sound bittersweet. Emerging from Soundlab studios with Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk at the production helm, the band has successfully sweetened the sickness, a result of an added emphasis on the normally convoluted production values that have plagued the band's previous releases.
    But cramming 38 songs onto an album, although a grindcore trademark, invariably leads to bouts of repetition, one thing the Nasum touch could not overcome. This has long been my primary criticism of the genre, and the main reason why it has taken so long for this strain of music to grow on me.
    In its defense, however, grind is not revered for its complex song structures - this is not Meshuggah. It is an ultraviolent and uninhibited catharsis of chaotic urges spewing from the darkest recesses of the human spirit, those chasms of primal instinct ultimately camouflaged beneath a veneer of man-made morés and good manners. Psychosomatic anarchy unleashed in its most visceral yet base form. And on this day, Regurgitate is its posterchild.
    Carnivorous Erection, besides being one of the most sadistically comical album covers I have laid eyes on in quite some time, is a raw-meat smorgasbord for the little serial killer dwelling deep within us all. A humorous and dark death overture affirming that splattergrind, despite reveling in all that is dead, is still alive, albeit hacked up and spraying blood.
Shawn Wedel
Brutal community zine -
Totally destructive stuff. If you like really brutal grind core - this one is for you. 38 tracks recorded in Soundblast studio sound just perfect and the fuckin' core. Also guest vocals of Mieszko from Nasum make this album really extreme. You can add to this excellent artwork - the best I have ever seen in my fuckin' life! Another great, bone crushing release from Repulse records......
Metal Bite - Heavy Metal Webzine -
Regurgitate takes death-grind to the next level.
Being in the underground since 1990, Regurgitate continues the great tradition of Carcass, early Napalm Death, Repulsion or lately Nasum by selling the most brutal death-grind that was ever played. 38 tracks squeezed into 32 minutes should give you a very good idea about the tempos played on this album but that says nothing about the quality of this material.
    You are not going to believe what you’ll hear. It’s not only violence and brutality; this album is a monster wall of guitars full of outstanding riffs, gore-gurgling vocals and not to mention a human machine behind the skins. Rather than concentrating on pure brutality (like Nasum), Regurgitate emphasized the quality and structure of the songs. It’s still vicious but not tasteless like a lot of gore bands where cold and primitive compositions are kicked to a higher level by tons of studio equipment. If, on the list of 38 tracks, I can’t find a weak one then it should tell you how impressed I am with this release. This is so good I wish it didn’t have the one-second breaks between the tracks, let my ears bleed! "Carnivorous Erection" is easily the best grindgore album of the year!!!
    And as for the cover art... there's no chance that the cover, graphically depicting the album title, would be in any form uncensored in USA or at least a little covered. Wes Benscotter delivered something quite out of the ordinary, to say the least: porn-gore that once seen will leave a scar on your brain and will never let you forget it.
    Bottom Line: "Carnivorous Erection" is a condensation of what's forbidden, filthy and inhuman in music. But what a great listening it is!!!
Rating: 10 out of 10
Chris 'Zgred' on 5/18/2001.
Metal Judgement -
Take riff-laden, repetitious death metal music and speed it up fast enough to slingshot around the Sun. Instead of "Death Metal Chipmunks" (which would actually be really cool), what remains afterwards is grindcore that still has the death metal vocals intact... mostly anyway. The slight change in vocal style from "normal" death metal is the fact that there is a wretched gargle present much of the time. It’s almost like a vomited exorcism of the demonic sort. My guess is that this demon is one Regurgitate will never shake. The horrible gargle also makes it fairly clear how this band might have chosen their corporate brand. I personally could do without these unsettling vocal inflections. They make a great novelty item, and I am sure they add the relevant level of gore, but I just don’t buy into the super-saturation. The vocals are not all bad though, sometimes he sounds like the guy from Nasum and you really can’t go wrong with any similarity to those grandmasters of grind. Aside from the vocal hurls, Regurgitate’s interpretation of quick-hit grindcore is really not that different than what you are use to. But here’s the thing, its just not quite as good as those other CD’s that creep into your player whenever you really need a large dose of insanity, grind-style. Carnivorous Erection is more similar in sound to the likes of Nasum than any other grind band I could compare them to, but they don’t have the same infectious punch as that sick unit. And when comparing to short song grindcore of fame, not a candle can be held to the likes of a masterpiece like Sounds From The Animal Kingdom. As one of my friends pointed out today, it sounds like they only use four different chords and just mix it up a little oh... I’d say about every minute or so.
    Please don’t completely misunderstand my harsh criticisms. This album does not completely suck, it just falls short. Besides the gargling (which could be taken more seriously into consideration as something other than bull-plop if the support structure underneath was more stable), the songs really do sound like the same four chords played over and over at extreme speeds. I always know something is wrong when every third song sounds like a rip-off of Cathedral’s Soul Sacrifice (sped up to make the comparison virtually undetectable of course). What saves this album for me are the inspired, groove-heavy breakdowns. There are just not enough of them in between the really fast boring parts of the record to keep my full attention. At least the breakdowns illustrate the amazing potential for this band to do a much better job.
    For now, if I really want to hear some great grind, I will throw on Cripple Bastards, or Carcass or Brutal Truth or Dead Horse or Soilent Green. I just don’t have a use for the mediocrity in the form of Carnivorous Erection. As far as I am concerned, if Regurgitate had released a 10-song short EP (by selecting the 10 good tracks off of this release) they would have earned themselves 5 skulls. Since they released a 38-track grind-bore album instead, I am forced to adjust the score. We could be in for amazing things from Regurgitate in the future. It just didn’t happen on this recording. 2/5
Submitted by Pestilence (6/7/01)
Chronicles of Chaos e-zine -
While I think I would prefer Pig Destroyer's "38 Counts of Battery", I'd have to say Regurgitate is a gunnery array of physical abuse themselves. Chaotic and wildly violent, this Swedish four-piece sure knows its "Bloody Pile of Human Waste", track 20, from its "Stinking Genital Warts", track 34, when it comes to heinous grindcore! Red-blooded vomitous vocals spew forth gut-wrenchingly as to almost cause the listener empathetic pains. I'd say slurp "Carnivorous Erection" up in small doses or risk dysentery. After even a small wiff of Regurgitate's stench, you'll know what I mean. Nauseating, to say the very least. (7.5 out of 10)
Aaron McKay
Metalarea -
Oh Jaaaaa!!!!! Regurgitate melden sich mit einer Splatter Grindbombe erster Güte zurück. In Lichtgeschwindigkeit, kompromißlos, brutal, pervers, geil, super..........Erstklassig. Alleine schon die Vocals: Gegrunze, Gegurgel, Schrei, so und nicht anders muss Splatter-Grind sein. Hier und da schleichen sich dann sogar mal Grooves und eingängigere Passagen in dieses Blast Beat Massaker ein, und außerdem ist der Sound auch noch gelungen, so dass nicht nur Grindheads ihre Freude an der CD haben würden.
Bright Eyes Germany -
Auf 38 Lärmgeschosse kommen die Schweden, allerdings brauchen sie nur knapp 32 Minütchen dafür. Wie ihre Labelmates Pig Destroyer huldigen sie grindigen Klängen, sind allerdings eher an der crustigen Variante Skandinaviens angelehnt, die sie mit diversen schwedischen Death Metal-Riffs unterlegen, quasi die extremere Variante von DRILLER KILLER und Konsorten, allerdings mit etwas schlechterem Sound. Wer die Nachbarin statt zum Spülen lieber zum Verspeisen benutzt und Titel à la "Smeared with bloodmixed semen", "Savage gorewhore" oder "Ruptured remains in a doggy bag" liebt, wetzt auch hier die Messer. Eine (natürlich subjektive) Empfehlung, wenngleich langsam die Nachbarinnen ausgehen...
Oliver Vollmer
Unchain The Underground -
Lyrically, Regurgitate are on the Meat Shits level of intellect nil, but fun. Musically they are worlds beyond, playing some of the tightest grind I've heard in years with puked vocals of varied registers. 38 songs in 33 minutesand song titles like "Choked in Shit," "Drenched in Cattleblood" and "Stinking Genital Warts" should give you an idea of the kind of ditties the boys in Regurgitate are writing. The material is varied enough in tempo and feel to keep things from blurring into one big wall of sound. The short song lengths also help. Many grind bands forego the catchy riff and groove for all-out grinding speed and non-stop blast beats, but Regurgitate have managed to combine the absolute extremes of grindcore intensity with the songwriting of the finest death metal to a very impressive end, and that is what sets them apart most of their contemporaries. Picture Impetigo (my all-time favorite grind band of this ilk) if they were four times the musicians they were. Carnivorous Erection is a great grind album with a dark, twisted sense of humor that is entertaining all the way through. That, alone, is a feat these days and an accomplishment for which Regurgitate deserve accolades. Great cover art, too. Rating: 9/10
Al Kikuras