Regurgitate songs in mp3 format
Here you find songs from all our full length albums as well as songs from a couple of our splits and our unreleased Promo 99.

Split 7" with Dead Infection (2009)
    Excrementality (192kpbs, 1.89MB)

Split 7" with Skullhog (2008)
    Regurgitated and Humiliated (192kbps, 2.45MB)

Sickening Bliss (CD/LP 2006)
    Upheaveal of human entrails (192kpbs, 1.63MB)
    Hacksaw hysterectomy (192kbps, 1.28MB)

New Shit 2005 (Unreleased studio test tracks)
    Abducens Eminence (1.12 MB)

Bonesplicer (5inch 2004) - Split w/ Entrails Massacre.
    4 tracks complete (3.50 MB) - For all you who got it, but couldn't play it!

Deviant (CD 2003) - Our third full length album.
    Deviant malpractice (1.55 MB)
    Depopulation of the human race (934 KB)

Hatefilled Vengeance (12" and MCD 2002)
    Emethic jizz treatment (748 kB)
    Vulva Fermentation (378 kB) - Re-recording of a song from 1994.

Carnivorous Erection (CD 2000)
    To Boil a Corpse (532 kB)
    You're About to Fukkin' Die (250 kB)

Effortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessions (CD 1994 and 1999)
    Bleeding Peptic Ulcer (489 kB)
    Effortless regurgitation of Bright Red Blood (1.17 MB)
    Basic Torture Procedure (784 kB) (From demo '94)
    Corpse Allergy (1.43 MB) (From split 7" with Grudge '94)

Promo 99 (promo-CD 1999 - not publicly released)
    The Pulsating Feast (1.50 MB)

Sodomy and Carnal Assault (split 7" with Gore Beyond Necropsy 2000)
    Track 4 (508 kB)

Freaks (split 7" with Cripple Bastards 2002. Recorded in '99. Noisy!)
    Retarded Coprophagist (260 kB)