Reviews - Deviant (CD 2003)

All Music Guide -
The surprising effort Deviant comes from a revamped version of cult gore-grind act Regurgitate that includes just one member of their original lineup of more than a decade before. Earlier Regurgitate releases struck a chord with fans of disgusting, Earache-schooled grindcore and death metal, but they were hardly groundbreaking. One could argue that Deviant isn't all that groundbreaking either, as the influences of Earache bands such as Napalm Death, Carcass, and Terrorizer are still strongly evident (there's even the cover of a song by another, more obscure Earache band, Unseen Terror), but the presentation is different. For one thing, the group has largely ditched the old scatological, medical textbook-referencing song titles (and lyrics, presumably, though it's hard to tell) in favor of more abstract, sociopolitical-themed titles such as "Systematic Demoralization" and "Depopulation of the Human Race." With this shift comes a new, more aggressive sonic edge, with a more punk-inspired musical attack and vocals that are more of a hardcore-derived scream than the guttural growl of before. The production also has a harder edge, with a grainy, bass-heavy sound similar to the recent Nasum releases (no coincidence, as the album was produced by Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk under the pseudonym Mierre Mongo). The songs are still brief, concise blasts (i.e., about a minute apiece) with enough meaty, Carcass-inspired death metal riffs to keep old fans happy, but Regurgitate has wisely (and successfully) updated its overall sound in the process. This is not merely another serviceable gore-death-grind metal album; it's one of 2003's best — right up there with Nasum's Helvete.
William York
27 songs in 32 minutes. These Swedes know what they are doing. The name of the game is grindcore, but wait a minute, don't run away, this is not just faceless smashing without any nuances. Grindcore and especially Regurgitate has much to give.
    There is no sense to try to give you single songs which rule, but I try to describe the general feeling of Deviant. First, take the good dose of old grindcore, the speed of Terrorizer, the murkyness and dirty sounds of Carcass etc. Then add some newer material, clever doom parts and almost atmospheric grumbling like in the last song, Life Falls before Our Feet and ice it all with a Swedish touch. Yep, Deviant sounds absolutely Swedish, in many ways. For example, in many songs Regurgitate's grindcore blasting flirts with Swedish hardcore and rock'n'roll attitude - bands like Entombed and Nine came to my mind. In my opinion that's the best side of Deviant: this album simply rocks, you don't get bored with it. It rocks and rolls like a steam locomotive, but still it's brutal like Hel... Damn, this album rocks, do you get the point???
    The husky production of Soundlab Studio guarantees, that every dirty detail gets into your ears and also the band itself is in great shape. Urban's guitar tricks spice this soup cleverly, Jocke's drumming crests like waves of blood and Rikard's vocal performance is beyond description. And although 27 songs sound too much, Deviant works well as a whole, only some real hit songs would have lifted this album's points.
    But I don't complain. Fans of ultra-grind and also all you unprejudiced minds who like to be extreme and like to rock, be wise and don't miss this.
Rating: (4.5/5)

 Pahardcore -
I could feel the trickle of blood ooze from my ears after this CD had completed playing. 27 minute long brain crushing grindcore masterpieces. I have to say this is now one of my favorite grindcore Cds.
    They've been around since 1990, and they know exactly what they're doing. Complex twisting riffs, a damn good bassist, and a drummer that doesn't miss a beat makes this band one to check out. The vocals are like most grind bands, a high and low pitched screaming intertwining. The thing that probably impressed me the most is their variety... most grindcore bands tend to run together into one big song.
    If you enjoy Pig Destroyer, Agoraphoric Nosebleed, or Discordance Axis you will enjoy this band.
Rating: (5/5)
Henke -
First of all I should have me head examined for trying to review this album, let me share why. I always like to do a song by song dissection of an album before I type the actual review, which is impossible with grind. By the time you get everything sorted out in your head the song is over and it's time to move on. This is why I hate reviewing grind, even good grind. However let me say Regurgitate made this more of a pleasure than a chore with Deviant. By now you all know of my disdain for 99% of goregrind. The album Carnivorous Erection fell into that list for me and I wasn't impressed until I heard some of Hatefilled Vengeance that I began to realize these guys have something here. First I would like to say, in contrast to one of my colleagues that I am glad there are no songs with the word shit in them, as there is more to life than feces. The only band who can do scatology and do it well in my mind are Impaled, so when I see an album with nothing but shit songs, I shitcan it. There is none of that here and I am thankful. Now onto the actual review.
    One of the funny things on this album is that Relapse promotes is a post-Carcass. This is funny to me since this doesn’t remind me of Carcass at all, but rather it is more of a mixture of old Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. The only real Carcass resemblance on this album is the deeper vocals, which remind me of Bill Steer. However the vocals are more often on the high side than low. The production is great making everything nice and audible, although it can still be a little difficult in this firestorm of chaos. I wish Regurgitate would have provided some lyrics in the promo, just out of curiosity. One of the better recent grind albums in my opinion; this is what Pleasures Pave Sewers by Lockup should have been. They also use the 1 to 1 ratio almost perfectly too. This is my ratio of a perfect grind album 1 to 1 refers to songs to length of album in minutes. This has 27 songs in 31 minutes. This isn’t to say there cant be deviations from this ratio, but if it’s good enough for Assuck its good enough for the rest of you. I think my top ten list of 2003 needs yet another reshuffling.
K.Huckins -
A couple of months ago I reviewed the new album of Nasum. One of the leading grindcore bands that have set grindcore to a higher level. I especially mentioned the fact that they are "one" of the grindcore bands. I have the new Regurgitate album called "Deviant" in my CD-player and I can unsure you that Nasum have a real competition here (if you can speak about competition of course). Regurgitate give us 27 songs, played in less than 25 minutes. So you know what you can expect. Although they play the same kind of genre I think it's easier to listen Regurgitate than Nasum. Simply because of the crust and groove parts that are between the totally grind parts, which gives the listener a bit more breathing time. I wonder if my neighbours like the album as much as I do, because there is just one way to listen this style of grindcore: Volume up to ARE YOU FUCKIN' NUTS!!!
Rating: (4/5)
Henke -
Hey Ho ladies, you think you have anything? I don't think so because you still miss one of the best grindcore albums this year by the Swedish Grindcore assassins! The last album of Regurgitate "Carnivorous Erection" had one of the most disgusting layouts I've ever seen in my life, this time the layout is more harmless for that the first song is introduced by a short conversation about a dead man that was found without his penis! So in one way they continued with the tradition. But forget about the last album, this time Regurgitate left out those gurgled vocals, their "singer" mostly screams and does only some gurgles and this was the best they could do! The vocals are now more hardcore-oriented.
    Musically they stayed true to theirselves but also improved their sound, straight to the pint grindcore combined with short metal breakdowns and they also added some metallic guitar riffings. I think they moved a little in the direction of the new Nasum "Helvete" perhaps their producer Mierro Mongo (Nasum guitarist/singer) is responsible for this - away from pure grindcore to a mixture of grindcore and playfully metal! Don't get me wrong Regurgitate are still the best address when it comes to fast and uncompromising grind but some melodic breakdowns made it on "Deviant". Just two songs are longer than 1 1/2 minute and a lot clock under the 1-minute mark. Beside that fast attacks they always play melodic and in the same moment brutal guitar riffs! Asskicking shit and one of my favourite grind-albums this year, it's even better than Cripple Bastards' or Nasum's latest efforts, absolutely a must!
Rating: (5.5/6)
Pull the Chain -
REGURGUTATE is a very good example of a band influenced by both Grindcore (mostly) and Crust. First vocals are more of a screamy nature instead of the usual deep ultra low gruntings Grind bands often use. But musically, the ultra fast blast passages are cut by slower, catchy CrustPunk riffing and that's where this band show its quality : good untertaining riffing, mid-paced/fast aggressivity cutting the extreme speedy chaos.
    To be honest, I'm not totally excited about the hyper blast stuff in general and vocals ain't nothing special either (here), but I sincerely didn't expect so many exciting passages from a band with such a stupid monicker! And this album gets better after each track, avoiding to offer the best material at the beginning of it. Moreover, judging the 27 song titles, lyrics seem to be more interesting than the usual Grind Gore stuff!
    REGURGITATE now belong to the Grindcore elite, no doubt about it!
Behind the Veil -
Regurgitate belong to the grind genre with many noise elements and like Nasum these gentlemen know their instruments really well. The guitar riffs are obvious and they scratch and dig your brain deep inside. The drums could be compared to a hurricane and the vocals are chaotic and filled with rage, like they should be! The album consists of 27 songs of short duration (1.30 minutes usually). The production is very good and elevates this band as one of the top of the branch. The lyrics have a social background and speak against all kinds of oppression that humans undergo (They do??? - RGTE's comment). To sum up, I recommend this album with no second thought to all the fans of this genre! So, come with no hesitation and with a lot of passion to mercillesly headbang to Regurgitate's rhythms!!!
Rating: (8.5/10)
George "Death Dealer - Echoes From Erebus" Kefalas
Braindead -
Well, it seems Regurgitate pretty much changed dynamics for this album. Gone are the usually systematic vocal effects in favor of more natural-sounding leading high shriekings, the guitar riffs are still ripping and aggressive but these riffs are not always the plain and basic grind riffs the band used to write, they're now occasionally played with some kind of a more rock-oriented/progressive approach and perhaps not always as heavy and downtuned as before, the drumming is still tight and fast as hell no change there, though maybe it's a little more diverse now, song writing is slightly more complex too, with subtler arrangements... The more refined song structuring is akin to Nasum's last 2 albums, and the overall screamy grind style is also very similar to Retaliation on "The Execution"/"Violence Spreads Its Drape" (strangely the song titles are also pretty close to Retaliation, trading sickening pathological gore subject matter for nihilistic catch-phrases).
    Now that the vocal effects have been booted off, the band has very little to do with early Carcass anymore really, this record definitely strays away from their old gory days. What remains is still a remarkable, raging, pissed off album, the sound production is perhaps the best, clearest and most powerful treatment Regurgitate has ever benefitted from (A vast improvement over "Carnivorous Erection"). Musically this is excellent, and in terms of grindcore this is still incredibly fast, and the raw ultra-violence behind their songs is still intact but the more metal-oriented feel to it and the toned-down gore touch will probably leave some long-time fans with a half-hearted feeling. Personally, I still think this is an amazing album, I'm sure I'll play it tons of times, however, I will also definitely miss the good old basic, grinding and gore-gurgling Regurgitate sound, "Effortless Regurgitation..." & "Concrete Human Torture" are still my favorites.
Rating: (4.5/5)
Metalreview -
Lots of short songs, furious pace, silly song titles, crunchy guitars, a few movie samples . . . must be grind. Regurgitate plays it true to form with no real surprises or innovations, but what they do, they do well. I don't listen to this kind of shit the same way I do normal metal - I don't anticipate, I just experience. I have never listened to a grind record and thought to myself "I cannot WAIT for track 23 - that track fucking KICKS ASS!" You are either on board or you are not with grind. You take each second for what it is and let it go as the next appears. It's not music for the long walk, nor the funeral. It's the soundtrack for the lever, the drop, and the snap.
    What you find with this album is energetic and well executed. The vocals are more of a rhythm instrument than human voice, really. It's the screamer/roarer combo, with the main emphasis on the screamer. The songs can start at the speed of light or with a grooving little riff that devolves into chaos, comes back to groovy order, and leaves again. Occasionally, the band gets a little extra "core"-ish, developing a serious case of the punk/hardcores. The production adds to this, especially compared to a Nasum. The guitars are recorded so as to leave room for the drums and bass to pummel away unfettered. The bass tone is good and ugly, and the drums are punchy and, well, drummy. It sounds like a kit. In fact, the whole band sounds very live.
    The songs themselves can be quite entertaining, but can also become tedious after a while. Luckily the group likes to mix the tempo up just a bit to keep you with them. When things do slow a bit, the production works against the band, though. In fact, things become almost bland sometimes, but it never lasts. Nothing ever lasts. Give it a minute.
    Bottom line: Although it's not as heavy as other recordings of this type, I would recommend this to a grindcore fan easily enough. To someone who isn't already a fan, I think you could find better bands to get you hooked, and for those who think the style is just spastic, pointless, talentless crap, I doubt this album would change your mind. But, if you have made it through Nasum, Cephalic Carnage, and Leng T'che and still aren't on board, your mind is stuck where it's at. I will be listening to this album again, but not as often as other grind records.
AversiOnline -
Back again with 27 tracks of burly grindcore in barely over a half-hour, but this time their sound is taking a slightly different turn. The vocals, while still completely indecipherable, are basically relentless high screams with a little distortion (rarely opting for the gargling low growls), and the music is a bit more diverse without really abandoning their fast and to the point attack. In some ways aspects of this record remind me a little bit of Nasum sonically, but not completely.
   There are some new twists going on here, though. "Seal Your Doom" kicks out a quick little dissonant introduction and some slightly more powerful rhythms that aren't as fast as the bulk of the material, "Screams of Death Your God Won't Hear" uses some slightly groovier riffing amidst some chords that would've made Napalm Death proud in the early-90's, "Systematic Demoralization" is a complete classic that's full of the staples of brutal fucking no frills grindcore, and "Crossed Out Existence" even unloads some totally blistering solos! The last (and best) track, "Life Falls Before Our Feet", almost sounds like an entirely different band, drawing on some dark and dissonant melodies not unlike the His Hero is Gone school of playing, but even more twisted. They also blast through a cover of Unseen Terror's "Charred Remains", so... hey, there you go. I like the recording. They've got a great distorted bass tone going on, and that works well with the dense wall of guitars and the crispy vocals. It's fairly clear as far as textures go, but the drums and vocals do get muddled a little. No big deal, though. The fact that the snare jumps out a whole lot can get to me after awhile, but at least the drums sound natural, and as a whole I can't cite any major problems.
   I like this artwork a hell of lot better than that of "Carnivorous Erection". It's not great, but it is better... consisting largely of collaged imagery (skulls, torsos, blood spatters) and textures, etc. Perhaps there are a bit many black and white band photos inside, but they actually do manage to make the photo collage work, and not just look slapped in and out of place (as is often the case). And, as usual, no lyrics are contained within - a shame this time out as the song titles are generally much more serious than they were on the last full-length. This is good stuff. I like it a smidge better than the last full-length. It might take some people some getting used to, but... I'm all for the minor alterations present here. My only tiny issue with the disc is that it's a little monotonous, and after about 15 minutes I start getting bored. Thankfully the strongest tracks are strategically placed throughout the entire disc to keep your attention, but I somehow think this band might be best suited for EP's. I don't know, though... this one's a keeper.
   [Notable tracks: Seal Your Doom, Screams of Death Your God Won't Hear, Waging War on Benevolence, Systematic Demoralization, Crossed Out Existence, Life Falls Before Our Feet]
Rating: (7/10)
Slavestate magazine - don't know what issue yet...
Veteranerna Regurgitate har äntligen lyckats få till en briljant fullängdare! Glöm snacket om gore gods och allt Stockholmarna kallats för. Gurgelsången och gore-temat är så gott som borta. Färska 32 minuterskäftsmällen är självklart rensig grind i grund och botten men nu har dom blandat upp det hela med mer crust och lite slöare partier vilket gör det mycket variationsrikt och framför allt - riktigt bra. "Deviant" påminner rätt så mycket om Retaliation, men det här är bättre eftersom det är riktiga och välslipade låtar. Dom gamla die hard-fansen kommer antagligen dissa "nya" Regurgitate men vem bryr sig när resultatet är tusen gånger bättre än det dom gjort sedan starten 1990? Allt är dock inte guld och gröna skogar. Sången tenderar till att bli en aning enformig i längden och det beror nog på att det inte finns några texter, så till största delen är det galna power violence-skrik som gäller. Ljudet är en aning för snällt denna gång. På relativt nya mini-CDn "Hatefilled Vengeance" lyckades Regurgitate få till en skitig och rå produktion som jag tyckte passade nollåttorna som handen i nithandsken. Men det är bara detaljer i sammanhanget. Gillar du snabb och varierad grind med sylvassa riff så är detta en platta som bör kollas upp på rot!
For a change I will start giving you the final conclusion concerning this album: fucking great. A lot of bands are showing that grind isn't boring at all, on the contrary, it can be very intelligent and interesting. Regurgitate show this more than ever. The album is less provocative, but is therefore better than their previous releases.
    Regurgitate are already around for quite some time now. We have to get back to 1990, late that year Regurgitate saw daylight. Since then they developed themselves as one of the best grind bands of the underground. After releasing some splits and other stuff they got picked up by Relapse Records and this really looks like a happy couple living happily ever after. This is already their third full-length on this label, besides an MCD last year. For those of you who aren't familiar with this band; Regurgitate plays grindcore, call it ultra-grind, old school grind, splatter-grind, or whatever, grindcore it is.
    They still play grindcore with an old school approach, but simply can't be described with just that, it's much more nowadays. It's very fast, faster than they used to play, it's more aggressive, but above all more varying. There are a lot of breaks to be heard on this album, as well as groovy riffs and even melodic parts. The songs are longer, or better: less short. The album contains 27 songs with a total duration of 32 minutes. Nevertheless you can expect a full blast beat attack from the drummer with heavy hooking guitar riffs and for such an extreme grind band bass lines you can even follow. Add some insane vocals, mostly high screamed, with an occasionally grunt, some distortion and there you go: Regurgitate. Now do we? Well not entirely, I forgot to tell you about the production, which is awesome. Mieszko Talarczyk did a great job again! All instruments are very present and audible, which is a good thing with a grindcore band for a change. The more special it is that they managed to keep the dirty and raw sound.
    Namedropping isn't easy, because they don't copy a certain style or band. However some bands come to mind while listening to this: old Napalm Death, Carcass, together with some melodic death metal and trashcore bands.
    When you ever wondered where butchers get their inspiration from, here is your answer. Highly recommended for those who like to listen to EXTREME music, oh and of course for those who are into Swedish folk.
Rating: (4.5/5)
Archaic Metallurgy -
27 songs in 32 minutes. Grindcore is what Regurgitate do, as you might have already guessed. 'Deviant' is these fast Swedes' fourth album already, but my first, dubious honor to hear the whole album from the band.
    There's some excellent riffs, fantastic drumming, insane and often incomprehensible shout/gurgle vocals and short songs. Not the shortest stuff available, but still not enough contents for my liking. If 2 minutes is total maximum song length, then this is for you. Oops, 'Life Falls before our Feet' fades out on 2:10 minute mark. Musically, this is an equivalent to tornado. Brutal explosions of sonic violence, but not much hurting or doing anything else for me. Fast blasting is often interrupted by slower, heavy parts. There's energy for sure, and sound is very organic and live, thanks to Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk (also Genocide Superstars) and his Soundlab Studios.
    'Deviant' is nothing beautiful, for sure, but I need more contents. Well, maybe I'm just a sell-out. Nasum's 'Helvete' (2003) is much more interesting take on grindcore. I've never freaked out on grindcore, but for what I've heard, this doesn't sound original. The album isn't deviant enough. It reads on booklet: "A percentage of every CD sold will be donated to Church of Satan's fund for disabled children". Charity grind..?
Aftonbladet - 2003-08-01
En skruvad dos vansinne från grindveteranerna.
De Stockholmsbaserade galenpannorna må ha gått från att vara ett löst strukturerat projekt till att bli ett riktigt band, men missionen är densamma som under de tidiga dagarna. Regurgitate dyrkar fortfarande Carcass "Reek of putrefaction" som om den vore den heliga Graal, även om de på "Deviant" öppnat upp sin massiva mullervägg för mer nyanser och inte helt förväntade infall. Men gorefanatikerna behöver inte oroa sig; kvartetten manglar sig på en dryg halvtimme igenom 27 låtar med samma frenesi och precision som på föregångaren "Carnivorous erection". Rating: (4/5)
Mattias Kling
Violent Solutions -
Quelques mois seulement après la sortie du troisième album de NASUM, l’autre groupe majeur de grind suédois, voici que REGURGITATE se décide, lui aussi, à enfin nous faire grâce de son troisième opus mais dans un registre nettement moins édulcoré. Certes Relapse dans sa grande mansuétude nous avait fait l’aumône, l’an passé, de la réédition en cd d’un mini lp pour mieux nous tenir en haleine mais cette mise en bouche avait décidément un goût de trop peu. REGURGITATE s’est donc enfermé au Soundlab Studios avec Mieszko Talarczyk (NASUM / GENOCIDE SUPERSTAR) derrière les consoles pour notre plus grand plaisir. Pour compléter le boulot avec tendresse ils ont confié la masterisation à Scott Hull (AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / PIG DESTROYER) afin de conférer à « Deviant » les caractéristiques les plus dévastatrices qu’il soit. Faut dire qu’ils ont assez bien réussi leur coup car « Deviant » est particulièrement brutal et primal. Les influences des vieux groupes de grind (à savoir NAPALM DEATH et EXTREME NOISE TERROR) sont toujours présentes. De même, le chant écorché de Rikard Jansson (un prénom qui ferait fureur du côté de Marseille...) accompagné parfois de growling gutturaux à souhait, reste toujours aussi douloureusement déchirant. REGURGITATE ne donne pas dans la nuance, ni dans le compromis mercantile. Les vingt-sept titres de « Deviant » nous servent un peu moins d’une demie heure d’un grindcore extrême, primal et dévastateur. On remarque tout de même entre deux mitrailles de blast des résurgences de punk (surtout dans les rythmiques) mais également des petits clins d’œil au crust et au hardcore. Il y a même une mosh-part sur « Blind fiends of chaos ». Pourtant, la totalité de l’album s’enchaîne avec un frénétisme épuisant qui laisse planer, à son terme, un silence devenu presque contre nature. Saluons au passage l’excellente et limpide production, de même que l’esthétisme réussi de l’artwork. Pendant que NASUM ouvrait de nouvelles voies dans sa recherche d’identité musicale, REGURGITATE enfonçait le clou en composant cet album qui clame haut et fort son allégeance à une certaine idée du grind dont l’absence se fait souvent cruellement ressentir. Rating: (15/20)
And here's a translation of the review above - made by the reviewer himself. Nice guy!
A few months only after the release of NASUM’s third album, the other major Swedish Grind group, REGURGITATE also decides to honor us with their third opus, but in a clearly less toned-down register. Indeed, last year, Relapse had blessed us, from the goodness of their heart, with the re-edition in cd format of a mini LP, to keep us on the edge of our seats but it was decidedly too little. So, REGURGITATE locked themselves in at the Soundlab Studios with Mieszko Talarcyk (NASUM / GENOCIDE SUPERSTAR) behind the consoles, to our greatest pleasure. To complete the job with tenderness, they entrusted the mastering to Scott Hull (AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / PIG DESTROYER) (no, we didn't - it was mastered by Peter In de Betou here in Sweden - RGTE's comment) in order to give to "Deviant" the most devastating characteristics possible. We must say that they have pretty well succeeded, because "Deviant" is particularly brutal and primal. The old Grind groups influences ( NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR) are always present. Also, Rikard Jansson’s grazed voice (a first name that would cause a frenzy in Marseille..) accompanied sometimes of guttural growling, remains always as painfully harrowing. REGURGITATE does not deliver subtleties or mercantile compromises. The twenty-seven titles of "Deviant" serve us with a little less than half an hour of extreme, primal and devastating Grindcore. We do notice between two shots of blast, resurgences of punk (especially in the rhytmics) but also little allusions to crust and hardcore. There is even a mosh part on "Blind fiends of chaos". Yet, the whole album unfolds with an exhausting fury, which leaves us, at the end, with a silence, which has almost become counter nature. Let’s salute the excellent and limpid production, as well as the success of the artwork’s esthetism. While NASUM opened new roads in their search for musical identity, REGURGITATE put the nail in the coffin by composing this album, which claims hi and loud its allegiance to a certain idea of Grind, whose absence we can too cruelly feel. (15/20)

Vampire Magazine -
"Hatefilled Vengeance" kept me moshing from November 2002 till now. And finally here it is, the new full length album from Regurgitate, and a killer it is. 27 songs to grind it up big time!!! Hell yeah!! The sound became thicker, the songs still last just 1 minute, just like "Carnivorous Erection" it was been recorded at the soundlab studio Sweden by Mieszko Talarczyk ( Nasum..). This album contains lots of swinging riffs combined with a healthy dose of blast parts and over the top screaming. After a long road from 1994's "Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood" until 2003's "Deviant" Regurgitate has changed from gore grind into fucking hate grind. Every part of your body will be filled with pure anger when you hear this. The hate filled screams give me the creeps. The cover is done very well by Mike Bohatch. He created the same hate in the drawing. The pictures inside are pretty cool (all kinds of pictures from people like the Suppository grind bastards and many more).
    This is just the CD that I expected from regurgitate, I have nothing more to say about it. They show us they can really do more than only make gore, and they for sure will surprise even more in the future!
Luc -
When your band puts out an album called "Carnivorous Erection", the bar is set kinda high for any following releases. The band is neatly summed up with that two-word phrase; short, dirty, violent and bloodthirsty havoc. Yes, Ethel, there is still grindcore in the world, and Regurgitate is living proof. How we got this album so early, I have NO idea. All I know is that it's rocking my socks way the hell off until I have no choice but to launder and re-sort them.
    Now, to fully appreciate the full blasting gore/seminal fluid-soaked insanity, I suggest quitting your job, getting really drunk on cheap whiskey, and playing this album in your car on repeat while you slam into parked cop cars. Or, if you're so inclined, replace all of the above with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. But buy real hookers. It's that amazing of an experience.
    Clocking in at just over half an hour, this is one beefy release for a genre that is punctuated by songs under 60 seconds. 27 tracks of just straight punches to the gut, no time to recover, just brace yourself for the next one. I swear, if heavy combat ever needed a soundtrack, these Swedes would be perfect to fill that gap. They don't overwrite, nor do they leave songs incomplete. They get to the point, they do it fast, and they bash you over the head with it. Subtle this ain't.
    Tone-wise, this album is chunky. Bottom-heavy guitar with enough clarity to discern actual chords, but without sacrificing that high-gain crunch that makes so many good metal albums great (see: the new Vader). In a huge departure from most grind bands, the bass is actually audible AND clear, and it surely keeps pace with the short attention span of the album. The drummer knows how to go from blast to punkbeat, and does it quite admirably. And the singer... oh, the singer. He's pretty damn good at what he does. For those unfamiliar with the Regurgitate body of work, I'd compare him to J.R. Hayes of Pig Destroyer fame, but without the desire to write novels. Also, he doesn't look like a librarian.
    If you want a good summary of the overall sound of this album, I'd compare it to the better years of Napalm Death. Actually, combine Scum with some Venom riffs and you have Regurgitate's sound pretty well imagined. Above all that, however, this album keeps its lineage pure. You can still hear the D.R.I-style thrashcore, the catchy Death riff, the Carcass urgency and pushing of tempos. Not to get all music major on you, but I'd call this a snapshot album, a logical culmination of a handful of key influences.
   They even use pitchshifted vocals on a track. Swoon.
   Now, it's not like I'm not going to call them on using stupid samples during this epic. Yep, track one bookends the grind with people talking in a movie. It's not like I hate movies, you know, it's just that when I listen to an album, I want to hear original music, not some screenwriter's wet dream committed to DAT. This is a note to all the musicians out there: if you want to use a sample, make it yourself. Take the dude from Nine Inch Nails, Bowser or whatever. He did things his own way, and it rocked towns to the point of inversion.
    Regurgitate: better than your band.
Rating: (10/10)
Andrew Mochulsky

Dagens Nyheter - 2003-07-24
Styckad grindcore
Tjugosju låtar på trettiotvå minuter är inte särskilt koncentrerat för det svenska grindcorebandet Regurgitate. På förra skivan "Carnivorous erection" var spåren ännu kortare. Den här gången har skrikaren Rikard Jansson och hans tre vänner blandat upp sitt diaboliska rens med ett och annat groove. Det låter fortfarande skoningslöst - om än inte lika raffinerat som Örebrogrindarna Nasum, vars Mieszko Talarczyk producerat "Deviant".
    "Supposedly his penis was missing", säger en kvinnoröst i introt och större delen av skivan handlar om att skära av kroppsdelar (förutom "Lobotochrist" som handlar om att lobotomera Jesus). Det går att hitta mer originella grindcoreskivor, men man bör kanske köpa "Deviant" av humanitära skäl. Enligt konvolutet går en del av intäkterna till Church of Satans fond för funktionshindrade.
Fredrik Strage
Imperiumi -
"He was found bludgeoned to death in his apartment this morning", aloittaa naisääni.
"Uhhh...", kommentoi puolestaan pahoinvoiva mieshenkilö.
"Yeah. And supposedly, umm... His penis... was missing"
"OHHH", ja mies kuulostaakin jo siltä, kuin taju lähtisi. Näin viehkeällä pikku dialogilla alkaa läntisen naapurimme grind-ylpeyden, Regurgitaten tuore julkaisu, "Deviant". Sen kaikki 27 kappaletta ovat napakoita riuhtaisuja keston liikkuessa puolesta minuutista levyn päättävään, näissä olosuhteissa eeposmaiseksi katsottavaan reilu kaksiminuuttiseen "Life Falls Before Our Feet" - kappaleeseen. Bändi tuottaa laadukasta grindia lievästi punkahtavalla otteella, soundien ollessa sopivasti kohdallaan ja vokalistin rääkyessä päälle. Rääkyminen liikkuu jo ihan siinä rajoilla, alkaako se rasittaa vai ei, ja mukana on myös vastapainoksi hiukan bassovoittoisempaakin murinaa. Koko levyn anti on sitä tuhtia ja raivokasta paahtamista itseään, jossa ei armoa tunneta. Yksi biiseistä, "Alone In Oblivion", on saanut jopa pientä harmoniasovitusta osakseen, ja erottuukin tältä levyltä helposti edukseen, vaikka materiaali onkin kauttaaltaan hyvää. Regurgitate tietää, kuinka grindia pitää tehdä, sillä lopputulos on tasapainoinen, eivätkä turha vauhtisokeus tai liiallinen sävyjenhaku pääse missään vaiheessa yllättämään. Kerrassaan mainio bändi, vaikkei nyt samaan ylläkään, kuin esimerkiksi "Hatefilled Vengeancella".
Rating: (8/10)
Marko Saarinen -
Okay, diese Scheibe ist ungefähr so New-School, wie ein gewisser italienischer Ex-Minister zu den großen intellektuellen dieser Erde zählt. Intellektuell ist der neueste Auswurf der Schweden-Grinder REGURGITATE außerdem auch nicht. Aber mit dem Arschgesicht im ersten Satz haben REGURGITATE glücklicherweise sonst nichts gemein. Sie ändern nicht ihre Meinung und spielen auch auf ihrem zweiten Album seit der mehr oder weniger spektakulären Reunion Grindcore, so wie ihn die Götter geschaffen haben.
    Diese Scheibe ist das genaue Gegenteil von NASUMs "Helvete" und "Human 2.0". Wo NASUM mit dem Zollstock ausmessen, wo sie ihre Schnitte ansetzen, hauen REGURGITATE einfach mit dem Vorschlaghammer zu. Die Wirkung ist dadurch nicht so beeindruckend, dafür genauso brutal und macht genau den gleichen sadistischen Spaß. Dieses Mal sind die Songs nicht 8 Jahre alt, klingen gerade deswegen verflucht frisch und stellen das beste Material in der Karriere der Band dar. Niemand, der sich an Grindcore interessiert wird das kalt lassen, selbst wenn sich nur krankes Zeug im Stil von CEPHALIC CARNAGE im Normalfall im Player dreht.
    Was ist REGURGITATEs Geheimrezept? Das kann ich nicht so genau sagen, denn die Songs strahlen eine dreckige und rauhe Faszination aus, wie ich sie zuletzt auf Alben im Stil von "Scum" gehört habe. Jedenfalls ist es den Schweden gelungen die sehr pflichtige Mischung von Groove und Blast äußerst geschickt zu verbinden, denn das Album verfliegt extrem schnell. Gerade ihre Grooves treten mächtig in die Fresse, "Severe Necrotic Manifesto" und "Screams Your God Won't Hear" lassen die Bude erzittern und zu Blast-Granaten wie "Waging War on Benevolence" stürzt die Siedlung entgültig ein. Ihre Mittempobrecher (zum Beispiel "Manipulation Reigns Supreme" und "Twisted Rhymes of Perversion") sind bestens dazu geeignet, die Reste eines Schlachtfeldes zwei Meter unter die Erde zu stampfen. Kurz und gut: Man hört mehr von den alten NAPALM DEATH heraus als je zuvor.
    Simpel und direkt, REGURGITATE geht es um nichts anderes. Deshalb gibt es fast keine Soli, fast keine Melodien (Ausnahme "The Ultimate Enslavement"), kein sonderlich getriggertes Schlagzeug, dafür besten verzerrten Bass-Lärm, Geschrei bis das Zahnfleisch schmerzt und einen "Sound", der an Räudigkeit kaum zu überbieten ist. Trotzdem sind die Jungs keine Banausen, sondern überdeutlich Schweden. Klar, dass es daher an Eingängigkeit nicht mangelt und selbst wenn es die Jungs gut verstecken: An den Instrumenten macht ihnen so schnell keiner was vor.
    Um kurz zu resümieren: Die Geschmacklosigkeiten von REGURGITATE machen im Jahr 2003 mehr Spaß als je zuvor. Und um zu beweisen, dass die vier Psychos nicht ganz die Realität vergessen haben, geht ein Teil des Erlöses der CD an der "Church of Satan"-Aktion für behinderte Kinder zu Gute. Kaufen und Grinden!
Captain Chaos
Daredevil Online Magazine -
I can't remember when I heard these guys the first time...hmmm....aaaahhhhh...V/A-Tribute To I hear Deviant and I'm blasted!!! I don't know if these guys consume Speed or Dynamite...hard to tell, haha. The only thing I can tell you is that this album is another milestone in Grind-history. This album is agressive, mean and evil. My girlfriend thought of somebody getting butchered, hahaha, that's about right. This album slays for sure. After Nasum's "Helvete" now Regurgitate's "Deviant". A DESTROYER!!!! Big time sound and intensity!!!
Rating: (7/7)
Concrete Web
When "Scum" surfaced in 87 as the most superfast and mega intense album, it would spawn a whole generation of followers creating another scene. 1987 or 2004, it doesn’ t matter to Regurgitate, as the sheer unrelenting power of this crushing outfit is still as venomous as back then. "Deviant" is 27 little attacks on the world, punishing and deadly, with a few that are perhaps simply too basic. Recommended for ultra speed fans only, Regurgitate may not have reinvented the grindcore genre. However, they did create an over the top spitting 32 minutes riffery, that will chase away all those annoying posers on any sunny beach during the holidays.
   What more do you want?
Rating: (77/100)
Enough Fanzine -
Doesn't wanna make me puke...
Regurgitate are almost popular and well-known over here I Germany and I think this new full length is going to contribute to a growing fan base as it will please metalheads and the crusties (again). The intro first scared me off, as it made me expect some grindcore with stupid "gore meets sex" lyrics. Luckily, the following 27 songs put my doubts aside. Solid grindcore with some breakdowns and midtempo parts, but most times high speed with a screaming voice (luckily...) and some grunts from time to time. Ok, the only things I´m missing are a bit of variety and a lyric sheet.
Zware Metalen -
Blijft een lastig klusje, een review schrijven over bands als Regurgitate. Want wat moet je schrijven over zo’n band? Een introductie lijkt me overbodig, dit zijn de goden van de grindcore, zonder twijfel. De band begon ooit als een project waar alleen maar opgenomen zou worden. Intussen is het project een uit de hand gelopen grap geworden en heeft zich ontwikkeld tot één van de meest efficiënt werkende bands in de grindcore scene. De band heeft het afgelopen jaar drie volledige Europese tours gedaan (met onder andere de Nederlandse bands Suppository en Bile), en co-headlinede de prestigieuze festivals Obscene Extreme en Fuck The Commerce. En de enorme berg aan releases die de band achter de rug heeft presenteren stuk voor stuk allemaal een knallend staaltje van vakgrindschap!
    Dit geweldige schijfje is opgenomen onderleiding van Mieszko Talarczyk bekend Nasum en Genocide Superstars in de Soundlab Studios en is gemastered door Scott Hull die bekend is voor zijn werk van Agoraphobic Nosebleed en Pig Destroyer. En dit betekend een haarscherpe en glasheldere productie. Iets wat een CD als deze totaal tot zijn recht laat komen, er blijft geen detail onopgemerkt en het beukt er lekker hard op los.
    En tja, over de muziek hoef ik weinig woorden vuil te maken. Eigenlijk voldoe ik alleen al door te zeggen dat deze CD hoog in mijn jaarlijst 2003 zal eindigen. De band bewijst precies op een meesterkijk overtuigende wijze wat ze kunnen en waartoe ze in staat zijn. En laat ook nog eens zien dat ze de naam ‘Gods Of Grind’ meer dan waardig zijn. De CD schiet af met een gaaf intro in het nummer "Drowning In Filth", en dat is ook eigenlijk wat er daarna gebeurt. De hele CD laat je echt verzuipen in ranzigheid. De snelheid laat het pleister van de muren afbladderen, de stem geeft je net dat duwtje in de rug voor een kotsbui en het overdonderende totaal geluid laat nu dan toch echt je buren verhuizen. De trend van het eerste nummer wordt doorgezet en laat je niet één moment tot rust komen, als een zinderende onderhuidse ziekte... "Embrace Obscenity And Kiss The Euption Of Destruction"
Inside-Lie -
Bei ihrem neuesten Werk "Deviant" von Regurgitate gibt es wieder mächtig brachial und brutal was auf die Lauscher. 27 Tracks auf 32 Minuten dreschen, grunzen und kreischen die Formation in altbekannter Grindcore Manier runter. Alle außer einem Track liegen unter 2 Minuten Spielzeit, wobei der besagte Track 27 auch nur 2:15 min geht. Also wie es halt typisch für die Knüppelkapelle Regurgitate ist. Brachial, teilweise in einer hyperschnellen Geschwindigkeit jagt ein Knüppelinferno das nächste ohne Gnade und Erbarmen. Fans und Melodie Hasser werden das Werk dieser Underground Ikone lieben. Mit ihrem Krachbrei zwingen sie eure Gehörgänge gnadenlos in die Knie, bis zum totalen Tinitus Exodus! Brachial, brutal und ultra schnell.
Raf -
Was ist das? Hat 27 Songs und läuft 32 Minuten. Pro Sekunde gehen dazu etwa 20 - 30 Trommelschläge nieder. Irgendwo im Hinterhund bellt etwas, was an eine Kreuzung aus dreiköpfigem Hund, Chucky (Beruf: Monsterpuppe) und Charles Manson erinnert. Also: Was ist das? Der Kandidat da vorm Bildschirm. Ja, Sie! Nein? Wir sind im "Grindcore-Universum", der bösartigsten Show dieses fuckin’ Planet. Unser heutiger Stargast hört auf den klangvollen Namen REGURGITATE. Zum Mitsprechen: REHGUHRGITÄT!!! Klingt räudig. Ist es auch. Aber extrem geil räudig! Die perfekte Musik, wenn Dir das Finanzamt wieder einmal eine Nachzahlung aufbrummt. Dann folgt Überlebensstrategie "Grind-Im-Kopf": An REHGUHRGITÄT denken. CD einlegen. Play. Anfangen mit 100 Sachen pro Stunde den Kopf zu schütteln. Fünf Minuten durchhalten. Großen Schluck Wodka, rund 0,4 Liter. Wieder hören und auf die Knie gehen (und noch einmal vergewissern, dass ihr allein seid). Wieder fünf Minuten moshen, wegen des Alkohols den Kopf manchmal direkt auf den Boden hauen. REHGUHRGITÄT schreien und debil-böse grinsen. JETZT nehmt die Rechnung - und guckt einfach was passiert. Alternative Verfahren sind auch bei Bildern von untreuen Ex-Freundinnen oder ungeliebten Schulbüchern möglich...
   REGURGITATE ist kranke Musik, aber geil produzierte kranke Musik. Zwar kommen die Schweden in punkto musikalischer Zerstörungskraft und Präzision nicht ganz an ihre Überschallbrüder NASUM heran, dafür klingen sie sicker, morbider. Schon im Intro klingt ein gesunder Sinn für Humor an: In einem Gespräch stellt eine Frau fest, dass an einer Leiche ein Penis vermisst wird. Tja, vielleicht hat ihn ja der Sänger von REGURGITATE zum Frühstück verspeist, dieser Stimme ist alles zuzutrauen. In die wahnwitzige Prügelorgie des Krachgeschwaders mischt sich dennoch manchmal etwas wie ein Rhythmus, etwas wie ein Stakkato-Riff, etwas wie eine kurze Melodie. Gerade diese Momente sind die tödlichsten, denn das nachfolgende Gedresche klingt dann noch um ein Vielfaches schneller, brutaler, zerstörerischer. Weiteres Kaufargument: Laut Booklet geht ein kleiner Prozentsatz an den Fond der "Church of Satan" für behinderte Kinder. Wer’s glaubt, bekommt ’nen Lolli-Lutscher mit Erdbeergeschmack. Der Rest freut sich über viel schwarzen Humor, das gänzliche Fehlen von intellektuellen Konzepten und ein richtig starkes Grindcore-Massaker.
   Anspieltipps: Blind Fiends Of Chaos, Screams Of Death Your God W’ont Hear, Waging War On Benevolence, Lobotochrist
Henri Kramer -
Relapse Records haben sich mit Lärm einen Namen gemacht. Dazu ist inzwischen ein wenig mehr Mainstream und Kommerz gekommen, doch gerade in letzter Zeit gibt sich das amerikanische Label die Ehre ein wenig zur seinen Wurzeln zurückzukehren: Alte Klassiker oder auch gute neue Bands mit Lärm werden wieder unters taube Volk gebracht.Eine dieser guten neuen Bands sind REGURGITATE aus den Niederlanden, die sich einem lauten und höllischen Tempo verschrieben haben. Die vier produzieren heftigsten Grindcore, ähnlich DROP DEAD. Kurz und bündig - 27 Songs in satten 32 Minuten - werden die Gehörwindungen malträtiert und in solchen Fällen ist mit Abwechslung auch egal. Hauptsache es knallt ordentlich!
   Und genau das tun REGURGITATE mächtig und ganz nach meinem Geschmack. Ein sehr gutes, böses Artwork unterstreicht die Ambitionen von REGURGITATE, sich als Grindcore-Band mit Niveau zu präsentieren. Leider gab es bei der Produktion kein Platz für Texte, die laut Titel wie "Annihilation Meets Depravation" oder "The Ultimate Enslavement" bestimmt sehr aussagekräftig sind. Dafür aber ein Cover der Eintagsfliegen von UNSEEN TERROR um Shane Embury. "Deviant" ist der perfekte Soundtrack zum Kamikaze mit einer F-15 auf den Vatikan!
Rating: (5/6)
Metal -
27 Songs in einer knappen halben Stunde sollten deutlich, welcher Mucke die Schweden frönen. Dazu noch die Tatsache, daß ihr Gitarrist Urban bei den Grind-Göttern Nasum eingestiegen ist, "Deviant" im Studio von Nasum’s Mieszko eingezimmert wurde und Regurgitate vor zwei Jahren beim Fuck The Commerce spielten. Da waren sie zwar nach Meinung vieler nicht so dolle, aber mit der im gleichen Jahr erschienenen Scheibe und dem aktuellen Longplayer beweisen sie, daß sie im Grind-Zirkus immer noch zu den Combos zählen, bei denen sich fünf Jahre warten auf eine Scheibe lohnen. Regurgitate machen nie den Fehler und verwechseln stumpfes Geballer und Geschrote mit Grind, sondern haben jede Menge Groove und Abwechslung in ihrem Sound. Sei es ein dezentes Baßsolo bei "Seal Your Doom" oder ein Groovemonster wie "Grotesque Anoplasty", Regurgitate überraschen den Hörer immer wieder mit neuen Ideen und überraschenden Wendungen. Aber keine Angst, die Jungs sind immer noch brutal wie Sau und dürften für einen großen Teil der Menschheit zu abgefahren sein. Wer aber auf brutale und gleichzeitig abwechslungsreiche Musik steht, sollte der Platte mal ein Ohr leihen.
LH -
Aha, 'ne Promo von Relapse und den Namen hat man auch schon mal gehö, was kann das denn nur sein? Ja, haargenau - Grindcore. Und so holzt man in 32 Minuten schlappe 27 Songs runter, alles im Stile von Nasum. Cover und Artwork sind kaum erwähnenswert (laaaangweilig...) und sowieso nur nebensächlich, Texte gibts ja eh nicht. Gitarrist Urban ist jetzt bei Nasum eingestiegen und noch dazu wurde "Deviant" im Studio von Mieszko aufgenommen....was kann man da nur erwarten?
   In diesen besagten 32 Minuten gibts dann neben purem Geknüppel Marke Nasum/Exhumed auch recht coole Rock'n'Roll Einsprengsel die an Genocide SS erinnern. So gibts dann ultracoole Riffs as in "Grotesque Anoplasty" oder "Deviant Malpractice". Mehr gibts nicht zu sagen, wer Nasum mag muss hier zugreifen, denn die Schweden von Regurgitate holzen auf dem gleichen Niveau alles nieder!
Rating: (8/10)
Evil -
Kotzen macht Spaß! Und manchmal so viel, dass man sich danach benennt - zumindest im Falle von Regurgitate, die uns mit "Deviant" (Relapse Records) ihren dritten kranken Brocken Musik hingöbeln.
    27 Tracks verteilen sich auf eine halbe Stunde Spielzeit - für meinen Geschmack absolut ausreichend, um das Hirn eines durchschnittlichen Musikkonsumenten ordentlich zu übersäuern. Stehen Carcass oder Napalm Death bei Euch im Regal, dürften die vier Schweden jedoch Eure Liga sein: Grindcore vom Feinsten, sprich Brutalsten, was hier die Kehle hochschwappt. Gurgelndes Gekreisch an Full-Speed-Drumming, garniert mit Schredder-Riffs und Riffattacken, als Häubchen noch das ein oder andere Gitarrenwichser-Solo - fertig ist das Mal. Doch so richtig übel will mir nicht werden, denn dafür ist die Musik eine Liga zu gut und technisch versiert. Gut gemachter Grind eben, der zwar keinen Newcomer-Preis verdient, in seinem Dunstkreis aber sicherlich Maßstäbe setzen kann.
Skullcrusher Online -
Tja, wenn man schon im Intro darauf hingewiesen wird, dass an der Leiche der Penis vermisst wird, dann kann man davon ausgehen, dass es sich nicht gerade um die neue Enchant handelt, die bei einem im CD-Schacht rotiert. REGURGITATE heißen die Täter, die es mal wieder fast auf mehr Songs als Spielminuten bringen. Als Schwedens beste Grindcore Band werden die vier Sickos gehandelt, die mit "Deviant" sogar noch ein Stück weiter gehen als auf ihren alles andere als harmlosen Vorgängern. Besonders an den Drums hat man noch mal ein paar Briketts nachgelegt, aber auch der "Gesang" ist noch widerwärtiger als jemals zuvor. Hört sich so an, als wäre ein tollwütiger Dobermann mit rektaler Entzündung gerade bei seiner eigenen Kastration dabei (ohne Betäubung!). Ansonsten kann man nicht viel mehr über die Musik sagen, ein wohl generelles Problem von Grindcore. Wer mal ein Stück weiter gehen möchte, dem sei "Deviant" ans Herz gelegt, wer sowieso auf Grind kann, der wird wissen, was er an REGURGITATE hat und wer heimlich nach der Eingangsfrage nach dem Penis gehofft hat, es würde sich doch noch um die neue Enchant handeln, der hat bis hierher eh schon viel zuviel gelesen...
Harald Deschler
Laut -
Großartiges Intro! Frauenstimme: "He was found bludgeoned to death in his apartment this morning." Männerstimme: "Urgh." Frauenstimme: "And supposedly, ahm, his penis was missing." Männerstimme: "Huarghl!" Das dürfte so ziemlich jedem Kerl ein verkniffenes Lächeln ins Gesicht treiben. Sogar einem Urologie-Veteranen wie mir lässt das die Nüsse schrumpfen.
   Danach gibt's dann gleich mal volle Wucht auf dieselbigen, denn natürlich machen die Schweden von Regurgitate auch auf "Deviant" keine Gefangenen. Wie auch, immerhin zischen hier 27 Songs in 32 Minuten durch die Speaker, da hat man keine Zeit für Firlefanz wie Melodien.
   Was aber immer wieder auftaucht, sind ein paar Riffs, die richtig grooven, so hat "Severe Necrotic Manifesto" stellenweise sogar was richtig Rockiges. Der Sound der Scheibe geht auch voll in Ordnung, wenn man Metallica als Maßstab nimmt, ist er sogar überirdisch gut (hüstel).
   Ein Blick auf die Titel macht wohl schnell klar, dass hier geschmack- und sinnfreie Zone angesagt ist, soll heißen, es wird gemetzelt, bis die Fetzen fliegen. Gar furchtbar böse Sachen werden angestellt, die der Gesetzgeber eher ungern sieht. Somit ist der Weg, jemals einer meiner bevorzugten Lyriker zu werden, versperrt. Aber bei den Geräuschen die da ins Micro geraten, sind die Titel wahrscheinlich eh das einzige, was jemals schriftlich festgehalten wurde.
   Für Grindcore Fetischisten ist "Deviant" eine wirklich feine Sache, alle anderen sollten und werden wohl einen großen Bogen darum machen. Ich find's witzig.
Rating: (3/5)
Michael Edele