Regurgitate member info
Urban Skytt
- Guitar (and bass '99-'01)
Joined Regurgitate: 1993
Favourites right now! (pop-up)
Gear: Ibanez PR1660 guitar
          Ibanez DT50, DT480 (?) Destroyers
          Ibanez RG550EX guitar
          Aria Pro II CS guitar, Kramer bass
          Laney GH100L, Marshall MF-350
          Marshall 1960A, 1960ASL cabinets
          Boss Metal Zone (Keeley Mod)
          Boss TU-2, NS-2, DD-3, GT-6
          Big Muff Pi (Russian)
Musical influences: Early Napalm Death and Carcass, Unseen Terror, Autopsy, Extreme Noise Terror, Black Sabbath, Venom, Destruction, Death...
Other influences: Horror, splatter and sci-fi movies by Lucio Fulci (The Beyond), Dario Argento (Suspiria), John Carpenter (The Thing) , Peter Jackson (Brain Dead aka Dead Alive) etc...
Previous band:   Crematory (swe '89-'93)
                            Nasum ('03-the end)