Reviews - Hatefilld Vengeance (12" and CD 2002)

DisAgreement Online -
Yes, this is definitely one of the strongest grind core albums I have ever heard. Regurgitate from Sweden have been founded way back in 1990, and have released already a whole bunch of CDs and vinyls. Just check out their cool homepage to get an overview of their creativity.
    Hatefilled Vengeance is a new mini-album that contains 18 songs with an average playing time below one minute. The first 10 songs are re-recorded songs from the band's past, the other ones are brand new. Titles like Vulva Fermentation, Testicular Trauma or Emethic Jizz Treatment reveal a mental relationship with grind gods Carcass, and this combined with the small outburstish songs means that this is one of the fiercest albums ever. And do not even dare to think that this is some kind of unmusical chaos. The production is totally perfect, the songs are played very tightly, with - and this may come as a surprise - enough room for occasional doom parts and even some rock'n'rollish elements, without the latter ever sounding cliché-laden.
    You can tell I love this CD, and initially I wanted to give it a good nine point rating, but come to think of it, this is - next to Cattle Decapitation - the coolest and most uncompromising grind as fuck I have heard in a long time. This, plus the fact that this album doesn't allow you to become bored (only gored) justifies a maximum rating in this case. (10/10)
Silent Scream Webzine -
The gore-godz Regurgitate are back with a 12" LP released by Putrid Filth Conspiracy and repressed on Cd format by the mighty Relapse rec. Half a come-back, as a matter of fact: the most of the songs of "Hatefilled Vengeance" are taken from their first Cd and from a demo of the same year, the both repressed by Relapse rec. a couple of years ago. The new versions are very similar to the old one, and the main differences are in the vocal parts and in a better sound quality, thanks to Mr. Mieszko Talarczyk, brilliant as usual, balancing the roaring guitar sound and the raw and dirty feeling befitting a grind-gore band, while the help of another new "guru" of extreme music like Scott Hull is just limited to the mastering of the Cd. I don't know if the releasing of this new versions was really necessary, anyway songs like "Vulva Fermentation" are always a pleasure for the rotten ears of every grind-maniac... Let's talk now about the most interesting part of this record, the brand new songs: Regurgitate didn't twiddled their tumbles and these 8 new songs confirm that their evolution keeps on the same fiery blaze showed by their last album. The maniac drumming and the insane guitar-work skewer the head of the listener, while Rikards fetches up who know what rotting obscenity. Melting old school grind gore with the intensity and the abrasive attitude of bands like Nasum, they bring to life a sonic bloodshed, tougher than ever, eviller than ever. "Emethic Jizz Treatment" is a fierce storm that blows away everything on its path, "Hatefilled Vengeance" is a lesson in music severity and "666 casualties" shows the creepy and gloomy side of Regurgitate, but just as a prelude to another utter ravage. Maybe some fans of the old Regurgitate will complain their detaching from the grind-gore orthodoxy. As for me, I think that these few new song confirm these Swedish freaks as one of the best grindcore outfit out there. I keep on drooling, awaiting the next Regurgitate full length. (8.5/10)
Giuseppe La Bella -
Regurgitate is one of the best things of their country. I like them because they are raw. Simple but effective. A mixture of grind with hardcore and punk influences, that is called crust. Regurgitate major part is grind, savage and brutal, with that gorgeous inhuman low tuned voice not easy to find in a pure grind band.
    In this new mini-CD the band decided to be straighter and not as crust or rocky as in their previous works, having more balanced production is wich guitar is not as predominant as in "Carnivorous Erection", their last work. Perhaps is most "core" based on rythmns, but this fact makes their music more "catchy" (if we can say this about a band that devastates in all the short songs!). Perfect adavance of their forthcoming full-lenght album (imagine the number of songs on it!!!)
Nihilistic Holocaust Webzine -
REGURGITATE (Swe) Hatefilled vengeance MCD'02 RELAPSE. The most known of the swedish butchers are back with a new 10' that will leave some scars! As their previous Eps let us know, REGURGITATE now plays a music that's really faster than before, a kind of mix between goregrind and powerviolence. And the few I could say is it has the balls! If some mid tempo or groovy intros are still here, the whole tends to a disjoncted orgy of sound, with a background of simple but bloody riffs and lightning accelerations, a lot of older tracks are worked again in this new sausage! If Sweden if THE grind spot both with czech republic, then REGURGITATE is still the big boss! Sensible ears: this isn't for you!
Heavycore -
Turn this shit up and chase the entire neighborhood out of town for good! Combining death metal with the force of ten freight trains, with intense fast grindcore, Regurgitate's "Hatefilled Vengeance" packs one hell of a punch. Eighteen songs are on this cd and each one slams. I can't even imagine how sick these guys must be live, as the songs really sound like were in the room behind me, bodies surfing through the air and bones crunching in the pit.
   The production on the cd is very good and the artwork is nearly as sick as the band. If you dig some dark snuff film style artwork, then you'll really dig the liner notes. For a three-piece these guys really know what the fuck is up and sound like an unholy army has come to rape your family.
   With songs like "Testicular Trauma", "Bulging Vaginal Septum", and "Choke that Piggy" you might as well invite your whole family over to enjoy the festivities. These guys slam from one track to the next with brutal precision. I was very impressed at how tight they are and how well they move from one part to the next.
   Pick up "Hatefilled Vengeance" on Relapse Records at a church social near you!
Razor and Blade -
Regurgitate rip through you like a week old cheese steak. Holy shit these guys play fast no holds barred grindcore. When it comes to grindcore I would have to give these guys the prize, because the definitely play it better then most. They have been around for quite a few years with plenty of releases. This record seems to be a collection of already released stuff, but they rerecorded some of the songs. You can't go wrong with a record that has 18 songs and is over in 17 minutes.
Aversionline -
Christ… 18 tracks in 17 minutes!? I thought this was going to be longer, but they're not messing around. Most of the songs are less than a minute of raging grindcore with no fucking around. This record was originally put out as an LP by Putrid Filth Conspiracy, and the first 10 tracks are re-recorded versions of material from 1994's "Effortless Regurgitation…" This shit is tight and the vocals are fucking nasty. Imagine trying to growl while choking on your own vomit. Yep, that's about what it sounds like. Awesome! I like this better than some of their other material that I've heard, because while it's definitely got that gore grind sound happening, there's a great hardcore/punk thread to some of the chord progressions, and that really kicks things in the ass. The recording is fucking sweet, too. The drums sound nice and natural, the vocals don't dominate the mix (which is often a problem with this style of grind), the guitar tone is heavy and well textured, you can actually hear every note of bass, etc. Excellent work. Don't change a thing. The packaging looks cool. It's simple and to the point. All of the imagery (which is pretty sadistic) is in high contrast black and white with some grayish textures because everything looks like it's on worn, crumpled paper. The only color used is red, and that's only for text. No lyrics are included, just a few band photos and some recording information and such. But with song titles like "Bulging Vaginal Septum" and "Emethic Jizz Treatment", I don't think the lyrics are an essential component. But whatever, this disc rips. I wish it were a bit longer, but it doesn't really matter because this way they at least refrain from any overkill. Good stuff.
L'Edition Metallique -
Regurgitate... is this band recognized because of it's excellent Goregrind sound? Or because it's albums sound like the first Carcass opus? But Regurgitate can change...
    This is what this EP seems to be saying. Yes indeed, an EP : it contains only 18 tracks! Huhuh! The first 10 tracks are re-recorded versions of the band's classic "Effortless Regurgitaion" album. I believe it's proof that Regurgitate has changed. This gives us the opportunity to hear old songs once again, yet this time done with the band's current sound. Besides unmistakable changes in the voice and the drumming, sound quality is what improved the most I think.
     Regurgitate, since "Carnivorous Erections" is signed on Relapse records and has brought the label a new sound. A sound much more cleaner than on the old tapes, and thus more accessible for those which are not familiar with the wonders of 4-tracks tapes. This sound brings out a lot more of Regurgitate's own power. The second part of the album contains eight new songs, all of them showing how Regurgitate has changed since "Carnivorous Erections". These new songs have a much more Hardcore feeling to them, more energetic and definitly more powerful.
    The band's singer doesn't use any vocal effects (pitch shifter/harmonizer) and he doesn't use Death vocals like many would be lead to believe. His singing is more like screaming that twists into high-pitched, not very Hardcore, sounds in the veins of Retaliation. Musically, Regurgitate's style seems now more inspired by Retaliation .
    The fact that both bands share the same drummer is the most plausible explanation for this change. The band can thus find it's inspiration elsewhere than in old Carcass/Napalm Death.
    Have no fear however : "Hatefilled Vengeance" is still Regurgitate, and it gives you no good reason to turn you away from the band if you liked it's music before. The gore is still there, but it's now blended with much more musical power, energy and rythm.
    Regurgitate is still Regurgitate, it's just that, contrarily to Cannibal Corpse, it actually evolves! (8/10)
Close-Up Magazine - #55 dec 2002 -
Fyll lungorna med kokande blod och kroppsvarma spyor. REGURGITATE är här igen och det är dags att börja gurgla. Fast den senaste trenden inom den fashionabla underjorden verkar vara att byta ut goregrowlet mot mot powerviolence-skrik. Lyssna bara på hur RETALIATION låter nu för tiden.Inget ont i det, men personligen föredrar jag den gamla CARCASS-skolan framför LOCUST-fjanterier.
    Nu verkar visserligen varken REGURGITATE eller RETALIATION vara gore längre, utan mer allmänt brutala och det fungerar också. Stockholmskvartetten väljer dock det smartaste alternativet och kör med båda gurgel och gapskrik.
    "Hatefilled vengeance", som som tidigare släppts som tolva på Putrid Filth Conspiracy, inleds av nyinspelningar av tio läckerbitar från förstlingsverket "Effortless regurgitation of bright red blood" (1994). Vad som slår mig direkt är den grymma produktionen. Så här ska REGURGITATE låta. Deras andra platta, "Carnivorous erection" (2000), led av på tok för mycket metaltendenser och blev snabbt tråkig att lyssna på. Det sterila, stelbenta ljudet som gällde då har ersatts av en mer fylligare, råare och mer levande ljudbild som sitter som gjuten. De gamla låtarna, som tidigare har legat begravda i ett hav av muller, får en helt ny lyster - man hör till och med riffen! Samtidigt får de åtta nya spyorna (där "Emethic jizz treatment" och titelspåret redan framstår som självklara rensklassiker) den brutala behandling som hade behövts på "Carnivorous erection". Skillnaden mellan det gamla och det nya märks mest på sången. Om det är bra eller inte bestämmer du. Jag gör tummen upp samtidigt som jag tömmer bägaren med barnblod.
Mattias Pettersson
Voices from the Darkside -
Even though Sweden's REGURGITATE are deeply rooted in the Grindcore genre (which is not necessarily my favorite type of music), I've always been curious what these guys musically might be up to... The reason is plain and simple - throughout the years their line-up already featured three former members of the legendary Swedish Death Metal act CREMATORY, which I still worship a lot! But it obviously took me quite some time, as a whole bunch of REGURGITATE releases saw the light of day before this newest full length already: their debut demo (which dates back to 1991), followed by a big bunch of split 7"es (with VAGINAL MASSAKER, PSYCHOTIC NOISE, GRUDGE, INTESTINAL INFECTION, FILTH, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, REALIZED and CRIPPLE BASTARDS), a split CD (with DEAD), two albums - one entitled "Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood" (which got re-released in 1999 on Relapse as "Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions" featuring the entire 17 track "Concrete Human Torture" demo from 1994 as well as the material from the PSYCHOTIC NOISE and GRUDGE split 7"es as bonus!) and another one called "Carnivorous Erection" (in 2000)... Their new album "Hatefilled Vengeance" originally came out as a vinyl 12" on Putrid Filth Conspiracy / M & M Records earlier this year and is now also available on CD format via Relapse. The disc features 18 tracks of sick, intense oldschool Grindcore, which (despite the shortness of the songs - most of them are unfortunately beyond the one minute mark!) really knew to impress me. The vocals are partly a bit too monotonous for my taste, but the riffing often brings back the good old days of the extreme underground when the Swedish Death Metal underground scene was still the most exciting of the world (with bands like NIHILIST, CARNAGE, CREMATORY, GROTESQUE etc.) and demos by MASTER, TERRORIZER and REPULSION ruled the tapetrading lists... The first ten songs should already be familiar to die hard REGURGITATE fans, as they originally appeared on the "Effortless Regurgitation..." album. They were re-recorded for this release. So, all in all this album is definitely not as annoying as I expected it to be and the band therefore highly recommended to all those of you who nowaydays often tend to miss the uncompromising attitude of the originators of our beloved underground scene.
Frank Stöver

Impaired Zine - h
I know this was originally performed and placed on vinyl LP by the EXCELLENT label PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRANCY and I don't know why RGTE the actual gore grind gods had again felt into the abyss of capitalism with relap$e records. ahahaha, no joking off pal, don't worry. It would have been a shame if this album won't have been spread everywhere in the house because this is the best ever album done by REGURGITATE (and I hope I'm gionnna write such things after each of their releases).They have re started their live again and presented you 10 songs from the first album in 1994, (10 of the best) and re recorded them to begin the stuff adn then there are 10 new songs from the deep hidden deranged demons from Hell and everything is blasting since the end. Nobody a little bit into the grind can't saty scotched on the floor listening that. I have amde one hour and a half to write this reveiw because every 5 seconds I jumped from the chair to scream in the room and drink a beer imaging them in the studio and the eyes of the ingeneer (ahahah). Read the words I wrote at that time when it came out on vinyl and you won't be surprised. Here there are no bonus songs, nothing new, I prefer the vynil cover art and sound quality( even if I must recognize that it is better in the sense of clean on CD). The voices of Rikkard are the best ever and if you had the opportunity to see them live I hope that you didn't miss that because you can right now seek a gun or jump by the window, ahaha. The combo is back and with such albums is going to be the kings of the art until their death. It's funny to see that they have alreayd a tribute to them whereas their best compos are going out right now, ahahah!!. Hey Rik see ya soon pal...
Violent Solutions -
Ce mois ci, Relapse a eu l’excellente idée de ré-éditer un ancien mini lp que REGURGITATE avait enregistré pour « Putrid Filth Conspiracy » et dont les dix premiers titres figuraient déjà sur l’album « Effortless Regurgitation » (à noter que ces titres ont été ré-enregistrés à l’occasion de la sortie de ce cd). Même si ça sent à plein nez l’opportunisme bassement mercantile, je vois ça d’un assez bon œil vu la qualité du groupe et la difficulté que le public a parfois dans sa recherche discographique de vinyle de grind. Lorsqu’on se penche sur la carrière de certains et le nombre de split ep, cd, cassette et autre 4 way on frise le délire total.
    Pour revenir à nos moutons on trouve (ou retrouve) ici un Regurgitate au meilleur de sa forme qui distille tout au long de ces dix-huit titres un grind core à l’ancienne comme je les apprécie. Les influences de Napalm Death (périodes Scum/ For enslavment) sont omniprésentes avec des passages presque mid tempo entrecoupés de break blastant à tout va. La production est particulièrement réussie avec un son très actuel . Le chant est monstrueusement efficace et on parvient à distinguer clairement chacun des instruments, ce qui est une prouesse lorsqu’on parle de grind. Attention toutefois aux acheteurs potentiels, malgré les dix-huit titres de « Hatefilled Vengeance », on a bel et bien ici un mini cd qui dure à peine plus du quart d’heure mais comme le grind c’est meilleur à petite dose... (13/20)
And here's a translation of the the review above...
This month, Relapse got the excellent idea of re-editing an old mini lp that REGURGITATE had recorded for " Putrid Filth Conspiracy" which the first ten tracks already figured on the "Effortless Regurgitation" album ( these tracks were re-recorded for the launch of this cd). Even if this reeks of mercantile opportunism, I see it as a positive thing because of the quality of this group as well as the problems the public has in finding vinyl recording of Grind: When we take a closer look at the career of certain bands and the number of split eps, cds, cassettes and other 4 ways, it’ totally delirious. To get back to the matter at hand, we find a Regurgitate in top shape, who delivers, throughout the 18 songs, an old style core Grind, like I appreciate it. Napalm Death’s influence ( Scum/ for enslavement period) is omnipresent with almost mid tempo passages, interlaced with blasting breaks. The production is a success with its very current sound. The singing is monstrously effective and we can clearly distinguish each of the instruments, which is quite a feat with grind. Potential buyers beware though, despite the eighteen songs of "Hatefilled Vengeance", this is in fact a mini cd which doesn’t last more than 15 minutes, but since Grind is better in small doses...
Digital Metal -
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and frankly, I'm fucking sick of it. Office politics, inter-family lawsuits, my shockingly misguided sex drive - it's all got me down, and I'm tired. I want to stop thinking. Melt away and just put out the goddamn lights. Non cogito ergo non sum, y'know? Which brings me to Regugitate. Goregrind in general (and RGTE specifically) is just ridiculously stupid. But it's also stoopid, because very few of the bands take themselves even the teensiest bit seriously. So you get none of the flattening pomposity of most black or death metal, just piles of sloppy, gloppy fun. And Regurgitate brings that commitment-free slop as well as any band around. They are the pure epitome of post-Carcass goregrind, and one could make a strong argument that if one owned Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction and RGTE's Torture Sessions one need never buy another goregrind release. (And one could stop fucking saying "one" so much.) But you could also argue that all Godzilla movies are pretty much the same, and I own the complete catalog on VHS and am working towards having it on DVD, so whatever. Hatefilled Vengeance is only partially new, featuring re-recordings of 10 old songs and eight new songs that pretty much sound like the 10 old songs. Eighteen songs in 17 minutes. (I had toyed with submitting that sentence as the entirety of my review, 'cause it does tell you pretty much everything you need to know, but God, I love to ramble.) Short, seemingly random bursts of grindy deliciousness. Distorted blasts on distorted bass. Pure sewage vocalizations of morally questionable themes. Come the fuck on, do you really need a review to tell you what the new RGTE sounds like? It's awesome. So buy it. Give that brain a rest.
Jeff Lamb
Lords of Metal
This is an in-betweener. These recording first appeared on an LP released by Putrid Filth Conspiracy Records in 1994. All songs are re-mixed for this Relapse release. All of them sound much heavier for sure. Regurgitate is on a roll!!! They are definitely one of the bigger fish in the Grindcore tank, with lots of support of and by the underground. However, nothing new and exciting with this release. Actually this does sound like the early Regurgitate. In comparison with newer recording you'll notice that they have grown as songwriters. We just patiently wait for the next CD of these great Swedes.
Impaired Zine
Their best release ever!!!!. Even if the vinyl has to be played under 45pm and that they have re recorded some of stuff of their previous albums, on the side A, the new songs are terribly apocalyptic!!!. Never listened to a so brutal REGURGITATE grind gore stuff before. Splatter masters of grind art. To sum the story up the story until now, they made one cult album they died, they came back with carnivorous erection,, they played live like shits at one or two festivals and then they blasted on tour, with some split eps as a defense, and now, really, they have another sound quality, they have a new goreous, powerfull blasting tight sound that is carving up the most habitual ears. No blank space between the songs and the mid tempos use din the compos are simply geniusly placed. The riffs found by these guys are from the best inspiration adn the drummer is a crazy unstoppable human machine. And this fucking excellent metal sound, so perfect, is making of this Lp an amazing masterpiece. So, please don't forget to buy this item at your supermarket next time that mommy is allowing you to follow her, okay little boy?. I don't think this stuff is available for the moment on Cd, just on vinyl and quite directly to the label.
Vampire Magazine
If you are totally into grindcore and gore grind there will ring a bell when I say "regurgitate".
     Regurgitate is a grindcore band formed back in the 90’s . They have a lot of releases and ( as you can say) a cult status in the scene. But I will not talk about their history any more you can also read the review regurgitate tribute "comeback of the goregods" or the bio at their site. Let’s focus on "hatefilled vengeance". This is absolutly a great release. They can be proud of it. I already had this release on lp, it came out on P.F.C. it has a great lay-out. funny splatter manga. The cd is released on Relapse rec and mastered bij Scot Hull ( Pig Destroyer). It also contains great artwork. Just cool graphics a bit abstract, not splatter, but I think still sick in a way.
     The cd contains 18 songs. The first 10 are re-recordings from their earlier releases. The other 8 are new and fresh songs, some of them used on V / A cd's. The music is still grind core, not so much gore any more, but that doesn’t matter. I find this healthy a band should develop itself. I think they still have the cool grind sound, it get's better every release. A dirty sound, sick screaming, gargeling vocals and all the ingredients a grind cd has to have. As they speak for themselves they call it skull shearing grindcore . I can’t describe it any better. This cd is a must, and it will keep you moshing until the next full length cd in 2003.
Quintessence Online Zine
This was supposed to be an LP only I believe, and fortunate for those who don't buy vinyl, the fine lads of Relapse put this one out on CD as well. This release contains 18 tracks of Regurgitate, to those who have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, or just have no idea what grindcore is, you might want to prepare your vomit bags & go back to MTV and zap to Destiny's Child. Regurgitate Vomits 18 tracks of totally insane grindcore on this rather short disc, of which 10 songs are older tunes, re-recorded for this EP. The sound of this EP is a little less powerfull than the ‘carnivorous erection’ fullength which got released by relapse last year, but still, fits the band perfectly & unleashes one hell of a grindcore blast into your eardrums. There is nothing left to do but mosh on this people, take out the cutlery & start shaking! Noticable on this one is that the band opted to not use the pitch shifter anymore in the new songs, which if you ask me, isn't that good a thing for regurgitate. It kinda changes the identity the band has to a more Nasum sound. And I like Regurgitate fine the way it is. Can't wait to check out the new stuff & buy myself a prosthetic neck, after the new Napalm death & this one, I feel like a washed out bum... GRIND ON!!!
Broken Violence
(HC*Punk*Indie*Metal*E-Zine) -
Jawohl, 18 perfekte old school Grindcore Songs in 17 Minuten und 16 Sekunden bieten die Schweden Regurgitate auf dieser CD. Die perfekte Mischung aus Repulsion, alten Napalm Death Sachen garniert mit zeitlosem Hardcore der Marke Extreme Noise Terror, manche nennen das auch Crust, aber wen interessieren schon Nebensächlichkeiten. Schon eher interessant ist da der Sound, der könnte nämlich gar nicht besser sein. Selbstredend viel transparenter und druckvoller als bei den oben erwähnten Klassikern aber gleichzeitig immer noch schön altmodisch und dreckig, authentisch. Aufgenommen wurde das alles in dem bekannten Soundlab Studio, das bekanntlich Grindcoremastermind Mieszko Talarczyk gehört, auch wenn diesmal Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) gemastered hat. Regurgitate existieren im Übrigen schon seit 1990 und es bedarf wohl auch einiges an Routine, um solch mitreißende 1 Minuten "Massaker Songs" zu fabrizieren. Neben all dem schnellen "Scheiß" begeistern selbstredend die Songs mit "unglaublichen" Midtempoparts wie u.a. "Complete Rectal Prolapse" oder "Bulging Vaginal Septum". Dem stehen "Deranged Menarche Injection" und "Drastical Decapitation...", mit ihrem gelungenem Wechselspiel aus "fiesem Gehacke" und "Midtempomayhem" in nichts nach. Seit 1996 veröffentlicht Relapse diverse Zusammenstellungen von alten 7"es und CDs der Band. Was wieder einmal zeigt, dass das Label trotz seiner Größe und riesigen Anzahl von Bands noch nicht den Überblick verloren hat. Mehr davon!
Marco Battaglia
Braindead - the goregrind and grindcore webzine
Regurgitate strikes harder than ever with this new Lp! Nice to hear the band so live and kicking! While Side B contains brand new Regurgitate material (I'll talk about that later), Side A revisits a handful of Rgte classics from "Effortless Regurgitation..." & "Concrete Human Torture". They make new with old. The songs are practically identical in their structure of course, but now the band has a new sound, they make their old material sound a bit different. The drums especially, it sounds sharper and more turbulent. The gurgling vocal effects are alot different as well. So, well... these new versions are definitely more powerful and energic, and the sound production is way better than before but I still have a thing for the older versions (heavier and more creepy-sounding)... Now let's get to the meat of this new Lp...
    The exciting thing about "Hatefilled Vengeance" is obviously to hear the brand new stuff! And well, it's really great stuff. In the same vein as their "Carnivorous Erection" album, maybe even better structured. And some of the guitar riffs reminded me of the older Regurgitate feeling, so that's cool. Now, if you thought Regurgitate was starting to sound alot like Nasum on "Carnivorous Erection", well I thought this new material was still heading this way. Of course, Regurgitate delivers more straightforwardly violent songs, strictly gurgling pitch-shifted vocals and alot less slow moments than Nasum. But for this new material the pitch-shifting effects are rather downplayed and almost sound like backing vocals, while hysterical shriekings take a bigger place... It gives the band a more violent tone (à la Retaliation) but the trademark Regurgitate sickening gore side seems to be faded a bit. Still their grindcore is definitely one of the most effective and convincing I've ever heard. Regurgitate is definitely one of the most important grind bands in activity.
    There was a time not so long ago when the band was in some sort of coma, so let's celebrate the fact that they're playing now and putting out masterpieces like "Hatefilled Vengeance". Yay! This baby is out on Putrid Filth Consiracy (Sweden) and yeah, the artwork are layout kicks serious butt!
Quintessence Online Zine -
Putrid Filth Conspiracy is a new label, at least to me, from Malmö, Sweden, that deals with mainly vinyl-releases of bands in the punk/ crust/ grind-genre. The first release I got hold of is this 18 track LP by legendary Swedish grinders Regurgitate. It's only available on vinyl and that's something I personally like, since I dig vinyl very much and this way you get something special. All songs are in the typical Regurgitate style, so fast furious grind. Fortunately RGTE sound awesome on LP/CD, something they tend to forget in a live-situation. This album was recorded at Soundlab with Mieszko Talarczyk whom we all should know from the mighty Nasum. If you're into grind and still have the possibility to play records I'd say you've gotto get this slab o' wax. Personally I think I'll be transferring some Euro's to Sweden soon, since there are some other fine releases available from PFC, such as retalliation.
Discover -
"File under: Grindcore", ist im Waschzettel des Labels zu lesen. Wahre Worte und selten so zutreffend, denn Regurgitate (was heißt denn DER Name? Beim Gurgeln verschluckt?) haben sich eben diesen Stil auf die Fahnen geschrieben. Ohne Kompromisse knüppeln sich die vier Schweden durch die 18 Tracks, und das in weniger als 18 Minuten. Ob das Teil trotzdem zum Full-Price im Laden steht? Den Grindcore-Freaks wird's egal sein, denn schließlich bekommen sie auf "Hatefilled Vengeance" die absolute Vollbedienung. Old School-Geschredder mit auflockernden Crust Punk-Riffs und gurgelnden Vocals. Mid Tempo-Parts sucht man mit der Lupe, was aber bei dieser kompromisslosen und gut produzierten Scheibe eh egal ist. Zwar wird für Regurgitate mit Sicherheit kein Innovationspreis vergeben - ein schönes Experiment wie die Gitarrenmelodie im Opener "Confluent Macular Drug Eruption" steht leider allein auf weiter Flur - trotzdem ist das eindrucksvolle und treffsichere Geknüppel der Schweden auf jeden Fall einen Kauf wert. Wenn sie jetzt noch auf die dämlichen Gore-Texte verzichten würden... -
Ob die REGURGITATE Reunion vor zwei Jahren wirklich zu den Essentiellen zählte, sei mal dahingestellt, war doch das letzte Album "Carnivorous Erection" nicht das, was ich mir nach der Reunion erhoffte. Das Material auf "Hatefilled Veangeance" hingegen macht einfach Spaß. Doch Fakt ist, dass diese Songs schon ein paar Lenze auf dem Buckel haben: 1994 wurden die Songs auf Vinyl gebannt und im letzten Herbst neu aufgenommen.
    Old-School Grindcore steht also auf dem Programm, mit viel Blast und Riffs, welche die richtige "Fuck You"-Attitüde an den Tag legen. So muss das klingen, meine Herren! Dazu gibt es fiesen Kreischgesang und leider auch Gegurgel aus dem Harmonizer (aber das liegt eher daran, dass ich sowas gar nicht abkann). Die Songs krachen dank Mieszko Talarczyks (NASUM) und Scott Hulls (PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED) Produktion ohne Ende und haben einen Zeitgemäßen Sound. Nichts rumpelt unausgegoren dahin, hier gibt es das volle Brett!
    Lediglich stößt mir die Tatsache auf, dass dieses Album (?) nur 17 Minuten mit 18 Tracks beinhaltet; hoffen wir mal, dass "Hatefilled Vengeance" zum Midpreis erhältlich ist und die Band erkennt, dass ihre Stärken in strukturiertem und fast schon punkigem Material liegt. Dann macht diese Veröffentlichung mehr als Sinn und lässt uns auf weitere perverse Taten und Songtitel (mein Favorit ist immer noch "Emethic Jizz Treatment", hehe) hoffen.
Metal Spirit -
Y'a des fois, tu crois carrément rêver ! Le nouvel album des suédois de Regurgitate ne contient pas moins de 18 titres pour à peine 17 minutes de musique ! Mais quelle musique !!! Cela suffit amplement pour les fans de grindcore car Hatefilled Vengeance, c'est du concentré de chez concentré !!! Bâti sur une forme de musique extrêmement violente, le nouvel opus va vous transpercer de tous les côtés !!! De l'ultra brut de chez hyper bourrin niqueur de tête !!! Un pur concentré de violence infesté de sauvagerie inimaginable. Sick, sick, sick. Rien à rajouter, tout à écouter !!! (7/10)
(And here's a lame machine-translation... really funny actually. None of us speaks french.., but anyway:
"Y' has times, you straightforwardly believe to dream! The new album of Swedish of Regurgitate does not contain less than 18 titles for hardly 17 minutes of music! But what a music!!! That is enough amply for the fans to grindcore bus Hatefilled Vengeance, it is concentrate from concentrate!!! Built on a form of extremely violent music, new the opus will transpierce you on all the sides!!! The ultra one gross from hyper bourrin niquor of head!!! A pure concentrate of violence infested of unimaginable brutality... Sick, sick, sick... Nothing to add, very to listen!!!")